The Open File: Files from the Front August 10, 2007

We’re back again this week with a few new files from the associated FileFront sites.

This regular feature here on Gaming Today is a little self love for our site. A moment to reflect on the excellent files and other content hosted by our affiliates and a great opportunity to point out files that might interest the readers of Gaming Today who may not be aware of the other content available within in the FileFront family.

The files listed in this feature are submitted regularly by the webmasters of the various websites under the FileFront banner and then we take the time to look over the file and create a nice summary for you.

We have two RTS oriented offerings as well as an interesting expansion to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that come highly recommended.

Dawn of War Dark Cusade DoW Kingdon Mini Mod


Fans of the great RTS Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War can continue their Dark Crusade thanks to this recently released map pack/mini campaign. Built around the Dark Crusade expansion the DOW Kingdom mod offers new maps and combat for gothic sci-fi buffs in the dark future.

- Dawn of War Dark Crusade v1.2.0
- Dawn OF Skirmish AI – DOW Kingdom requires that you have the DOWAI mod installed. Version 2.4 DawnOfSkirmish is included in the zip for those who don’t have it.

- A customized Metamap and single player campaign. Despite many technical limitations of the Dark Crusade Metamap, I’ve done my best to deliver a new metamap that will be as immersive as possible.
- Twenty five regular sized skirmish maps. DOW Kingdom includes Skirmish versions of all twenty five Campaign maps.
- Six extra large 1024 maps. These maps let you play the Kingdom scenario on a grand scale. Play across multiple maps from the campaign in an eight player war.
- Mappers Resource Dow kingdom comes with 72 textures and 230 models that mappers may freely use for future Dark Crusade maps.
- The DOW Kingdom Campaign uses Heroes and Dawn of Skirmish AI scripts. The maps in the Kingdom Campaign are skirmishes. You will face more enemies than in DC but you will have a larger Honor Guard to send to battle instantly!
- Includes Tactics DC. Based on the Tactical Abilities Mod, this gives your troops the power to trigger their own abilities. It also grants a very slight increase to weapon ranges, build speed and capture rates. In skirmish games Tactics DC will appear as an optional win

The scripts of Tactics Dc are completely customizable. If you prefer to turn off or turn up any of the features you can go to the folder
Dawn of War – Dark CrusadedowkingdomDatascarwinconditions
and edit the Tacs.SCAR file with a notepad program.
The section at the top called -Customizable Options- that you can turn to false to disable a feature, or adjust the properties of the scripts.

Strategy Tips:
DOW Kingdom’s Campaign can be deceptively easy at first. However this will change within a few rounds of play. You’ll need to apply strategies that weren’t needed in the Kronus campaign to conquor DOW Kingdom.

Build up your honor guard. You get a bigger honor guard because you will need it to survive. The prices are the same so you must budget your wealth. Pause a turn or two if your forces are depleted.

Beware the invading forces! The armies that move across the Astor cityscape can come into a small map with crushing strength. Defending a map against a strong army is a difficult task. You have more of an advantage attacking with a strong honorguard and claiming territories.

Build up your base! If you get caught away from a map and a large army rolls in your only chance for keeping that is to have the map well tacked down with multiple HQs and defenses. If you defend a base successfully, try to build up defenses for the next attack, before you finish the enemy.

Attack aggressively. Once you have a decent Honor Guard don’t hesitate once you attack a map. Immediately set out and try to smash one of the opponent bases right away. When facing many AI enemies it’s important to take out the number of opponents fast or you’ll get sacked.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion:Undernethe Prequel

Ever wanted to add a little Underdark to your Oblivion? Well the Undernethe mod adds an entirely new set of environments to the highly customizable game through the addition of some new caves to explore, new weapons, armor and foes that complement the setting as well as new fully voiced NPCs.

Note: This may not work with our other pre-releases, specifically the Nethemer release.


This isn’t the Undernethe, but it’s the next best thing! Featured in this release is:

  • Atmospheric caves beneath the ground, featuring a Nethemer village complete with new NPCs!
  • An engaging quest which guides you through the new content we’re adding!
  • Fearsome new creatures, from the demonic Orthus, to the gigantic beetle-like Shalks and monstrous Hard Shell Ogres!
  • Stunning armour and weapons with impressive new effects and completely new meshes and textures!
  • Haunting new music which enables as soon as you enter the exile village!
  • Fascinating books which give you an insight into the full world, as well as tell exciting adventures!
  • Perfect voice acting for our new NPCs!
  • Empire at War: Galactic Battlegrounds Mappack

    The galactic civil war in a galaxy far, far away expands thanks to this user created collection of maps for Star Wars: Empire at War. Built to support the EaW Forces of Corruption expansion, this map pack includes both ‘Familiar’ and ‘Unfamiliar’ Planets and features maps set on a number of Star Wars expanded and core universe places including Bespin, Yavin 4 and Coruscant.

    ‘Unfamiliar’ Planets-
    eaw2.jpgAereen- The dry moon of Krant, a Rebel cell must fight for survival against an Imperial battalion.

    Alaris Prime- The Wookie colony is under attack by an Imperial Force of unknown strength. A Rebel cell was near the Kashyyyk system and managed to land after a monster space battle.

    Eredenn- Once the weapons test planet of the Old Republic, then later taken over by the Empire, the Imperial garrison must drive back some Rebel saboteurs who wish to steal technology. (Space- Simulator SSD faction conversion mirror)

    Geddes- A dry but mineral-rich asteroid in orbit above Krant, this was home to the mysterious Vor’Na’Tu artifact and a secret Sith temple. After destroying it, Master Echuu Shen-Jon was destroyed at the hands of Vader. Fight your way out of the place or be annihalated.

    Hanoon- Once known as Geddes, this verdant planet was terraformed by Moff Yittreas. Use the stolen Imperial techmology against them in an interesting match.

    Reytha- ‘The Breadbasket of the Empire’ The local garrison has defected to the Alliance. Wipe them out, though it will regrettably mean destruction of Imperial tech. Do not allow any to escape.

    Sarapin- In space, Rebels fight to disable the powerful defense grid of Sarapin, a lava planet rigged for energy mining. Once on the surface, disrupt any mining by taking over the facilities.

    Zaloriis- The population has defected to the Alliance. Take Blizzard Force and wipe the nascent Rebellion off the planet.

    ‘Familiar’ Planets-
    eow1.jpgBespin- Take control of a mining platform with a legion of Darktrooper droids. This will make for interesting urban warfare.

    - Not surprisingly, rumors of a cell of Rebellion have been intercepted via Delta Source. Investigate through the streets. (Space- take over the skies in an interpretation of the battle in ‘Wedges’ Gamble’ by Michael A. Stackpole)

    Dagobah- Duke it out in a plain once held by the Sith during the Sith war. Turbolasers left over might be useful. Darkside energies amplify units, especially heroes (you will see what I mean ;) ).

    Endor- Hunt down and eliminate the remainder of the Imperial units left from the battle.

    Hoth- Take Blizzard Force down on the Rebel Scum and destroy their transports.

    Kashyyyk- Repel Imperial invaders in a forest battle filled with bunexpected stuff.

    Kessel- Fight to free prisoners from the mines and try to deplete the Imperial garrison stationed there.

    Naboo- Attempt to liberate a small city from corrupted units and Imperial might.- Shut down the old Arnthout droid factories. The Consortium has restructored them to produce MKII droidekas.

    Yavin 4
    - Crush the Rebellion’s holding on the planet and take out their heroes.

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