The Old Republic: Hutta Datacron Locations

Throughout the universe of The Old Republic, you’ll be able to discover hidden Datacrons on each explorable planet. These secret rewards provide statistic boosts or Matrix Shards for crafting Relics. If you’re looking for even more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, don’t forget to check out our Beginner’s Guide to get started on the path that fits you best. For a complete list of every Datacron in the galaxy, browse over to The Old Republic Datacron Collectibles Guide. You can also check out our Old Republic Beginner’s Guide and cheats page.

Below you’ll find every available Datacron’s location for the planet Hutta.

Hutta Datacron Locations

Sewer Maintenance Tunnels – Blue Matrix Shard:

  1. This Heroic +2 instance is located next to Gedron Hix. The Datacron itself is located near a barrier in the southwestern corner of the map.
  2. At the western entrance, move left until you find a U-shaped sidepath leading down and around the blocked off barrier.
  3. There’s a champion-levelB B3-4T Disposal Bot guarding the path. Defeat it and continue to find the Datacron.
  4. You can claim this Datacron while on the heroic mission “Factory Recall.”

The Rust Yards – +2 Presence Datacron

  1. In the heroic part of the planet surface, in the northeastern part of the map, at the coastline where two small islands are connected to the shore by pipelines.
  2. To find the pipes you need to reach this Datacron, run past the Rust Works entrance to a coastline.
  3. You’ll find some pipes moving north, climb ontop using some junk. While on the pipes, jump from flat square to flat square while avoiding the corner pipe sections.
  4. The Datacron is located on a raised area of the north islands, guarded by Chemilizards.
  5. If you fall into the water, swim back to the shore and try again, it’ll take some practice, but keep trying and you’ll get to the Datacron.

The Bog – +2 Aim Datacron

  1. Head to the southern part of the Hutta overworld, and fight through an Evocii rebel camp.
  2. Before entering the area with Mining Droids, look for a fallen silo near an Imperial Medical Droid.
  3. Use the pipe to climb up and follow the edge of the hill around, looking up and to your left.
  4. Look for a blue glowing Datacron, and run up the hill to take it.

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