The Open File: Files from the Front October 26, 2007

Its been a few weeks since we had an Open File installment but things are still happening on the many Filefront affiliated websites so without further delay we jump into this weeks edition. The files listed in this feature are selected by the Filefront Hosted Site admins and each week we highlight the most exciting add ons, maps or mods for some of the hottest games in the PC gaming universe. Before linking to the various files and maps for your favorite games its time for a little news.


First, we have a change coming to one of the file sites – namely FarCryFiles. With the announcement and upcoming release of Far Cry 2, the site is taking its first steps to adopt a new name – FarCryFiles will soon become FarCry2Files. This change will combine the current content for Far Cry with the files aimed at its upcoming sequel.


Second, for those who missed it, has news about the upcoming Stargate MMO on their news page including the release data announcement. Anyone interested in this in-development game should follow the link to find out how SG-1 and the universe of Stargate will become a Massively Multiplayer Game.

Now On to the Files for this week where we feature:

  • A new Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne multiplayer map.
  • A Call of Duty: United Offensive map conversion for the popular RTS Company of Heroes
  • An objective based map for Far Cry where it’s you versus some Mercs
  • The Doom III Nightmare Mod
  • Links and descriptions follow after the break.

    (I did not write these descriptions BTW so the typos are maintained from the original submissions but I have made some edits to make them more readable.)

    Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

    Hero Line War
    A fast paced competitive team game of an accelerating nature. Team “realms” largely separated from each other; to gain an advantage, teams must use their assets more effectively, without much DIRECT interaction with the enemy team. However, the indirect interaction is ever-present..

    Additionally, the direct interaction that does happen gets all the more exciting with the build up and surrounding circumstances.

    The idea is to have two teams of one to five players in each, that get to choose one hero each to defend vs. attacking creeps.
    What differentiates this map style compared to many others is that the players must ACTIVELY make the action happen through summoning creeps against the opposing team. Not only is this how you win, but summoning creeps also provides gold income
    which is required for decent enough gear on the heroes, to stay alive, later in the game.

    Company of Heroes

    Battle of Foy
    “This map is based heavily on the Foy map from Call of Duty: United Offensive.  People familiar with that map will definitely want to download this one.  Foy was a key town which was an objective of the Allies during the Battle of the Bulge. The Americans sat for months in their fox-holes waiting for the opportune moment to attack. Now obviously I couldn’t make it a snow map, and since Opposing Fronts came out I was unable to add in masses of pine trees but I have tried to implement the map with the textures available.
    The Battle of Foy included the town itself and the wide open fields surrounding it. The Allies charged across these fields to get into Foy through the dense forest on its outskirts.
    I’ve found this map is perfect for the British ;) but please if anything wrong is found let me know and I will release a newer version.”

    4 player map based on Foy

    Far Cry

    rll map

    “This map is the second verison of rll3.

    At the start of the game the game will save. You must make it to the first objective (rebel camp) where the game will be saved again. After that it will stay in the second version, the one you have.

    If you die between the start and the first objective you must press esc and type map rll3 again
    to stay in the correct version.

    All saves are when you reach your objectives – not after.

    One last thing, Far Cry is a game that can push a computer past what its capable of. It’s better to set the graphics to lower and play the game then to have the graphics and resolution too high that make the game choppy and unstable.

    The mercs have taken over an interconnecting tropical island chain set.

    I have sent in two operatives to deal with the situation. The first operative we lost contact but he had mentioned something about a tomb. So I decided to send in a second operative. He went in gung-ho, lost contact with him somewhere near rebel camp. So I decided to send in another to deal with a merc and mutant problem. If you think you have what it takes, you must agree to these terms.

    1. There will be no running away screaming like girly men while being chased by aberrations.
    2. There will be no cowering in the corner of a hut afraid of doing the next objective.
    3. If you come across a tunnel that leads underground – I don’t care how many monsters are down
    there. It’s your job to take them out.”

    Doom III

    NightMare Mod
    “Zakyrus brings us his mod that is guaranteed to get your heart pounding, and the saliva running! If you’re after a download that will increase the scare-factor of your Doom III game, then look no further! This mod has been in production almost as long as Doom III has been out, and it shows, the eye-candy of the NightMare Mod is something that has to be seen…and more importantly, played to be appreciated!

    “Hell beckons, to show you the way to nightmares…”

    This mod comes with the following maps completed, (Zakyrus has stated that more will follow in later versions):
    # Mars City
    # Mars City Underground
    # Mars City 2
    # Administration

    Something to keep in mind while playing the NightMare Mod is that it is intended for high-end machines; The developer suggests higher then a 7800GTX (or the ATi equivalent), anything less, and you will have to turn down the settings…which will allow you to still play, but you won’t get the full greatness of the mod.”

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    On March 14, 2008 at 10:04 am

    How come there isn’t any open file:files from the front any more.I found it refreshing to see maps that people made on their own.I enjoyed individual maps made by non professionals on farcry filefront.please bring the news back