The Open File: Files from the Front August 17, 2007


The Open File returns this week with a spotlight on 6 new files from the FileFront network sites. These choice maps and mods are recommended to FileFront and Gaming Today readers by the folks who run the various Files sites in the FileFront family.

This week we have:

  • A new map for Company of Heroes
  • A new Federation warship for Star Trek: Legacy
  • A modification to Company of Heroes that adds more realism into play
  • A server-side modification for Enemy Territory
  • A server statistics tracking plug in for Battlefield 2: Point of Existence 2 (v1.8)
  • The X-Isle mod for FarCry in its final, and unfortunately unfinished form

Company of Heroes:

81832_1.jpgSauer River Crossing Map
First up this week is a map for Company of Heroes. Titled Sauer River Crossing, this map highlights the actions of the 5th U.S. Infantry “Red Diamond Division”. Known as the premiere U.S. Unit to handle river encounters in WWII, they were tasked with crossing the Sauer to recapture the towns on the far side and retake the strategic high ground. This map sets up the scenario for players to relive using Company of Heroes.

Commando Realism Mod
The newest version the Commando Realism Mod is here to increase your Company of Heroes gaming experience! This version comes with a number of tweaks and fixes that is sure to maximize the fun-factor of your game.

commando.jpgSome of the features of this mod include:

  • Around 60 platoons in total, to call-in and fight with
  • Weaponry precision for balance and realism: SMGs are dangerous in short ranges, Rifles give support fire, Well set suppression, explosions, correct weaponry, specific coding each weapon to each possible enemy.
  • Infantry Combats: Soldiers not in cover are high vulnerable to be killed in matter of seconds. Heavy cover and Buildings are the most safe places, Tanks and Halftracks also give Cover.
  • Tank Combats: Each tank has correct Gun and Armor toughness Data. Tank combats work through penetration and deflection, while a deflection is no damage at all, a penetration should destroy the tank, or depending on the gun, damage or critical states.
  • Intense Battlefields: The mod is designed for teamplay, this plus the platoon based gameplay, turns the battlefield into Micromanagement specialization, tactics, Resource usage and time management.
  • Included Halftrack’s Realistic Skin Pack
  • Included Lorans Korn Realistic Sound Pack
  • Included many Custom Maps to play with the mod

You’ll start off with an Officer and basic platoons; then you choose a doctrine (Infantry, Armored or Support), and through the progress of the Game, you will enable new platoons, sent by the commanders, to win the decisive battles of Europe in 1944/45. Each doctrine enables 6 Platoons, unique from each other.
Some of the changes and fixes included in this version are:

  • New Global Buildings
  • Added Suppression and Fear factors
  • New Small Weapon



  • Airborne Paratroopers (Requires Phase 2 from HQ)
  • Three Squads, ambush ability
  • Air Strafe Run
  • Run Ability -Run faster without shooting or receiving suppression.
  • Also more vulnerable to being killed


  • Knights Cross (Requires Phase 3 from HQ)
  • Ambush Ability
  • Run Ability -Run faster without shooting or receiving suppression.
  • Also more vulnerable to being killed
  • Suppression Fire -Reduced movement, increased suppression given
  • Rifle grenade ability can attack ground now
  • Increased infantry resistance against vehicle’s MGs

Star Trek: Legacy


U.S.S. Dawnstar class Heavy Cruiser
There are never enough Federation starship designs for fans of Star Trek tactical combat games. The Dawnstar mod offers a fan created variant of the Ambassador class of ships. While not based on an actual Star Trek ship, this heavy cruiser adds a new ship to the fleet complete with lighting and damage maps for Legacy fans.
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
ETPub 0.8.1
ETPub is a server side addition to the free Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. This modification adds a number of simple enhancements to the multiplayer title including:

  • Improved killingsprees
  • Killingspree sounds
  • Multikills
  • Display banners at multiple positions
  • ETPro anti-warp
  • Fixed physics: Make sure no one on the server has an unfair movement advantage
  • Major upgrades of ATB and PR system
  • Improved weapon restrictions
  • 5 new shrubbot commands
  • Mute time
  • Store warnings and spreerecords
  • Prevent IP spoofing and other exploits
  • Omnibot 0.66 support (included in the download)
  • Adminchat

Battlefield 2

Point of Existence 2 Windows Server Stat Tracked
This version of the Point of Existence 2 Windows server includes stat tracking for players. This works with the existing Point of Existence 2 clients and updates the Windows server for this alternate history modification. Point of Existence involves a future invasion of the Ukrane and threat to Europe’s stability. Here’s a little snippet of the background from the developer’s website.


“The principal military force to go into Ukraine would be led by Germany and the United States. They planned to hit Ukraine first in the hopes that if the Ukrainian public found out about the war crimes their government had committed in their name, the citizens would lay down their arms and greet the American and German troops as liberators. The plan consisted of a massive airborne assault and armored spear head from Poland. The German forces would rush to Kiev in the heart of the country, while the United States protected their northern flank from the Ukrainian troops based in Belarus.

On a dim night in September, the invasion of Ukraine was started. Through the darkness came ten thousand airborne troops, dropping from the sky like a heavy rainstorm.

The destiny of Eastern Europe now lies in your hands. It is time for you to choose which side of this epic conflict you shall fight on to prove your Point of Existence.”

You can also download the Point of Existence 2 full client here on FileFront.

Far Cry
X-isle Mod
xisle.jpgIt seems as though development on this promising mod for Far Cry has ended but before fading into the darkness of abandoned game content the developers released the unfinished game content for players of Far Cry to enjoy.

Enjoy the fun of exploration as you stroll through what this mod has to offer, or fire some of the maps up in multiplayer, and enjoy some Far Cry goodness as it was envisioned by the developers. If you include this in your own mod, please give credit to the X-Isle Mod Team for what you use.

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