The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Reptids’ Cave

As the game begins, you’ll start with control of Dagran – with Syrenne in your party. You’ll see their stats in the top left corner of the screen.

Before moving, let’s take a minute to talk about the character portraits. Next to the name is their current level – that’ll be important later, when you’ll want to keep your party’s level somewhat consistent.

Right of the level, is the green “Lives” meter. During battle, each party member has five lives. Every time their health is drained, you’ll lose one life before reviving. Lose all five, and the party member is down. If you lose all five, it’s Game Over.

Below the name is a long white bar. That’s your health meter.

You’ll begin the game inside a cave, chased a little creature called a Reptid. These lizard-human hybrids will be a constant thorn in your side, so get used to them! This is also your first stab at movement and camera. Move with the thumbstick, and tap [Z] to reset the camera. Simple, now just run down the cave after the bad guy.

Inside the next room, you’ll see some rubble where the Reptids are hiding. They’ll shoot at you with bows and arrows, but they won’t hurt much.

Press [A] to take cover, which will have uses later, then press [A] again to vault over cover. This’ll help you navigate the area.

In The Last Story, combat is automated while your sword is drawn. Just get close to your opponents, and your character will use basic attacks. Run near the Reptids and they’ll die in one swing.

The last of them will run away, just follow your partner Syrenne if you get lost. Further down the cave, the ceiling will collapse, and you’ll get a tutorial for vaulting cover.

One of the uses of cover is evading enemy attention, but that won’t matter now. Just vault over the low cover and continue to chase that Reptid!

Ahead, you’ll learn that holding [B] will guard against attacks. Use it to approach the hiding Reptids as they shoot at you. Guards will become more important, and complicated, later in the game. For now, just slowly approach the Reptids until they run off.

The next chamber will be much larger, and Reptids will swarm from all angles. This is where you’ll get the hang of basic fighting.

All you need to know right now is: holding [B] will guard, getting near the enemies will make your character automatically use basic sword attacks, and using [A] to hide behind cover will lose enemy attention, but that won’t be required for this fight.

Don’t let the enemies surround you! Back off and guard when more than three get near! That won’t be likely, every Reptid will only take one or two hits each at this point.

Fight off enough, and you’ll switch to Zael’s point of view. He’s joined with the magic-user Yurick. Zael is the protagonist of the game, and he has a few extra abilities at his disposal.

Run down the steps and Zael will automatically take cover. This is when you’ll use your Seek ability.

Seek is a very versatile skill that’ll let you find secret items, target enemies, target the environment, or learn enemy weaknesses. There’s a lot more Seek can do, but for now you only need to press [Z] to activate it when Zael automatically takes cover.

Hold [Z] then select one of the pillars highlighted with clear circles. Once highlighted, move the thumbstick to command Yurick to destroy the pillar. Magicians can always be ordered to attack the environment in this way in the future, so be on the lookout!

After the ceiling collapses and clears out the Reptids, run across the room and up the steps. Run up and around through the winding passage, there’s only one way to go!

At the end of the path, you’ll take cover looking over Dagran and Syrenne’s position while they’re still fighting Reptids. From cover, use Seek to target the bridge with the Reptid archers. This is a bigger job, so it’ll take a little longer for Yurick to destroy.

If you want, you can also use Zael’s crossbow to kill the archers. But, destroying the bridge will automatically end combat.

With combat over, you’ll gain XP and return to meet your party. It doesn’t take long for more Reptids to arrive, this time with a giant creature! Dagran will tell you to protect Yurick – that’s a common theme, magic-users are very vulnerable while they cast, you’ll need to keep enemies off them.

Yurick will automatically target the giant Reptid, or any smaller Reptids that get close. Fight the smaller Reptids that try to flank your fighters on the right, then focus on the giant.

Hold [Z] while not in cover to aim your crossbow. Tapping [+] while an enemy is targeted will reveal their weaknesses. In this case, the giant is weak to fire and vulnerable around the back.

Luckily, Yurick automatically casts fire spells. He’ll create a circle of fire on the ground. Try to lead the giant into these circles, but there’s not much you can do to control enemies at this point in the game. No problem, because the enemies here shouldn’t be much of a challenge yet.

Attack from behind, and when the giant tries to attack, guard! When he’s dead, he’ll drop 10 Wizard Slayer arrows. These can be equipped while aiming your bow. Like the name says, these arrows will kill Healers and Sorcerers much faster than normal arrows, which you have in infinite supply.

Follow your party through the new hole in the wall after the cutscene. Ahead, you’ll find a greenish light on the ground. This is a Save Point. Whenever you see one, it’s always a good idea to save!

There are no random battles in The Last Story. But, there are ways to grind for levels if you’re in need. We’ll discuss that later. There’s also no need for healing items, though healing spells, wells, and barrels will appear in many areas.

Past the Save Point, you’ll find a large area. Here, you’ll get your first taste of Recon. While in Recon Mode, you can survey the battlefield before a fight to see what needs to be defeated first.

Battle 1: Circular Ruins – Reptids (Swordsman, Healer, Sorcerer)

Here, you’ll see a healer near the back center of the room, with a Sorcerer right behind. They are the primary targets, especially the Healer. When you think you’ve seen enough, press [A] to return control to Zael.

Back in control, you’ll get a quick tutorial on Crossbow use and Seek Mode. Next, split off from your party and take the path to the right. Circle around to the steps, then run up and take cover behind the tall ruins just ahead and right. Look from the right-side to spy the Healer.

With the Healer in view, this is your chance to make the battle easier. Aim your bow, switch to the Wizard Killer arrows, and fire. One arrow should be enough to finish off each Mage.

When you fire, your party will ambush the rest of the Reptids. Finish them all off to complete the battle.

Next, your party will lament that ignorance of the area. This is when your objective pointer will appear. A clear pointer will guide you to your next goal. Follow it to the center of the room, then press [A] to open the way deeper into the cave.

A path will open ahead. Continue deeper into the cave with your party. Run through the winding path, until you reach a dead-end with a flat grey rock wall on your right. Check it to break the wall open.

Run through the new opening to emerge inside a ruin. Run down the center of the ruins, with the pillars just to your right. After a short discussion with your party, you’ll enter another ruin with Syrenne.

Ahead, you’ll trigger a cutscene! The skeletons are alive! Undead warriors will attack. Fend them off for awhile, and don’t get surrounded, until Syrenne opens a secret passage and runs. Follow her down the long hallway until you reach another dead-end.

Check the strange rock formation when you enter the room, then fight back the undead warriors until another scene triggers.

Afterward, you’ll gain another new skill. Now, you have the Gathering Ability. This special mode is toggled on with [C]. Doing so will make every enemy in the area target Zael and ignore your party. It will also slow your enemies.

Another bonus of Gathering, you can revive incapacitated party members. Allies will revive on their own, but doing so yourself will give them a considerable boost to their abilities.

During the fight, your party will return. Fight back the undead long enough, and a new door will open. That’s your exit! Continue on.

Into the new area, run down the steps until you come out to face a giant chasm. Stop and save to your right, then cross the bridge to face more undead.

Battle 2: Chasm Bridge – Undead (Swordsman, Archer, Sorcerer)

On the bridge, you can knock Undead Swordsmen into the valley below. You’ll need to face them so their back is pointed toward the edge of the cliff. Attack once and they’ll reel back, then attack again to send them off.

Another problem here is the archers. Use Seek Mode to target the partially collapsed bridges the Archers are standing on and Yurick can destroy them with a blast of magic.

There are more benefits to Gathering. Allies will cast spells at double speed, and you’ll regain lost health with each basic attack that strikes an enemy.

For this fight, you’ll need to activate Gathering right away to get the archers off Yurick. Once the first wave of Archers and Swordsmen are defeated, more Swordsmen and Sorcerers will arrive. Target the ledges again, and Yurick will destroy both.

Above each mage’s head, you’ll see a large number counting down. If you attack them with your crossbow, just a few arrows, you’ll interrupt their casting.

In the corners of the bridge, where there’s solid dirt, you can also find white bombs. White Bombs can be picked up and throw, leaving behind a healing circle. While inside the circle, you and your party will regain health.

Clear out the rest of the enemies, then open the door where your party stands. Continue on, opening the next door into a larger ruin.

If you want, you’ll find a red marker on the ground. This signifies where you can re-fight previous battles to earn extra rewards and XP. During this battles, you’ll gain extra XP as a bonus. If you’re feeling a little behind, just take some time and fight a few extra battles.

Boss Battle: Ruins – Cocoon

Just as you go inside, an enormous monster will appear! This guy is your first boss, and you’ll want to be careful when he attacks!

To avoid incoming attacks, tap [A] while running to dive. You’ll need it when you see the monster reach for one of the many swords sticking out of his back. Wait for just the right time, then dive to avoid the thrown sword.

Right away, you’ll need to back off and use Seek to target it’s head. Select you want Yurick to attack with magic, then activate Gathering to get it’s attention off your party.

Using guard will also let you easily side-step Cocoon’s long-range attacks. Once you’ve targeted and landed a magic hit, undead will appear. Clear them out, and stick near your party. The melee fighters will automatically try to target the new weaker enemies.

The entrance door will open after another magic attack. Retreat back down to the bridge you were fighting on previously.

If you’re KO’d, make sure to reactivate Gather. Continue to Gather to draw Cocoon out to the bridge.

Pull Cocoon onto the bridge, and you’ll trigger a cutscene.

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