The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 35: Port Lazulis

The cannon is lost and the city is in ruins. Turn left for a save point, because this fight is far from over. You’ll begin in a party with Yurick, Mirania and Sirenne.

Battle 1: Docks – Gurak (Guards, Archers)

Several Gurak Guards with Archers armed with paralyzing arrows will ambush you. Use Gathering to draw off the archers’ attention and finish them all off with your casters.

The same will happen as you near the water, with archers popping up on the ship ahead and to the right. The archers on the boat are armed with burst arrows as well, so take them all out with your own burst arrows, or use Seek to have Yurick destroy the group.

Clear out the Gurak, and head toward the ships down the docks.

The fallen knight will provide you with 20 burst arrows. Make them count, and use them to take out all three of the Wyrms in the sky. They’ll each only take two or three shots, so you should have plenty. Just don’t go crazy, fire only when they’re nearby.

Save ahead, then turn left to enter an alley with two treasure chests. Then, continue toward the docked ship.

Boss: Dark Muruk

This boss is back, but tougher than before. Set down a fire spell and diffuse to break it’s guard, letting you harm it at any point during the fight.

The boss will spin after it takes some damage, shooting paralyzing spines. After the attack is done, the boss will rear back on it’s back legs. Attack it to knock it on it’s back, then press [A] to ride. Further [A] presses will attack, dealing critical damage.

It’ll also try to possess members of your party. If it does, run into a healing circle to cure them.

When it’s about to spin-up, hide to avoid damage. When you can, try to Slash attack while hiding to get the boss to spin. If you can avoid, it’s easy to knock on it’s back. Otherwise, you’ll just have to be fast and shake off the paralyzing effects. You’ll have enough time to break out of the stun and knock him down.

Defeat it, then you’ll see Therius fighting alone against overwhelming odds. Use the nearby gate, then use Seek to target it with magic.

Battle 2: Pier Gates – Gurak (Archers, Commandoes)

The Gurak will ambush you. Quickly use Gather to draw off the archers so Yurick can finish his magic, which has the added benefit of killing the annoying archers.

Finish off the Gurak, then go for Therius through the gates.

Battle 3: Surrounded Dock – Gurak (Fighters, Archers, Guards, Healer, Sorcerer)

You’ll begin with Therius at your back. More Fighters and Archers with burst and paralysis arrows will arrive to continue the fight. Luckily, the close proximity to the pier makes this fight much easier. You can quickly knock any of the Gurak into the water.

The last wave has Sorcerers and a Healer, but with only one Guard, you can easily Gale and diffuse their healing circle.

Finish up, and Therius will have to stay behind. But, he’ll give you a sewer key. Follow Syrenne and the rest of your party, they’ll show you to the sewer entrance. Nearby, there are two chests to collect.

Enter the sewer to find a new save point, and some NPCs to talk to. Here, you can upgrade and remove curses with Horace, or buy and appraise with the merchant woman.

When you’re ready to go, you can leave through the large iron door your party is waiting near. Check it once, and you’ll get some reassurance from your team. Just check it again to open it – except Horace has a gift for you.

Horace will give you a Summon Stone. With this, you’ll find Blue Summoning Circle later in the dungeons. Use Gathering to call Horace, where you can sell and upgrade your equipment as needed.

Now that you’re all up to speed, continue into the sewer.

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