The Old Republic: Ilum Datacron Locations

In the frigid climate of Ilum, you’ll discover massive crystal caves where the Jedi complete sacred rituals for the construction of their lightsabers. But, those crystals can also be used for stealth technology — not doubt why the Sith want control of this resource. Speaking of resources, like every planet in the Old Republic, you’ll find plenty of Datacrons. These hidden rewards provide statistic bonuses to your character, or provide a special Matrix Shard. If you’re looking for even more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, don’t forget to check out our Beginner’s Guide to get started on the path that fits you best. For a complete list of every Datacron in the galaxy, browse over to The Old Republic Datacron Collectibles Guide. You can also check out our Old Republic Beginner’s Guide and cheats page.

Below you’ll find locations for every Datacron on Ilum.

Ilum Datacron Locations

Eastern Ice Shelf – +4 Endurance

  1. Start your search at X: 78, Y: -7 on the Ice Shelf map. There should be some Shield Generators nearby, from there look for a deep ravine below your position where the Datacron can be easily spotted.
  2. Just jump from ledge to ledge all the way down. Run to the end of the canyon, and you’ll be able to collect your prize. Continue north to find an elevator leading back to the main area.

Eastern Ice Shelf – Yellow Matrix Shard

  1. Go to the Imperial Base Camp and search one of the buildings at the coordinates X: 310, Y: -375.
  2. You’ll find the Datacron inside, without a problem.

Eastern Ice Shelf – Red Matrix Shard

  1. In the Eastern Ice Shelf, go to these coordinates near the Republic Base Camp — X: 539, Y: -17. Look for a set of tents.
  2. One of these tents will be open, allowing your character to enter. You’ll find the Datacron inside that one open tent.

Eastern Ice Shelf – +4 Aim

  1. To get to this Datacron, you’ll need to travel through a vast snowstorm in the southeast corner of the Ilum world map.
  2. Head for the coordinates X: 930, Y: 1071.

Eastern Ice Shelf – +4 Willpower

  1. You’ll find this one in the northeast corner of the Eastern Ice Shelf, at the coordinates X: 305, Y: -1562.
  2. Look for a cavern in the top right corner, jump down into the cave and move through the single path to find your Datacron.

Eastern Ice Shelf – Deep-Miners (Lore Object)

  1. Find this Datacron in the southerwest corner of the Eastern Ice Shelf, near the Republic Crystal Mines entrance.
  2. Start from the mine and move southwest diagonally to find this Datacron on a hill near the road.

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