The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 39: Reptids’ Cave Revisited

Back to the beginning. No time to waste, get up the stairs and save your game! You’ll run face-first into a secret door. Check it to open the way.

Battle 1: Cave Front – Gurak (Guard, Archer, Obstructor, Fire Sorcerer, Ice Sorcerer, Healer)

The Gurak are split between two groups, but they’re not placed well enough to guard against your charge. Rush ahead and knock out the Gurak toughs.

Once empty, use Seek to find a secret door to the right. Then squeeze through to a secret path with another secret door at the end.

You’ll arrive back in the watery arena.

Battle 2: Water Arena – Gurak (Guard, Archer, Healer, Sorcerer)

There are two difficult problems in this battle. There are floating mines around the field. You can burst through them with Gale to reach the Healer.

Next, target the Archers and Sorcerers with Command and Wizard Slayers. Push ahead and follow your party through to a narrow path.

Once again, you’re back in the ruins under the castle. Here, you can find a save point, and both types of Summoning Circles. Take some time to grind for levels here, the bosses ahead will be very difficult.

Head toward the place where Zael received the power of the Outsider. Check the flat wall down the hall with pillars and run toward the open portal.

Boss: Last Cocoon

There’s nothing you can do here. Stay away, and wait as its health increases while it drains your’s. Just sit tight, eventually a cutscene will trigger as the cocoon enlarges.

Clear out each of the bandits as Zael awakens in his past. Eventually, you’ll finally snap out of the dream to see a possessed Yurick. Knock him out too.

The Last Cocoon will take a new form similar to the very first boss. Try to attack it, and it’ll teleport away from your attacks before you can land a hit. Eventually, it’ll charge around the outside of the arena.

After a few circles, it’ll climb up one of the large pillars. Target it with magic to bring the monster down. Use Gathering to draw its sword-throws away from your casters.

As the boss drops to the ground, it’ll be stunned. Use Command and use everything on it while it’s down.

It’ll wake back up, attack, and circle around the arena before climbing another pillar. Target with Seek and use magic, or counter-guard to send the swords flying back at the monster.

Bring it down to half-health and the cocoon will change forms a second time.

In it’s last form, the giant will stomp around with a full guard and powerful physical attacks. Look around your surroundings.

Above you, a giant sword is hanging over the center platform. Use Gathering to lure the monster onto the platform, then shoot the giant sword with burst arrows while it’s standing under the sword. If you time it right, it’ll be pinned to the ground by the sword.

Just onto it, then press [A] rapidly to take it down.

Otherwise, you can still fight it the old-fashioned way. Just blast it with magic and guard often to bring it down.

Back in the ruins, you’ll face the portal once again. Here, upgrade with the blue Summoning Circle, or save then head through.

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