The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 26: Lazulis Castle

The Gurak are attacking yet again! Follow the Count across the bridge, and stick near the party, they’ll lead you toward the Cannon.

Battle 1: Great Hall – Gurak (Guard, Fighter, Sorcerer, Healer)

The collection of Gurak attack after you collect a Lazulis Healer. Punch through the Fighters and Guards to wipe out the Healer, then you’ll have no problems taking out the rest of the Gurak.

Continue downstairs, and be sure to take out the Witch and Healer before you’re overwhelmed by Gurak melee fighters.

Battle 2: Courtyard – Phantom Coffins

Strange new enemies will appear. The floating coffins will primarily try to attack by ramming the ground. Guard when they point forward, and you can keep fighting.

Clear them out, and push on into the Military Wing toward the canon.

Battle 3: Military Wing – Gurak (Archers, Guard, Sorcerer) Gurak Beast

As you enter, use Seek Mode to target the bridge with magic and destroy it to get rid of the archers. The bridge will also collapse onto the Gurak Beast if you’re lucky.

Blow up both bridges, then clear the tougher Guards. Near the elevator, you’ll suddenly have to deal with more Phantom Coffins, but they shouldn’t be an issue for your team.

Once the coffins are defeated, more simple Gurak will appear. Keep fighting them, take the Gurak out, then continue up the elevator.

Inside the Cannon chamber, look down while in Seek Mode to spot the General on the ground.

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