The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 34: Turret Basement

Yurick and Lowell stay behind, while your team of Calista, Syrenne, Mirania and the Count continue forward. You’re light on fighters for this section, so play it safe as you head down toward the Outsider.

Stop at the save point before pushing deeper. You’ll face enemies soon.

Battle 1: Basement Stairs – Reptids (Scouts, Gladiator)

The scouts will spot you fast. Take them out quickly and they won’t alert the Gladiator. If the Gladiator isn’t surprised, you can easily draw it closer with an arrow, wait until it’s confused, then Slash.

If you are caught, Reptid Guards will arrive. You can take them out somewhat easily by knocking them off the readily available ledges.

Battle 2: Lower Basement Stairs – Reptids (Swordsmen, Witch, Healer, Sorcerer)

The combination of magic and buffs these Reptids have make them dangerous opponents. Don’t rush ahead yet, the Witch’s magic can’t be diffused. You’ll have to hide in Mirania’s heal circles.

When you can, use Command Mode between Witch curses to use Forest, then diffuse to Silence all the Healers, Sorcerers, and Witches. That’ll give you time to clear out the Swordsmen protecting the front line.

As it’s available, use Calista’s Ancient Barrier. It’ll protect and heal everyone in your party, making it possible to fight without losing all your health to the Witch’s curse.

Push past the fighters and target the Healer and Witch as soon as you can. Once they’re down, you can clear the rest of the encounter without too many issues.

Battle 3: Bottom Floor – Reptids (Swordsmen, Gladiator, Sorcerer, Healer, Archer)

Yet another tough battle, unless you look carefully as you take the stairs down. Use Seek Mode to look past the Outsider to find a destroyable piece of the environment. Shoot an arrow at the target to blow it up.

The fact that there is no Witch makes this battle much more manageable than the last, you won’t have to worry about constant damage. But, you will have to worry about two separate groups of Reptids, each with a Gladiator and a Healer.

Make good use of Forest to Silence the Sorcerers and Healers, then use Accelerate and Shining to buff your party to keep them fighting these high level enemies.

Push into the bottom level of the basement, and pick up the treasure right of the door before going through.

Follow the path down through the tunnels. Syrenne and Mirania will stay behind while Calista and Arganan continue toward the Outsider.

You’ll run into an old friend, and a save point near a door. This is it, make a save and go through toward the Outsider.

Boss: Berith

Something is protecting the Outsider. This strange demonic entity will shoot at you at long range or spin around to attack up close. Both can be blocked, so be quick on the [B] button.

Rush close to it, and have Calista use Shining, then diffuse for a Shield. Use Power Strike or Accelerate if you can to help damage the boss.

At this stage, it can’t be harmed. It has a shield protecting it. Keep attacking the shield, and it’ll eventually fall, allowing you to damage it’s health bar.

Keep using Shining and regular attacks, guarding every time the monster tries to spin or cast magic. If your health is low, order Calista to heal and retreat into her circle.

Eventually, your entire party will arrive to help. Follow the same procedure, and wipe the floor with this demon.

It’ll re-raise its barrier during battle. Just break it with a series of attacks, and save Command for when the shield drops. Don’t forget to use Gathering and built up your Burst power.

Keep plinking away and eventually this monster will fall.

Through the smaller door, head forward and turn right, jumping over the debris to find three treasure chests.

When you’re ready, use the large double-doors to find the Outsider’s Chamber. There’s another save point before you enter the portal. Enter the portal, and prepare for a face-off.

Inside the massive abyss, step closer to the center hole.

Boss: Sentinel Beast: Mitra

This flying spectral creature is ready to cause problems for you and your party. Zael can’t reach the flying monster yet, but your team of casters can hit it with magic.

That means you’ll need to protect them. Guard and activate Gathering so it only tries to attack you. It’ll launch magic spells your way. Either dodge at the last second, or attempt a Counter Guard to send the magic flying back at the beast.

There are two things you can do to stop its flying magical onslaught. Either perfect guard one of its white spells, or diffuse Mirania’s Forest spell. Both methods inflict Silence, forcing the dragon to land and attack.

When it lands, use Command to swarm it with attacks. Keep Gathering up, and be sure to guard against its two wide claw-swipes if it’s standing right in front of you.

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