The Old Republic: Hoth Datacron Locations

Everyone remembers Hoth, the snow planet where the rebellion experienced the power of the Empire’s AT-ATs. Before there was the original trilogy, there was The Old Republic, and there was a different sort of power available for those interested in looking; the Datacrons. These hidden collectibles provide players with stat bonuses or rare Matrix Shards, so you won’t want to miss these easily overlooked rewards. If you’re looking for even more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, don’t forget to check out our Beginner’s Guide to get started on the path that fits you best. For a complete list of every Datacron in the galaxy, browse over to The Old Republic Datacron Collectibles Guide. You can also check out our Old Republic Beginner’s Guide and cheats page.

Below you’ll find locations for every Datacron in Hoth.

Hoth Datacron Locations

Highmount Ridge – Highmount Bluffs – Red Matrix Shard

  1. You’ll need to buy a special item, the “Hydro-Thinner” from a cantina vendor in your faction’s base before searching for this Datacron.
  2. Search just left of the Highmount Bluff’s entrance to find the Datacron in a block of ice, near a spike-shaped rock. Melt the ice with the Hydro-Thinner to take the Datacron.

Glacial Fissure – +4 Presence

  1. This is found in the far northeastern corner of the Glacial Fissure. To reach it, you’ll need to find a cave entrance at X: 1035, Y:-1036 of your area map.
  2. Fight through the cave, and turn left as you exit, continuing up a hill. Look for a ledge of ice, and follow that ledge left.
  3. Jump off the ledge when you reach a new hill, and stick yourself to the right wall to lead you right to the Datacron, inside another cave.

Starship Graveyard – Star of Coruscant (Fore Catwalk) – +4 Cunning

  1. To enter the Star of Coruscant, search the southeast section of the Starship Graveyard. Work your way through the ship until you reach an elevator to the second floor of the ship.
  2. As you leave the elevator, look left for a moving crate. Climb up the crates to your left, and look for a wall to your right from the top. Jump to a ledge of the right wall, and follow the ledge until you overlook a big crate perfect for jumping down to.
  3. Now, wait for a moving crate, jump onto it, and ride it to the opposite part of the room. Keep climbing crates, looking to get ontop of the biggest crate of the pile.
  4. Wait for yet another moving crate platform to move by, and ride it. Instead of riding it all the way across, look for another crate that moves up and down about halfway across.
  5. Ride the vertical crate up to the Datacron ledge, jump to it, and that reward is your’s.

Starship Graveyard – +4 Endurance

  1. Find this Datacron just south of the northeastern corner of the map. If you start from the Jedi Encampment, jump up the ice blocks leading you towards the arch leading into the area.
  2. Run over the arch and jump down onto the ledge below. From the ledge, make your way to the crashed ship, and follow the ledge of the crashed ship next. From the starship ledge, jump down to an icey ledge, to reach yet another starship ledge.
  3. The starship ledge will lead you to more ice, follow the pathway until you’re taken upwards. Continue on this path and you’ll finally reach the Datacron.

Clabburn Tundra – North Snowdrift Hills – +4 Strength

  1. The Datacron is on the far western edge of the Hoth World Map. In the Clabburn Tundra, continue west to find an Ancient Probe.
  2. This is a level 47 champion enemy, once it’s destroyed you’ll find a depleted Datacron. The Datacron is useless, until you take it to the Star of Coruscant on the far eastern side of the Hoth world map.
  3. In the northern entrance of the crashed ship, search for the Coupled Recharge Station. Use the depleted Datacron on the station to recharge it, and the Datacron will function again.

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