The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 40: The Last World

Boss 1: Beriths

Berith returns, only there are three of him this time. Two are fakes, only one is real. The fakes will explode when attacked, so be careful who you hit.

Distinguish the real one by watching which you attack and seeing if their health bar is effected. He’ll regenerate his clones when he puts up another shield, but you’ll have time to attack before it does.

Despite the added enemies, this boss should be much easier than your first encounter. Let your party take care of it’s shields and the clones, then use Command to focus your attacks on the real one when it’s discovered.

When you defeat the monster, your party will split up.

You’ll return with Lowell and Syrenne, with you in control of Syrenne. There are Gurak about, so switch equipment if you haven’t kept up with Lowell or Syrenne.

Reinforcements will just keep coming. Keep up the fight until you switch to Yurick, who you’ll take control of alone on an elevator.

If you haven’t played co-op, you won’t be familiar with Yurick’s casting abilities. Cast magic by holding down [A] then releasing the button when your timer hits zero.

Take cover, and wait for the tiny golems to attack. When they stop, launch an attack. Kill all three, and the elevator will lower into another encounter with Tiny Golems.

After two more waves, you’ll stop and be assaulted by Tiny Golems with swords. Cast magic at your feet, and stand in the fire circle to help you fight off the incoming golems.

Defeat those and you’ll return to Lowell and Sirenne, fighting more Gurak and new full-sized Golems. Once they’re destroyed, press [A] over their bodies to reboot them. That’ll scare the Gurak off and put you back in Yurick’s shoes.

As Yurick, follow the same method as before. Just be wary of the melee fighters, and the periodic passed of a wall as your elevator moves down, blocking your line of sight to the Tiny Golems.

Take out the archer golems, and you’ll land at the bottom of this strange world. Switching to Syrenne and Lowell, you’ll face Tracers. There’s nothing you can do against them, just dodge until a door opens, then escape!

You’ll appear outside the center of this place, with a save point. Head toward the far wall to trigger a new scene.

Next up is Zael and Mirania. Ahead, they’ll face the first of a series of bosses right before the final battle.

Boss: Zepha

This sorcerer comes equipped with his own gang of Gurack to back him up, while you only have Mirania. She can heal and diffused Forest can silence, both very helpful during this battle.

Zepha will call a giant damaged effect down over the entire battlefield. Mirania, by default will summon a healing circle. Stand in it to recover your health before chasing down Zepha and hurting him. Luckily, he doesn’t have high health and won’t guard against your attacks.

Do some damage to Zepha, and he will put up a shield. You’ll have to break through it with Mirania’s Forest spell. Wait for her to set down a healing circle, then stand in it and Command her to use Forest, while you have Gathering active to draw enemies away from her.

After taking down the first barrier and hurting him, he’ll switch to a red barrier. That means there’s nothing you can do, just survive until Yurick arrives to help. Put down a healing circle and sit tight.

Keep the Gurak’s attention with Gathering as Yurick arrives, and use Command as necessary to bring down Zepha green or red shields.

Attack when Zepha’s shield is down, and eventually you’ll defeat him.

Boss: Zesha

This time around, you’ll face the last of Zangurak’s henchmen. Zesha won’t go easy on you. He warps around, will use a jumping slash that lands in an area-of-effect attack, and will throw magic swords that’ll stun your party.

He’ll also guard against every one of your attacks, and count guard if you attack from the front. Spin around and try to attack from behind to damage him without being countered.

You can also counter-guard him, or just wait until after an attack to run in and hit him once.

Fight long enough and Syrenne with Lowell will join you. Now that you’ve got your party together, you can really unleash all your skills on this boss.

Keep one healing circle active at all times so you or your party can retreat when you’re in need, and keep plinking away at him when he’s vulnerable. Follow the same strategy, and save up your spirit powers to unleash when they become available.

Upon his death, more Gurack will appear. Fight them for a minute, and a new scene will occur.

Things are looking grim. Zesha returns, and you won’t have Lowell or Syrenne to help you. Your allies will tell you to go ahead alone, they’ll take care of Zesha. Do as they say, and leave through the door into the central chamber.

In this chamber, you’ll have one more chance to grind for levels. Take it, you’ll need to be at least level 65 or 70 if you don’t want this next boss to give you extreme problems. Grinding to level 68 is easy, but the XP gain will cut off dramatically past that.

When you’re ready, enter the massive blue glowing door. Inside, look right in Seek to spot Calista.

Boss: Zangurak

It’s another duel, but you’re far stronger this time. If you attack him from the front, he’s always counter-guard. Wait for him to swing, then attack or circle around to his back.

Most of his attacks can be guarded, but watch out when Zangurak holds the sword behind his back and charges forward. He’ll try to skewer you, that can’t be guarded. It’ll drain most of your health in one attack.

Bring his health down, and Zangurak will attack in another phase. This time, he’ll bring up an invincible shield. There’s only one way to bring it down.

Use Gathering to keep Zangurak off Calista, and have her use healing to keep you alive during this fight.

Next, wait for Zangurak to throw his sword. Dodge or counter-guard to deflect the sword, then immediately get near and press [A] to pick it up. You’ll take his weapon as your own. It’s extremely powerful, and a handful of swipes will break his barrier.

When the barrier breaks, you can still keep his sword to dish out extra damage. Don’t let him knock you down, or you’ll lose the sword.

At this point, any counter-guard will knock the sword out of his hands. He’ll power-up once he’s down to half health, but the same strategies apply.

When he’s defeated, follow your party to the arena exit. You’ll appear before a giant staircase. Step close to the stairs, watch the cutscene, then turn around to find a red Summoning Circle. Use the circle to gain levels, you’ll want your allies to be about level 60-62 before facing the final boss.

Go upstairs, through the door of light you can save your game, then continue right. Through the red hall, you’ll enter a dark room. Listen to the exchange between characters, and prepare for the last true challenge.

A door will open. Go inside to face Dagran.

Final Boss: Dagran

The first phase won’t be a problem. Wait for a healing circle, use Gathering to draw Dagran close, then slug it out with him until he drops. His only dangerous ability is a close range grapple that’ll throw anyone nearby to the ground. It’s hard to spot, but if you’re standing in a healing circle, you should be fine.

Dagran likes to counter-guard, so try to only attack after he finishes a combo, or counter-guard against him yourself.

Bring his health bar down, and he’ll transform into a monster. It’s just another slugfest, he’s tough and will guard, so attack from behind, guard his attacks, and command your casters whenever possible. Save your spirit attacks for now, though.

At about 75% health, Dagran will create an invincible shield. Guard and stay back as he flies, there’s nothing you can do to stop him. Just wait, eventually Yurick will reveal his special eye, and prepare a powerful magic attack.

Use Command as soon as Yurick is shown in a scene, and choose to activate the spirit ability called Big Bang. That’ll take down Dagran’s shield.

After Big Bang lands, Dagran will be stunned. Follow through and you can take off most of his remaining health.

Dagran will get even bigger once his health bar is drained, forming his final form as a giant monster.

As a monster, he’s very tough with a lot of health and a strong defense. Drop healing and Shine to guard against his attacks, and be sure to guard against it’s huge combo claw swipes. If you take two hits, you’ll fly backwards and the monster will try to pick you up and slam you into the ground.

When his health is empty, your party will exchange dialogue. Climb up to a high vantage point, once the dialogue finishes, an [A] prompt will appear for you to jump onto the beast and finish it off.

With Dagran defeated, follow your party as them run to escape the crumbling dungeon. On your way out, don’t forget to grab the East Wing and West Wing swords on the bridge you fought Zesha.

In the elevator, you’ll have some Golems to take out. Keep fighting, and that’ll take you to the end.

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