The Last Story Walkthrough

Chapter 6: Bandits’ Warehouse

Entering the warehouse, you’ll start in the rafters. Use Seek Mode to checkout the sleeping guard, then simply walk behind him, jump down off the rafters, and attack once to take him out without noticing.

Knock the guard out, and you’ll open the door for the rest of your team.

Look around the warehouse, there are three treasure chests. One contains a Reptid Edge, while the other two are random.

To continue, find the save point. Left of it is a tiny narrow path you can squeeze through to find the last treasure.

Once all four are discovered, Lowell will find a secret path. Follow it down to prepare for a fight.

Before entering the secret path, you’ll have to use Seek Mode. Look at the hanging banner.

Battle 1: Meeting Room – Bandits, Zoran

Through the stairs, you’ll plot to attack the bandits. Your party will circle around and attack from behind.

They won’t put up much of a fight. Attack when you get the signal, and try to focus on putting down the bandits first before dealing with their boss Zoran.

Use Gathering to keep the bandits off your casters, just be careful and stay on your toes when guarding.

After the fight, you’ll gain the Slash ability. When hiding in a concealed position, you can jump out and attack with a powerful surprise strike using the [A] button when the skill appears on your screen.

Slash can be used at any time, but it will deal extra damage to unaware enemies with “?” over their heads.

Battle 2: Underground – Reptids (Swordsmen, Archers)

When you fall in, climb back out of the water using the steps on the left to initiate combat. Try using Gathering, then hiding to instantly lose the Reptids. Now, use your Slash skill to deal bonus damage.

Focus on the Archers first, and remember to guard, otherwise there’s no strategy to this fight.

After the fight, look in the back corner for a darker cracked section of wall. Use that to climb out.

Run through the waterways until you reach a light gate dead-end. Getting near to initiate another fight.

Battle 3: Waterway – Reptids (Swordsman, Sorcerer)

Take cover immediately and use a slash to damage the new Reptids. Target the Sorceror, then lead the remaining Reptids towards the healing circle that Mirania will open to make this fight easy.

Continue through the broken wall to meet up with the rest of your party.

Battle 4: Waterway Alcove – Reptid Gladiator

You can take him out easily. Dagnan will attract the guy, or you can attract him yourself with an arrow. Hide, then when the giant turns away with a “?” over his head, Slash to finish it off instantly.

Through another broken wall is a small area. Turn left instead of climbing up to find a red circle. Take some time to grind levels now if you want, or continue through the area by climbing up the short ladder.

Run past the hall of cages, and save. Down the hall left of the door is another random treasure chest. When you’re ready, open the door.

Battle 5: Storeroom – Reptids (Berserkers, Sorcerer, Healer)

This looks tricky, but it won’t be too hard. Stand near the entrance, then use Gathering to draw the Berserkers toward you. They have a ranged attack, so don’t stand in the open.

When they get closer, hide and use Slash to wipe several of them out. When it looks clear, push ahead and take out the Healer in the far back.

Once the Healer is down, you only need to mop up.

After this fight, you’ll unlock a new skill: Gale.

Gale will stop time and open a bird’s-eye view of the area by holding [A]. Move the circle and press [A] again to launch a spinning sword attack that’ll hurt any enemies within the circle.

Gale has other uses. Using it on Spell Circles will diffuse the effect. Diffusing a Heal Circle will heal everyone in the area, while diffusing attack circles will hurt enemies. There are lots of special effects to diffuse, so experiment. When diffused, the circle will be removed.

You’ll also notice you have a new Skill Gauge. When filled, you’ll be able to use Gale. There are more uses to the Skill Gauge you’ll unlock later.

Battle 6: Ruined Room – Ogre, Reptids

In the next room, you’ll find a chained-up Ogre. Get close to wake it up, and Reptids will appear.

To end this encounter quickly, run back to the far end of the room away from the Ogre, and use Seek to target the crumbling pillar to the right of the Ogre with magic.

Make sure to use Gather, and clear the Reptid Archers in the back.

Through the door, turn right to continue or go left for two random treasure chests.

Boss: Terracor

This giant has more bark than bite. To damage him, you’ll want to hide on the landings then slash as it walks by. If you connect with a slash, the creature will bounce around the room before getting stuck.

When it’s stuck, this is your chance to attack. Activate Gathering if you haven’t already, and use Gale.

While stunned, your characters will build an attack chain. Also, when standing in a magic circle, your weapon will be imbued with that element. Ice circles will give you ice enchantments while fire will give you fire enchantments. It’s that simple. Some enemies have special weaknesses or bonuses, but in general you’ll always deal more damage with an enchanted weapon.

When the monster recovers, turn off Gathering, hide, and slash again. Follow the pattern, and you’ll down this boss without a problem.

Climb the ladder on the right after the battle to return to the secret room.

With that, you’ll return to the tavern. Continue the story by talking to Lisa downstairs in the tavern.

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