The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 19: Underground Caves

In the caves, you’ll begin with Syrenne, Yurick, Mirania, and the upgrade vendor Horace. Use Seek Mode to spot the wall and order Horace to check it out.

The main gimmick of this area is that it’s full of secret passages. Horace can detect secret rooms with his special ring. There’s a second secret room here, make sure to check it before leaving through the first.

Crawling through a passage, you’ll exit in a room with a well. Check out the next secret wall. Check often to find all the hidden rooms in each of the areas, you can find lots of extra treasure here.

Inside the next chamber with the glowing well, look up and right when you enter Seek Mode.

Battle 1: Well – Combat Spiders

These spiders should be memorable – don’t attack from the front! Attack behind and use Gale to weaken them when you’ve got Flare active.

Exit the room into another with statues inside. Check the secret door on the left with Seek Mode, and eventually you’ll enter another automatic Seek Mode. Study the statue on the left as you walk.

Battle 2: Statue Hall – Stone Blades

These giant stone warriors carry blades that’ll petrify anyone they touch. That’ll be a problem, but petrification is not an instant kill. Instead, it’ll stun you until you can shake off the effects.

Use diffuse on Flare to weaken them, and know that you can hide with Gathering, then take cover and slash. These warriors can be lost.

Use Command Mode, by now you’ll start to unlock your party’s special skill abilities. Syrenne’s Full Guard can help draw enemies away while you take care of them.

Once the statues are defeated, go down the passage under the coffin. More of the doors will open to reveal the save point at the start.

Battle 3: Coffin Chamber – Poison Spiders, Undead (Swordsmen, Archers, Sorcerers)

Below the coffin, you’ll learn about trap chests. Some of the secret doors will poison you and reveal enemies, making it even more important to use Horace to open each secret door.

The Poison Spiders are a problem, but the Archers and Sorcerer are easy targets can that cause you problems. Use Wizard Slayers or activate Gathering to pull the archers away from your casters.

Clear out the rest of the Skeletons, and move on through the two large doors. Call Horace with Gathering to light up the dark corridors.

If an explosion blasts you when a secret door opens, a bag will drop from the ceiling. Pick it up and throw to reveal some free cash. If enemies appear after collecting your treasure, you can pick them off by taking cover, drawing them close with an arrow, then slashing.

Through the right door from the Coffin Chamber, search the secret wall on the right to fall deeper into the caves.

Down below, you’ll land in an old spooky ruin. Turn right down the first hall and search for a secret door on the left. Stairs will lead you up into a creepy temple. Examine the coffin at the front of the room to reveal a boss.

Boss: Necromancer

This flying opponent attacks with powerful magic. Use Gathering and attack right away, just guard when it launches a fireball.

Swipe it enough and it’ll retreat again down secret stairs under a coffin. Follow when you’re ready.

Battle 4: Deep Chambers – Undead (Swordsman, Archer, Sorcerer, Healer, King)

This group is going to be difficult for one reason. The Undead King is a tough opponent that won’t go down without a fight. You’ll need to take out his support before you go after the giant, especially the Healer.

Use Wizard Slayers to finish off the healer from your starting spot. If you can’t, use Command Mode to cast Flare and Leaf, then diffuse to weaken and silence all your opponents at once.

Hunt down the Sorcerer and Healer, then pick off the remaining undead with any combination of abilities. There’s a save point before the next door, make sure to save before heading through.

Through the door, interact with the large coffin on the left side of the chamber.

Boss: Necromancer

Here’s the real fight. Choose for Horace to open the coffin and he’ll be damaged, otherwise you’ll lose a life. Undead Archers will hide from cover while the Necromancer attacks.

The boss will also summon more Undead as the battle drags on, so make sure to pick some of them off as you fight.

The Stone Blades will also come to life as you fight. Destroy them quickly once they enter the fray, more won’t return once the two statues are shattered.

Using Reverse will also help counteract the Necromancer’s magic, or his ability to petrify. A combination of Leaf and Reverse, when you diffuse Leaf to Silence, can give you a lot of extra breathing room when dealing with the Necromancer and his minions.

Just keep hunting him down. The Necromancer doesn’t have much health, so you should cut right through him when you’ve got him caught. Finish him off when his health is zero by getting close.

Check the ice wall to gain a Gurak Sun Stone, able to melt ice walls. Run through the hall ahead to discover a special book, and a dead end.

With that failed excursion out of the way, you’ll return to your prison cell. Just check the cell bars when you’re ready to continue.

First order of business now that you’re free is to speak with General Asthar. Exit the Great Hall through the back doors into the Courtyard to find him. When the talk is over, return to the Great Hall and go upstairs to the left hall where you’ll find the Count’s Chamber.

After your talk with the Count, chase Calista to the Guest Chambers and to the Ballroom’s balcony. The Guest Chambers’ entrance is on the left hall just past the Count’s Chamber.

Chaser her down and step close to activate a cutscene.

As the scene finishes, speak with the maid to your left. If you’re ready, you can now choose to return to the tavern to meet back up with your party.

From here, you can choose to take on two side-quests or continue the story. Returning to the Count’s Chambers will take you to the next story chapter once you agree with the left option.

To unlock a different side-quest, talk to the people in the tavern. They’ll reveal Horace, the man from the caves, needs more help. Speak with him on the nearby bridge. Or, talk to one of the tavern patrons sitting in the corner. He’ll ask for help, and you’ll begin another side-quest to clear out reptids.

Talk to everyone in your mercenary group, then step to Syrenne. Choose both left options and you’ll celebrate all night.

Back downstairs, Ariela will tell you everyone went off to the castle without you. Return to the castle yourself, and speak with the Count in his chambers again.

You’ll reappear at the courtyard. Circle around the fountain and interact with a device against the arch to reveal a secret passage. Use the new stairs leading underground, and choose to enter the Castle Depths.

When you’re ready, enter the portal.

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