The Old Republic: Voss Datacron Locations

A planet with many secrets, the utopian society of Voss has to align itself with someone in the coming galactic war between the Empire and the Republic. Don’t worry about that, what you’re after are those stat boosting Datacrons. Some Datacrons even come with Matrix Shards. If you’re looking for even more information on Star Wars: The Old Republic, don’t forget to check out our Beginner’s Guide to get started on the path that fits you best. For a complete list of every Datacron in the galaxy, browse over to The Old Republic Datacron Collectibles Guide. You can also check out our Old Republic Beginner’s Guide and cheats page.

Below you’ll find locations for every Datacron on Voss.

Voss Datacron Locations

Old Paths – +4 Willpower

  1. Jump into a speeder and enter the Old Paths (Ken-la or Fort Kodentha), go to the coordinates X: -675, Y: 331 on your map.
  2. Look east near two cave entrances for a hill leading up. Follow the hill up until you reach a stock of rocks. Just jump from rock to rock to reach the top and discover an empty cave.
  3. There’s nothing to stop you inside, so keep going. At the end of the cave, you’ll find the Datacron.

Shrine of Healing – +4 Endurance

  1. Find the shrine in the Old Paths, on the norther edge of the map. Enter the shrine and run to the lower levels.
  2. It’s a long walk, but you’re looking for the massive chamber down the stairs with a huge glowing green light in the center.
  3. After passing the green torch, run to the back right corner of the same chamber. In this corner, you’ll find a blue crystal on a pedestal.
  4. Touch it and wait for the meditation timer to run down. With that done, run back to the green center torch and click it to meditate. After a short scene, you’ll collect your reward.

Gormak Lands – +4 Strength

  1. Mount up and start your search for this simple Datacron in the Gormak Lands, at about X: 383, Y: 187 looking southeast.
  2. Follow the rocky ledge and look for a narrow path leading into a small valley. As you exit the path, you’ll spot a large rock just slightly to your left.
  3. Swing around the ledge side of the rock to spot this one in the grass, ready to be taken.

Nightmare Lands – +4 Cunning

  1. Begin your search at X: 505, Y: 140. Search for a large circular indentation into the ground, with a shield covering some odd moving machinery near a Republic Transport crash site.
  2. Look near the crash site for a dead Republic Trooper, he’s carrying a unique item called a Shield Decoder. Pick it up, and return to the large purple-shielded machinery.
  3. Look down through the shield to see a slowly moving platform. Near the circle are two raised boxes, one of which has a clickable control panel.
  4. Use the Shield Decoder to shut down the shield once the platform below is raised. Ride the platform down, all the way down.
  5. It will take several minutes, but at the bottom, cirle the platform and look at the outer wall for a hidden spot with the Datacron you want inside.

Nightmare Lands – +4 Presence

  1. In the northeast corner of the Nightmare Lands, at about X: 1950, Y: 40 you’ll find a body of water with a few patches of land creating a narrow bridge to a tiny island covered in odd bone-like liths.
  2. On the island is a shrine with a clickable object. Click the glowing blue rune, and you’ll be teleported into an underground cave.
  3. Inside the cave, run forward to collect the simply Datacron in the center of the circular shrine.

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On January 10, 2012 at 6:31 am


Gwal@Ven Zallow

On February 3, 2012 at 8:38 am

The Voss Strength Datacron diretions are a bit off. The initial notes are indicate the X and Z coordinates and not the X and Y.

The actualy X,Y is 652,2048