The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 4: Lazulis City

Outside, you’ll learn that Seek Mode can be used to discover nearby or airborne items floating about. Whenever you enter one of the narrow alleys with wind blowing, watch for the Seek icon!

Leave the tavern and run toward the purple fortune teller to your left at the entrance to the square. Talk to them to learn your fortune; that good things will come to you at Horace’s Shop. Zael will point it out ahead.

Enter the corner shop. Here, you’ll be able to upgrade weapons, equipment, or sell. Upgrades cost gold, and better upgrades will also require rare items unlocked by searching the city, combat zones, or completing side-quests.

For now, you’ll have one free upgrade. Upgrade whichever weapon you want. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to upgrade weapons for now, and only blades. Your Crossbow and equipment require necessary items you don’t yet have.

Use some of your pay to upgrade everyone’s weapons at least once, then you can leave.

Spend some time exploring, but if you want to continue the story, run south then turn east toward the Fountain Plaza. Run west past the fountain, toward the west entrance into the area to trigger a cutscene.

This path leads down to the marketplace. As the cutscene opens, you’ll enter seek mode. Turn around, following the pointer in the center of the circle and highlight Dagran.

At this point, you can continue to explore, or go with him. Do what you like, but you’ll need to meet Dagran at the entrance to the castle. Go to Castle Gate Plaza to see the procession, it’s right where you’d imagine, at the entrance into the castle at the center north of the city.

After the procession, you can return to the tavern or continue to explore. You’ll continue on to the next chapter once you return.

Back at the tavern, at night, Syrenne and the barkeep will ask you to pick up new booze in the marketplace. The marketplace is just west of Fountain Plaza, where you met Dagran.

Return to Lazulis City when you’re ready. Outside, run toward the Central Plaza, and follow your new pointer. On the opposite side of the plaza, you’ll hear a noise and be prompted to enter Seek Mode.

Enter Seek Mode, and look at the cart to your right to reveal a hiding girl!

After the scene, you’ll need to find a place to escape. Run toward the bridge ahead, just follow the main roads toward the marketplace.

At the market, spend some time talking to the different peddlers pointed out as yellow circles on your map. Follow Lisa to each one.

At the end of the market, you’ll trigger another scene. Next, it’s time to break-up a problem at Fountain Plaza. Run down the main street to find them.

After starting a fight with the guard, you’ll then need to escape! Run away from the guards – if they catch you, you’ll need to shake the thumbstick to pull them off.

To escape the guards, run through crowds of people, make turns, and if you can pull down fruit baskets to slow the guards down.

Once you get far enough away, you’ll hear the guards state that they’ve lost you. When they do, they’ll immediately stop. Stop yourself, otherwise you might accidentally run into more guards.

Next, take her back to the bar by the Central Plaza to begin the next chapter.

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