The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 22: Dark Spirit Passage

Entering the strange ethereal dimension, save your game. There’s only one direction to go, so follow it.

Battle 1: Floating Arena – Dark Servant

The weird mage ahead can’t be harmed. Instead you’ll need to use Gathering to reveal the demonic servant.

Defeat the revealed monster, then go for the sorcerer. He can only be harmed by Zael, so chase him down once he’s vulnerable without his servant to protect him.

Operate the glowing platform to continue through the spirit passage. Operate the blue platform again to reach an open gate in this strange chamber.

Battle 2: Dark Ruin – Dark Master, Skeleton Vipers

This battle is just like the previous one, only you’ll need to take out the poisonous skeletons first. Once they’re down, put all your effort on defeating the Dark Servants the Dark Master summons, then finishing off the master himself.

Don’t forget to use Gathering to reveal the Dark Servant, and that only Zael can hurt the Dark Master.

When the enemies are down, return through the portal and activate the central blue platform again. You’ll spot some spectral stairs, but you can’t use them yet. Operate yet again after selecting another door with Seek Mode.

Battle 3: Dark Passage Trial – Dark Master, Skeleton Archers

Another battle just like the last two, only with archers to deal with while you’re trying to finish off the Dark Master.

Finish the enemies off, return through the portal, and operate the glowing platform again. The stairs will complete, allowing you through the portal.

Ahead, just continue down the central path.

Battle 4: Central Passage – Dark Master

This Dark Master comes equipped with two Dark Servants. Take both out, then take down the Master. You’ll only get one hit at the Master after you destroy both Dark Servants.

If this battle is dragging on too long, use Leaf and diffuse to Silence the Dark Master, making him vulnerable to attack.

Continue down the main hall, you’ll reach the end just after finding a save point.

Boss: Shade

If you completed Chapter 21, this monster will be familiar. But, this one fights nothing like the Lesser Shade.

Use Command Mode and target the Shade with Leaf, or any of Mirania’s offensive magic. Use Gathering to protect Mirania while she casts.

When it’s hit, it’ll be vulnerable to your regular sword attacks. Run ahead and do as much damage as you can, guarding between it’s arm swipes.

Periodically, it’ll try to take over Dagran’s mind. Order Mirania to heal, then diffuse the circle to cure him.

Do enough damage, and the Shade will run away to summon Undead Archers and Fighters. Defeat them quickly, if they’re still alive the Shade will devour them to heal itself.

Order another offensive spell when the Shade returns, then attack while it’s vulnerable.

Follow the pattern through a few cycles to bring the boss down for good. Complete the trial, and you’ll return to the castle.

At the top of the cannon, you can then agree to activate the island or wait. If you think you’re ready and have as many side-quests as you want complete, go ahead and activate the secret powers of the island.

With another scene passed, someone will want to see you in the courtyard. Leave your room and meet the stranger.

Battle: Courtyard – Assassins (Fighters, Archers)

It’s an ambush! Clear out the archers hiding behind the arch and use Command Mode to power-up your attacks. Use the pillars to hide and suprise slash the fighters.

Help will come soon. Early in the fight, the only real danger the assassins pose is by surrounding you. Don’t let them, and this shouldn’t be a tough fight.

To begin a side-quest, talk to the pacing knight on the second floor of the Great Hall, then go down into the Castle Depths and speak with two guards in bright armor as you turn right. They’ll tell you about a new cave system that’s opened up. Agree to investigate the cave if you want.

After the assassin kills himself, go to Lookout Point through the Military Wing elevator. Find the entrance into the Military Wing from the back of the Courtyard. A knight will tell you Sir Therius is waiting.

Speak with Therius, then return to the Military Wing. After the scene plays out, follow the General out to the Courtyard. Speak with Asthar, and he’ll challenge you to test your worth as a knight.

If you’re ready, choose the left option.

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