The Old Republic: Corellia Datacron Locations

One of the founding member planets of the Republic, Corellia is under the tyrannical control of the Sith Empire. The Republic won’t let this stand, and neither should you — no one can hold back every player’s desire for hidden Datacrons. Below you’ll find details on finding every Datacron on Corellia, which provide a permanent stat boost when found. If you’re looking for even more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, don’t forget to check out our Beginner’s Guide to get started on the path that fits you best. For a complete list of every Datacron in the galaxy, browse over to The Old Republic Datacron Collectibles Guide. You can also check out our Old Republic Beginner’s Guide and cheats page.

Below you’ll find locations for every Datacron on Corellia.

Corellia Datacron Locations

Labor Valley – Central Workforce Habitation – +4 Strength

  1. Here’s a tricky one. First, look for a pipe leading to a canopy at X: -2900, Y: -2075. At the top, wait on the canopy for a Sith Fighter to fly by. You’ll need to jump onto the fighter and ride it over to a stack of scaffolding storing missiles.
  2. Jump onto the scaffolding with the missiles, and jump into a small area surrounded by fence with huge crates inside. Look for a steel beam, and use it as a ramp to get ontop of the crates.
  3. Ahead, look for a crane slowly moving up and down. Wait for the crane to lower, then jump onto it and ride it back up.
  4. At the top, the crane will reach above to the highest crate. Get off on the crate, then continue onto more scaffolding. On the scaffolding, you’ll finally find the hidden Datacron.

Labor Valley – Derelict Service Area – Blue Matrix Shard

  1. The Datacron itself is located at the coordinates X: -2431, Y: -77, in the southeast corner of Labor Valley. Follow the road in this area towards a blue wall that you’ll be able to drive through.
  2. In the tunnel, you’ll have to deal with top level mobs so bring friends if you’re worried. The path leads up and around to a crate, with the Datacron on top.
  3. Use the boxes pressed against the crate to jump to the top and collect your reward.

Corellia World Map – +4 Willpower

  1. On the main world map, move south from the Incorporation Island Taxi. The Datacron is south of that taxi, and east of the Outpost Island Taxi. This one is tricky, it can be spotted from the ground, but you’ll need to take a long route east to actually reach the Datacron up ontop of a platform.
  2. Start at X: 1129, Y: 1665, you’ll be near a ramp, but that isn’t where you want to go. Instead, move west and use the narrow ledge of a building to circle around to a grating holding some ships.
  3. Jump onto some beams to reach X: 945, Y: 1776. Use the beams to travel west, then north to some pipes, from the pipes jump up to a grating with more ships. Next, you’ll need to get on top of the ships themselves, just use the nearby boxes and crates.
  4. Jump to the weapons, then to the cockpit, then onto another large crate. Continue pushing on west. Travel to the southeast corner of the ship, then hop off to a pipe nearby. From the pipes, move west until you reach a ceiling extending over the area below.
  5. Keep moving west, follow the bend south, then use the beams as ramps to continue on. Take the ramping beams up and you’ll be on the grate with the Datacron.

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