The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 16: Gurak Military Base

You’ll begin in the water. Dagran asks you to be stealthy, so be stealthy – climb out of the water and hide near the edge. Shoot the scout with an arrow for an instant kill, then return to the water to follow the party to the scout’s previously guarded position.

Run through the halls, eventually you’ll run into two large Ogres.

Battle 1: Back Entrance Chamber – Gurak Leader, Ogres

Draw the sleeping Gurak Leader toward your hiding spot with an arrow, then Slash while he’s surprised. When the Ogres are alerted, just use Gathering, Hide, and Slash to quickly dish out bonus damage.

Otherwise, let your party do the heavy lifting and push on.

Check the right of the living quarters to find two chests, then continue on to the ledge outside.

Battle 2: Exterior Cliff – Gurak (Commando, Fighter, Guard, Archer, Healer, Witch)

There’s a huge variety of Gurak appearing now, but the strategy is still the same. You want to take out the casters first, especially the Healer.

If you can manage, use Wizard Slayer arrows from afar. Otherwise, wait for Command Mode and hit them with offensive spell circles.

Don’t forget to drop a Healing Circle when you can. The Witches will create massive damage circles you won’t be able to diffuse. Again, use Wizard Slayers if you can.

If too many guards are waiting near the Healer and Witch, stay back and wait inside a Healing Circle while fighting off the Gurak melee fighters with gathering activated.

Once the main unit of fighters is gone, you can chase down the weaker casters without a problem.

Ahead, you’ll find a save point where your party is running. Save your game and continue deeper into the Gurak mines.

Battle 3: Mines – Ogre, Gurak (Fighters, Archers, Sorcerer)

Despite how quickly this battle begins, it’s much easier to handle than the last. Wipe out their Leader first, he’ll be the first Gurak you see.

Once the leader is down, focus on the archers, then finish off the Ogre by confusing it with Gale, Hide, and Slash. Or use a Vertical Slash for extra damage.

That only leaves the Sorcerer, who won’t be a problem alone.

You’ll split off from the rest of your party and only have Calista. Use the new passage that opens in the wall to reach a precarious bridge over the lava pit below.

Battle 4: Lava Bridge – Gurak (Fighters, Archers)

This battle will look bad, but it won’t be much trouble. Use Gathering, and have Calista use Holy.

Diffuse the effect to give yourself some extra protection, then just let Calista do her thing. She’ll continue placing Holy circles to help you out as more Gurak appear. With the Holy Enchantment, most of the Gurak here will die in one hit.

Fight enough, and a cutscene will trigger. Just push through the remaining Gurak, they won’t be a problem.

Battle 5: Inner Doors – Gurak (Fighters, Archers)

Inside another room with large doors, you’ll meet up with Yurick again. Help them take care of the Gurak enemies here, they won’t be much of a problem to you. Pick off the archers, then take care of the fighters in whatever way you want.

Clear them all out, then continue through the cavern steps leading up where your party is waiting.

Battle 6: Overlook – Gurak (Fighters, Archers, Guards, Witch)

Another caster will be giving you trouble where Dagran is hiding, and the tough Guard will also be a problem. Use Command Mode when you can and Gale to cut through the Gurak defenders right to the Witch.

You’ll take constant damage until the caster is silenced. Use Vertical Slash if there’s nothing else available to you, just make sure their magic is gone.

Diffusing Holy is another good strategy here, where you’ll be forced to fight in tight quarters where you might be surrounded.

Collect your items, and run outside to the cliffs. You won’t be going that way, so turn around and open the large metal gate. There will be two more gates, with a save point on the way to the living quarters.

Once you’re back, run outside to the opposite cliffs and you’ll be on your way to the central Gurak Base.

Battle 7: Central Entrance – Gurak (Fighters, Guards, Sniper)

Now you have General Asthar and his pupil to help you, and you’ll need them in the battles ahead.

Ignore the Gurak enemies for now, instead look up at the Sniper Nest with Seek Mode. These can be targeted by Yurick or destroyed with your Burst Arrows.

Snipers are a deadly enemy, they’ll rain down explosive burst arrows until they’re defeated. Make destroying these nests your top priority for the rest of the chapter.

Through the next door and down the hall is a save point. You’ll want to save, because the next encounter is a long one.

Battle 8: Main Approach – Gurak (Fighters, Archers, Commando, Guard, Snipers, Sorcerers)

This is a long fight, and you’ll need to play it safe. From the beginning, take out the first Sniper Nest ahead on the far back wall on the left.

There’s another nest just behind the rock wall on your right, so don’t rush ahead until the first nest is destroyed.

Move ahead and take out the next nest above you. If you can, try to pick off the flying Sorcerer as it tries to cast with Wizard Slayer arrows.

Just as that battle ends, another will begin further down the approach to the King’s Chamber.

Battle 9: Main Approach 2 – Ogre, Gurak (Fighters, Archers, Commando, Guard, Snipers, Sorcerers, Healer)

This time you’ll have some glowing red crystals to help you out. Use them to take out the hiding Sorcerer and Guard in the back.

After that, focus on the Snipers again. Give your party a Barrier by diffusing a Holy spell circle to avoid taking too much damage, especially when Gathering while Snipers are about.

Ahead, you’ll reach yet another ambush around the right turn of Snipers, and every conceivable Gurak with two Ogres this time. You’ll also have to deal with Archers and Sorcerers on the ledge across the chasm.

Deal with the Snipers first, letting Asthar and his Knight Apprentice fight the Ogres and everything else. Pick off any Sorcerers nearby and use Wizard Slayers to take them out from afar.

Again, this is a good time for Barriers, so bring them up when you can and keep picking off those Gurak.

Once enough are defeated, Dagran will ask if you want to continue deeper into the forest or stay and fight. If you choose to stay, more Gurak will appear, giving you some time to grind levels before you reach the boss.

Activate the door on the far end of the chamber when you’re ready. In this more ornate hallway, continue on to find a save point and a summoning circle to your left. Save, then you can grind for extra experience safely. Grab the treasure on the right before you leave.

When you’re ready, enter the King’s Chamber.

Boss: Marbas

This enormous lion creature is much faster than he looks. It’s so fast, you won’t be able to even land a hit until it’s stunned.

Guard while it’s attacking, it’ll teleport and use powerful slashes. While it’s trying to kill you, there’s nothing you can do.

Wait for Marbas to run around the outer circle of the arena. This is your chance to act. Around the room are several bombs. Find the green bombs, these daze bombs will set where you throw them like mines.

Throw several daze bombs around the outer edges of the arena. Be aware that you can set off your own bombs once they’re set, so stay away or you’ll be stunned instead.

Once its stunned, immediately use Command Mode to give yourself and your allies a boost. Use Flare or Holy, then diffuse both for Barrier and Enemy Armor Break effects.

After the first stun, Gurak troops will arrive. They’ll be a nuisance, and you’ll need to take care of them, but they won’t turn the tide of the battle as long as you’re laying down daze bombs on the edges of the arena and guarding when Marbas attacks.

Don’t forget to use the Heal Bombs. They’re very useful combined with Gale to quickly bring your entire party back to good health.

Marbas will speed up, but otherwise the battle should go smoothly once you know the trick.

Defeat the creature, then continue deeper into the base through the secret door behind the throne. Meet up with Dagran and you’ll complete the chapter.

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