The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 23: Tower of Trials

Trial 1: Defense

Here, Zael will carry a child while archers shoot at you. You’ll begin in cover, and you’ll need to move from cover to cover to keep the child safe.

Wait for the archers to fire – they’ll shoot in three bursts. When they take cover, run to the next piece of cover to the left, or hold left against a hiding spot and you can switch cover if the option appears in the bottom right corner.

Step near the gate to rescue the child. Now, you only need take out the remaining archers. Step near the Chess Sorcerer to activate him, you’ll activate Chess allies that way for the rest of the trials. Once you activate the Sorcerer, he’ll launch magic attacks to help get rid of the archers.

Trial 2: Strength

This one is trickier, you’ll have to clear out enemies against overwhelming odds. The Chess enemies in the center stay stone, while the archers, sorcerers, and healers in the back will activate.

Start by hiding and shimmying to the left and right sides of the arena where the Ogres are guarding each path. Sneak to each side and shoot each Ogre with an arrow to draw them close, then Slash when they turn around.

Next, sneak down the left path to surprise-Slash the Vipers and Healer. When they’re clear, go back down the left path and defeat the enemies on the right side. Just avoid the center. As long as you stay out of the center, they Chess Knights won’t activate.

When you face the center Black Chess Knights, you’ll realize quickly that the Knights are invulnerable. To defeat then, pull them close to a ledge, then attack to knock them over the side.

Trial 3: Wisdom

Here, you can only activate one ally at a time while fighting a tricky group of Chess enemies. Most of these enemies you’ll be able to handle easily on your own.

Make sure to target the Witch on the right side, and activate any one of the Chess allies you want. But, there is a Black Chess Knight.

To deal with the Black Chess Knight, activate the Sorcerer just left of the entrance into the trial. With him active, he’ll launch offensive spells that will damage the Black Knight.

Trial 4: Camaraderie

Here, you’ll have six allies fighting far tougher enemies. You can’t take out the enemies yourself, you’ll have to support your allies with Command Mode, or by using Gale to diffuse.

The Healer is an important early target for your allies. Hit them with offensive magic.

Another powerful way to boost your allies’ performance is by activating Accelerate if you have it available, then use Gale near your allies to give them the ability too.

The boss is coming soon, so make sure to save up the steps.

Trial 5: Courage

It’s you against General Asthar. He’s a difficult opponent, able to Perfect Guard your regular attacks, and will always Guard unless you catch him off-guard.

There’s a few ways to break his guard. Use Command Mode to power-up or Accelerate to do more damage.

Or, wait with your guard up for the General to attack. If you guard, you can then follow-up with another attack.

Another good method for damaging the General is to run far away, hide, then Slash as he runs towards you.

Don’t forget to activate Gathering. The General will follow you no matter where you go anyway, so you might as well have your abilities buffed.

If you damage the General enough, you’ll enter a quick QTE. Just pay attention to what Zael says, either up or down, to guard Asthar’s attacks.

When the General leaps into the air, run and dodge as he crashes back to the ground.

After the second QTE, the General will power-up and Perfect Guard against any of your attacks until you break his guard. To stop his buff, either Slash or use Gale.

Do enough damage, and you’ll complete the trials.

But, that doesn’t end the area. As you leave, Lord Jiral will poison you! You have one life, and your health is quickly ticking away. Immediately use Gathering, then Hide, then Slash the Ogre to defeat it instantly.

Open the door back at your room to speak with Therius again. When you’re ready to continue the game, speak with Therius.

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