The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 15: The Mysterious Forest

Rush ahead, through the gates you’ll find an old ruin. After a scene, you’ll encounter Undead in the labyrinth.

Battle 1: Labyrinth – Skeletons

They’re all over the area, you’ll just need to use stealth tactics. Lure them with a crossbow, then slash when they’re alone.

If you’re caught, more will arrive. But, it won’t take anything other than standard tactics to take them all down.

At the far end of the courtyard, run toward the gate covered in vines. In Seek Mode, look down at the dinosaur’s foot. Then, use Seek Mode again to point out the ivy-covered gate, Mirania will burn off the vines.

Follow Mirania ahead over the growing shrooms.

Battle 2: Forest Island – Reptid Sorcerers, Mystic Plants

Lots of evil plants will appear to cause you problems. There are even sorcerers on giant mushrooms off the main island. Hide right away, and pick off the sorcerers with Wizard Slayer arrows.

Now you can focus on the plants. Try not to get close, if you do the plants will grab you. Wait for a Fire Circle, then use Gale to diffuse and burn up the plants, doing a good amount of damage.

To complete the battle, just defeat the sorcerers.

Clean up, and continue after Mirania. Turn left to find a summoning circle, or continue right to follow Mirania.

Battle 3: Shroom Canyon – Mystic Plants, Reptid (Fighters, Sorcerers)

Clear out the Reptids and stay away from the plants if you’re able. Save your game here, because there’s a boss ahead!

Boss: Mystic Spider

Right away, you’ll see the Spider webbing up Mirania. You can spot her from afar by the gathering tiny little spiders around her. Use Gale to free her, and she’ll rejoin your party.

The Spider moves fast, and like other monster spiders, its armored in the front. When you can, use Gale on a Fire Circle to set the boss on fire, breaking its armor and making it vulnerable to attacks.

The battle is tough but straight-forward. Only diffusing Flare will help you much, and you’ll need to keep Gale prepared to free teammates when they’re webbed up and pulled toward the boss. If they reach it, they’ll be eaten and put out of the fight. You can still win with only one lost party member, but two will make it very difficult to win.

Be careful to protect your webbed allies, and use Dagran’s Full Guard to lay down lots of easy hits on the Mystic Spider. Keep fighting, and you’ll have the battle won.

Continue forward down the path until you reach a dead-end. There, you’ll finish the dungeon and return to the ship.

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