The Old Republic: Dromund Kaas Datacron Locations

The Old Republic holds many secrets, but one of those central secrets you’ll actually want to find are the Datacrons. These collectible cubes are scattered about on every planet in the known explorable galaxy, and they provide the player with the kind of reward he or she wants — statistic boosts. Some of the Datacrons provide rare Matrix Shards. So keep an eye out and use our guide to find them all. If you’re looking for even more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, don’t forget to check out our Beginner’s Guide to get started on the path that fits you best. For a complete list of every Datacron in the galaxy, browse over to The Old Republic Datacron Collectibles Guide. You can also check out our Old Republic Beginner’s Guide and cheats page.

Below you’ll find locations for every Datacron in Dromund Kaas.

Dromund Kaas Datacron Location Video Guide [With Mitchell!]

Dromund Kaas Datacron Locations

  • Dromund Kaas Spaceport – Docking Bay D-61 – +2 Strength
    1. Find this Datacron in the Spaceport you start in at Dromund Kaas.
    2. In the docking bay across from where you first arrive, enter the bay and search on the west side of the room on top of some crates.
    3. To reach the top, you’ll need to jump down from the ramp onto a beam leading to the stack of creates.

  • Dromund Kaas Spaceport Exterior – +2 Presence
    1. Leaving the Spaceport, look left for a path leading up a hill.
    2. Follow that path into a cave, and from inside the cave, continue deeper in until you find a waterfall.
    3. Past the waterfall, you’ll be able to find this Datacron.

  • The Malignant Bog – Yellow Matrix Shard
    1. At the entrance to this Heroic Instance, you’ll cross a bridge into the Bog. Hug the left wall from the WALL warp point, and stick to that wall.
    2. Follow the wall east, you’ll know you’re in the right place if you find a waterfall.
    3. At the top of the waterfall, you’ll find the Datacron, just search for a path on the same wall leading up to the top of the falls.

  • Dark Temple Approach – Kaas City Expansion District – +2 Cunning
    1. Crossing the bridge into the Dark Temple Approach, you’ll need to fight through some droids. At the first fork in the path, turn right and continue to the allied camp.
    2. Near the tents you’ll spot a rock wall requiring you to jump over with a stack of crates. Up on the lip of the rock, there’s a path to follow to a ledge overlooking a canyon.
    3. In the canyon, there are several pillars, with one holding the Datacron. Drop down from the plateau ledge, then jump to the next two.

  • Lord Grathan’s Estate – +2 Endurance
    1. Inside the estate area, take off west for the largest building.
    2. Just north of the structure is a small pond, and north of the pond is a path leading up along the mountain wall.
    3. Follow the path all the way up to a ledge with your Datacron.

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    7 Comments on The Old Republic: Dromund Kaas Datacron Locations


    On December 22, 2011 at 5:31 am

    Just a heads up for you I’ve spent the last 12 hours scanning every inch of Malignant Bog for the datacron either its not there or you need to be more specific as to where it is that and theres like 10 waterfalls bro bro and I’ve checked every single one its not in that zone anywhere.


    On December 22, 2011 at 5:47 am

    UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! FOR The Malignant Bog – Yellow Matrix Shard my way is alot less confusing!
    This datacron requires a trek through the Heroic area south of the WALL Warp point. Cross the inital bridge from the wall and run straight ahead and follow the first wall to the left. Keep following the wall and you will see the datacron up on a ledge above a waterfall. Keep following the wall to the east and hug it. You’ll eventually go semi off the map, but just keep hugging this wall and you will come out at the datacron.


    On December 27, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    The achievement list for datacrons for this planet says there is 6 total here


    On December 29, 2011 at 4:05 pm

    -189, -109


    On December 29, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    For the malignant bog one btw


    On December 31, 2011 at 7:36 am

    i searched for hours but i cant find the first one…are the coordinates ok ?


    On January 1, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    The +2 Str datacron in the Dromund Kaas spaceport is in the docking bay reached from the south-most elevator. This elevator to this doesn’t show up on your map, but it IS there.

    Following the ramp up you’ll see the red glow from it on top of some crates. If you hug the wall, you’ll notice a gap which you can drop through on top of some pipes which you’ll need to (carefully) run atop to reach the spot you can jump down on top of the crates.