The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 37: Fortress Island

Ahead, you’ll automatically hide to spot a guard. But this isn’t an ordinary enemy.

Battle 1: Entrance Hall – Gurak (Obstructors, Archers)

A new Gurak enemy has landed. These ancient wizards can produce giant barriers that’ll stop your attacks and movement from reaching any enemies behind. The only way to bring the barriers down is with magic, any magic will do.

Prepare Wizard Slayers to shoot down the Obstructor once a spell lowers the barrier, then defeat the remaining Gurack.

Through the barrier, once all the archers are gone the large door will open. You can also find a new blue Summoning Circle and save point here.

Down the hall, you’ll run into more Gurak in a large lava chamber. You’ll immediately take cover behind a pillar. Switch cover left when the guards aren’t looking, then you’ll need to call over your allies. Wait until the [A] prompt appears, then press when the guards aren’t looking.

Battle 2: Waterfall Cavern – Ogres, Gurak (Fighters, Archers)

A new group of enemies will ambush you when your party jumps down a level in the dark water-fall cavern. Turn around and fight off the Gurak as they land.

The Ogres are easy to take care of again, by using Gathering, hiding, then using Slash when the Ogres have a “?” over their heads.

When the Ogres are dead, the elevator will arrive with more Gurak. The fighters won’t be a problem, but the archers with burst arrows can quickly down you and your party. Target the archers first.

Use the elevator next, and you’ll arrive to face another tough group of Gurak.

Battle 3: Bridge – Gurak (Fighter, Commando, Archer, Obstructor, Healer, Ice Sorcerer)

The Healer and Sorcerer are protected by two Obstructors, making your life difficult.

The Gurak haven’t spotted you yet, so climb the ladder on the right to reach the upper platform where you can sneak around to target the Obstructors from behind.

Use Hide and Switch to sneak all the way to the tall rock at the far end of the upper path, directly behind the Obstructors. Switch to Wizard Slayers and take out the Obstructors.

In Seek Mode, you’ll be prompted to command your allies to attack the Obstructors or the enemies. Choose the enemies.

Use more Wizard Slayers to pick off the Healer and Sorcerer. Then you’ll be free to wipe out the Gurak.

More Gurak will arrive on the upper platform. Use Seek to target the crystals; either shoot them with a burst arrow or have Yurick target them.

The falling crystals will hurt the Gurak, but won’t finish them off. Target the Obstructors using Command to hit them all with magic while you charge to take out the Snipers.

Leave through the lift, it’ll take you to a red-tinted area with two chests and a save point.

Battle 4: Circle Chamber – Gurak (Obstructor, Ice Sorcerer, Fire Sorcerer, Fighters)

Hide and target the Obstructor in Seek. The fighters won’t be a problem thanks to all the ledges. Then pick off the Sorcerers with Wizard Slayers.

The elemental sorcerers are only a problem when you try to hit them with elemental-infused weapons. Just pick them off with Wizard Slayers, they’ll work fine.

After the battle, you’ll be split up and alone with just Calista. Grab the treasure ahead and enter the elevator. In Level 9, immediately turn left to and open the tall door. It’ll lead down a dark path where Lowell is lying down. He’ll join you, make sure you don’t miss him before fighting the battles ahead!

Battle 5: Level 9 Elevators – Golden Coffins

Ahead, the Coffins will come to life. Fight them for a minute, and you’ll hear Syrenne in another elevator asking for help.

Fight off the coffins – they’re not too deadly, but they can slow you down. You can still dodge at full speed.

Check on the elevator and rapidly press [A] to free Syrenne.

Battle 6: Level 9 Stairs – Gurak (Fighter, Obstructor, Ice Sorcerer, Fire Sorcerer, Healer)

More Obstructors to make your life difficult. If you don’t have Command, hide and use Wizard Slayers on the Sorcerers.

Burst through and use arrows when you can hit the Obstructors with magic, and the rest of the dominoes should fall.

The rest of your party will arrive, and you can continue through the open door at the mid-level. Ahead, you’ll find three chests, a save point, and a blue Summoning Circle.

Upgrade your weapons, and continue through the lift. You’ll arrive at Level 24, with another chest just left.

Boss: Zepha & Zesha

Zangurak’s servants will attack, and use their own colored shields to protect themselves. To get through, you’ll need to use similar colored magics to lower their shields.

Use Forest magic from Mirania to bring down the green shield that first appears. Use Command to drop all your offensive magic on both of them, and use Gathering to avoid their casts.

Bring down their shields, and both of the bosses will leap into the center of the arena. Take them out as quickly as you can, but try to focus on the blue glowing of the two brothers. The swordsman will retreat and heal, but the sorcerer won’t.

Hurt the magic-using boss enough, and the two will retreat. Your party will wait near the bridge leading to the second outsider. At the warp gate, use the blue Summoning Circle and the save point.

Through the warp gate, you’ll face off against the last boss of this chapter.

Boss: Sentinel Beast: Atar

It’s just you and Calista together against another flying sentinel. You won’t have Mirania with you, so you’ll need to play it safe.

Use Counter Guard to knock its magic back at it, and play it safe until your party arrives to back you up.

When they all return, fight it just like the last sentinel beast. Use Mirania’s Forest then diffuse to Silence and bring this monster down.

As the monster lands, use Command to lay down the law and hurt this monster. Don’t forget to put down Shine and diffuse to give everyone in your party a Shield.

Calista will gain a new spirit power. Wait for her gauge to fill, then use Command to have her use the Ancient Summon ability.

When Ancient Summon is used, the boss will lose its wings. Without its wings, you can finish it off.

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