The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 36: Sewer

Run down the sewer path, turn left, and then stop at the right turn. Look in the dark alcove for a treasure check, then you can turn right and continue into the sewer.

As you turn, a Giant Crab will appear. It’s just one, but it does have an annoying Paralysis attack. Draw it out of water with Gathering to make it an easy target. As long as it stays in water, it’ll heal.

Once it’s defeated, the gate near the dry land will open to reveal a small arena where you can grind for levels with a red Summoning Circle.

Turn around and head back to another dry platform. More Giant Crabs will attack, use Gathering to keep them on dry land. Through the first hole, you’ll find the way deeper into the sewers. Through the second low hole, you can find a blue Summoning Circle and a save point.

Through the first hole, you’ll find a doorway leading to a new passage. Continue down and turn left to find a save point and stairs leading up.

Battle 1: Water Channel – Giant Crabs

Entering the larger chambers, you’ll need to keep the giant crabs out of the water at the bottom floor. Use gathering to keep them close.

The only tricky part of this fight is drawing the crabs out of the water. Run down the main path through the newly opened opposite door, and make a circle back to the water channel.

Boss: Nebirous

That’s right, the vampire is back and he’s just an invincible as before. To defeat the boss, you’ll need to find scattered silver arrows around the environment. Once you find one, line up a shot and shoot the coffin. You may also already have Silver Arrows, if so, aim your bow to check.

One silver arrow will temporarily remove Nebirous’ invincibility. Immediately use Command, if you’ve saved up your spirit gauge, you can do a ton of damage to Nebirous right now. Syrenne’s Shadow Switch ability will stun the boss, giving your team time to swarm it before it runs away.

Just rinse and repeat the process. When the boss is defeated, a new gate will open. Follow your waypoint inside.

In the new path, go down and turn left. Ahead you’ll find a treasure chest and a save point before entering a new large chamber. Get near the bridge and something will surprise you. In Seek, look directly up to spot it.

Boss: Monstrous Spider

The spider is back, and once again you’ll have to keep it from eating your allies. Use Gale whenever an ally is webbed up and slowly dragged toward the spider.

Like any other spider, you’ll have to attack from behind. Because this one is so fast, put down a fire spell and diffuse to break it’s armor, allowing you to damage it even with a frontal attack.

Fight long enough, and Gurak reinforcements will arrive. Fight back the new Gurak, or focus on the Spider. Just try to leave one caster healing while the other uses offensive spells. Because of the lack of magicians, we suggest using Mirania to heal while Calista uses Shine.

The spider will take time. Finish off the Gurak quickly, prepare your spirit gauges so they’re full by the time the Gurak arrive, then unleash everything you’ve got all at once to clear them out with ease.

Then it’s just the Spider. Alone, it isn’t a huge threat, just remember to guard whenever it moves. Just being near it is enough to damage you and send you flying back.

Before leaving to the Gurak Castle, you can save and use a blue Summoning Circle to sell or upgrade.

When you’re ready to go, enter the giant harpoon device.

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