The Open File: Files from the Front September 14, 2007


The Open File returns after a short break with some interesting new mods.

This week we explore revisit the Great Bird of the Galaxy’s playground with a mod for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, then we take a side trip into a galaxy far, far away with two files for Jedi Academy (one of which introduces a very peculiar sort of beer guzzling bending robot to the game) and last but certainly not least we visit the thug infested streets of San Andreas with a mod that promises to make the streets less safe.

The Open File is our chance to highlight some of the outstanding content submitted by the community to our game oriented “files” sites. The suggestions for each week’s picks are submitted by the administration teams of the various sites and chosen by the Gaming Today staff. If you have a mod, map or other interesting game related file you’d like to see mentioned here you can submit it to – but be sure to include “The Open File” in the subject name of your submission.

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force


RPG-X v.2.0

Do you find yourself wishing Star Trek Voyager played a bit differently? Well this mod takes the aging title and adds some interesting tweaks tot the formula. New models, character customization options and even customized character maps to reflect rank, this mod might just make you want to take up Borg killing anew.

File Info:
Without a doubt, it can easily be said this is the most feature packed, and most advanced mod for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force with over a few
thousand lines of code changes, and a complete revamp of several core EF systems.

Some of the new features include:

-More advanced, fluid character animations and poses
-Character emotes
-Facial animation
-Character info customization
-Advanced admin functionality
-Additional visual effects
-More interactive maps
-General revamp of many features that were present in v1.1

The mod has almost literally been re-engineered from the ground up, meaning a lot of content that was used in the old version has become
obsolete, hence the designation of ’2.0′. This also means that this mod is completely separate from the previous version of RPG-X.

A lot of effort has gone into this mod and on the behalf of many people, it is hoped it will be well enjoyed.

For more information on the RPG-X mod, including discussions and gameplay, please visit

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy


Futurama Robots
Bender and the Robot Devil have arrived to take over a galaxy far,far away. The annoying meatbag jedi won’t stand between them and mindless violence when these two nefarious droids decide enough it enough and take you out in a frenetic deathmatch. But honestly who wouldn’t brag about being sliced in half by a lightsaber wielding, foul mouthed Bender!

The mod includes full soundsets for Bender and The Robot Devil as well as models for Robot1X and Santa Bender.

The Details:
Bot Support: Aye
NPC Support: Aye
Team Skins: Aye
New Sounds: Aye


Mos Eisley Backstreets – Day

From the File team:
Tatooine is by far one of the most popular Star Wars arenas in terms of general interest. Just check out the field — every major Star Wars game features a Tatooine area, from Knights of the Old Republic to Force Commander to Battlefront. It’s the epitome of Star Wars locales. This is probably why every serious mapper has done (or at least attempted) a Tatooine map. Whether it be Anchorhead, Mos Espa, or Mos Eisley, they come in waves of Jawa-y goodness. Oh sorry, no Jawas in this map. Scratch that.

This is Mos Eisley, and boy is it a treat. The emphasis of this map, architecturally, is most certainly curves. Everything contains curves, from the buildings themselves to the draped overhangs on the mango stalls. And if I see another mango… Ahem. Anyway… The architecture here is beautiful, by far dwarfing anything the Raven development team put together. Although many JA mappers have shown that dwarfing Raven is not a difficult thing to do. =p

My favorite location here is probably the junkyard, just because it’s so awesome. It’s got a very realistic feel about it, not to mention the sheer amount of junk in it is bound to make for some great combat. Don’t trip! My next favorite location is the cantina, which very tastefully (and amusingly) uses screenshots of JA swoops as well as KotOR swoop racing to give it a very sports bar feel. The furniture in there is also to die for — very realistic! Some great brushwork here where many might resort to map objects.

I could go on for hours about this map, but I have to save some stuff for the night time version. Yeah, you heard me… Make sure and check that one out too!

Bot Support: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Music: No
Game Modes: ffa, team ffa

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Multi Theft Auto v1.1.1
Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is the latest in a series of fan-created multiplayer modifications for the Grand Theft Auto games (PC versions only). This version currently only features a vehicle-only gameplay, this means you cannot exit any vehicles. (A totally new version with scripting support is currently in development. Keep checking the latest news.)

Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas (MTA:SA) is an external modification that loads itself into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. MTA:SA is not a stand-alone application. This means you will need Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in order to play online with Multi Theft Auto.

MTA:SA also requires a clean installation of GTA:SA in order to function correctly.

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