The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 33: Lazulis Castle: Great Hall

It’s a full-scale invasion this time! Time to fight your way back to the Turret Control Room, with Syrenne, Yurick, Mirania, and Count Arganan in your party.

Go upstairs and out through the courtyard to face the Gurak threat. There’s just one problem – Zael isn’t with you. You’re playing as Lowell, so you won’t have Gathering to help you yet.

Battle 1: Courtyard – Ogres, Gurak (Archers, Commandoes, Guards)

In the Courtyard, Therius will join your team.

These two Ogres would normally be no threat, but due to your lack of Gathering, they’ll be just a little tougher. You can still use Command Mode, but no Gale or Slash.

Use Command Mode as often as it appears, it’s your only advantage in this battle. More Ogres and Gurak will drop down after the first wave.

Use Command Mode to target the archers, Lowell don’t have a crossbow either.

Take out the Gurak, and continue into the Military Wing.

Battle 2: Military Wing – Gurak (Gladiator, Scout, Swordsman), Battle Spiders

Therius will stay behind as you continue forward.

You’ll have a different set of enemies to deal with now. Use Command Mode to hit them with everything you’ve got, and make sure to play it safe, Lowell doesn’t have all the powers Zael does.

Use Seek to target the bridge ahead, and order Yurick to destroy it, stopping more Reptids and covering the hole they left behind.

When the battle is over, enter the lift to the Cannon Control Room. There, you’ll meet up with Zael and Calista again.

Battle 3: Cannon Control Room – Gurak (Guard, Commando, Archer, Healer)

These are high level Gurak, and might present a problem. Use Gathering right away, and prepare Command Mode.

When you can, use all your party’s Skill Abilities, and use Shining or Recover to keep your party alive. If you place Shining, don’t forget to Diffuse.

The Healers won’t die easily, so cast Forest then diffuse to Silence them. Hit them with Meteor or any fire-based magic to break their guards and put them all down for good.

After the battle, you’ll immediately begin the next chapter.

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