The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 31: Place of Secrets

Inside the strange area, you’ll be on a team with Calista and Therius. Head down the steps to face a new enemy.

Battle 1: Secret Stairwell – Tracers

These quick orbs can’t be damaged with regular attacks easily. They’ll blast your allies with lasers, then instantly move away.

To easily damage these Orbs, activate Gathering, then allow them to hit you until you’ve built up a good charge of Burst. Release Gathering when you’re at Burst Max to instantly damage these fast enemies.

When you launch a Burst Max, you’ll stun the orbs, giving you time to finish them off as they hang in the air.

Ahead, there will be a second ambush of Tracers that’s much deadlier. Immediately activate Gather, then hold down guard until you reach Burst Max. Immediately set it off, and try to defeat as many Tracers as you can while they’re stopped.

Follow the same pattern here, and when even more Tracers appear at the bottom floor with the empty doorway. Keep fighting off the Tracers using the same method. It also helps to use Command Mode when the Tracers are stopped.

Defeat three waves of Tracers, and the doorway will open. Quickly check it to continue on with Calista, leaving Therius behind. After a cutscene, you’ll be back in the Place of Secrets. Return to the top of the chamber and leave through the portal.

With some more exposition out-of-the-way, Zael will return to his room. The castle is preparing for Calista and Zael’s wedding, as well as Zael’s knighting ceremony. But, there’s not much for you to do yet.

Leave the castle and return to the tavern to speak with Syrenne. Remember, this is your last chance to finish any side-quests. You’re about to enter the end-game, so do whatever you want to still accomplish now.

When you return to the castle, you’ll be informed preparations for the knighting ceremony are complete. You can go now, or choose to enter the Counter’s Chamber later. If you feel like you’re ready, either agree to go with the knights, or enter the Counter’s Chambers.

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