The Open File – Files from the Front: September 29, 2007

Another week, another visit to The Open File, our weekly highlight of’s hosted content. Each week we look at a few mods, maps or movies submitted as best in show by our dedicated hosted file team leaders. This week we have:

  • Two maps from LivingDeadJedi for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • A new faction of Jedi masters enter KotoR with The Brotherhood of Shadow
  • An add on for Doom3-Resurrection of Evil that brings Doom3 Base compatibility to the expansion
  • A return trip to Command & Conquer Red Alert with a distinctly different view, thanks to the A Path Beyond mod

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy


82964_17.jpgIryni at JKFiles writes:

Here we have a small map pack from Livingdeadjedi, including two maps — one called ctf_outpost1 and one called thelosttemple. Both maps are of typical LDJ caliber and both are very large! Definitely suitable for decent-sized free for alls.

Let’s start with ctf_outpost1, The style is definitely Imperial, and many locations reminded me a lot of some film locations from the Death Star (I could almost see Luke and Leia swinging across the chasm, chased by stormtroopers!). The architecture is beautiful, and I think what makes this map significantly different from other Imperial-themed maps is that it’s a little bit darker. The normally pristine gray walls have just a touch of shadow too them, which really adds a lot of mystery with such a simple gesture.

This particular map has some cool features in addition to just looking pretty. If you’re looking for quick transit, be sure to check out the functional subway/tram. Also make sure to check out the whole map – it’s pretty huge, and you’ll be sorry you missed out if you don’t check out every nook and cranny.

The second map in this pack, thelosttemple, has a much different feel to it, although at the same time it also has a bit of an Imperial flair. It has some outdoor areas, some indoor areas, some very industrial areas, and some ruins. I can say with certainty that this map has plenty of variation just from one room to the next, yet doesn’t feel disconnected. I’d go as far as to say it looks like some ruins were converted into some kind of Imperial base or installment. I won’t claim to know what was going through LDJ’s head at the time, though. wink

Definitely a wonderful pair of maps, and the screenshots will speak more for them than I could possibly express. Those looking for exciting large-scale free for alls should definitely consider picking these up. They’ve got enough creativity to keep them from being boring, but don’t stray so much from Star Wars to annoy the purists. A win-win situation!

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


The Brotherhood of Shadow

Shem at KotorFiles writes -  One thing I have noticed during my time on staff here at FileFront, a lot of people here really crave new dialogue to character and even as far as having a new storyline added to either Knights of the Old Republic game. Well, if you are craving that personally, your patience has paid off.

Silveredge9 returns to the modding scene with the biggest and greatest mod he’s ever assembled for the first Knights of the Old Republic game. The author also wanted his mod up as soon as possible, so I haven’t had the chance to play with it yet. I can tell you from what I see by looking at the file contents of this mod that the story explores Revan’s past from the time Revan and Malak join the Mandalorian Wars to Malak’s betrayal of Revan in depth. In fact, there is a female Sith named Matilda that is from Revan’s past before Bastila’s group of Jedi invaded Revan’s flagship while Malak opened fired on the ship to take the mantle of Dark Lord from his master. Well, this Matilda will join your party after the Leviathan since there will be a party member slot open. How that plays out on the Rakatan Temple when Bastila can rejoin your party depending on the choice you make is beyond me since I yet to try this out.

The Jedi Council members on Dantooine have dark side looks to them and this will play into the storyline and even start a fight. This will include Master Vandar and I hope the author did not put flurry or critical strike as special attacks since the Vandar model does not have animations for those attacks so would look like he’s frozen in carbonite if those were tried to be used. It does however have the power attack.

The Patterned Jedi Robes the author released well over a year ago has been updated and is include with this release. The original version was made just for females and this mod will include male robes to go along with it. For those who have been waiting and hoping for male robes, they’re here with this mod.

There are so many new items with this mod that you’re in for a treat with just that. Some more good news is this mod does use the TSL Patcher for easy installation and .2da file merging/patching that is necessary for those without modding skills. There are a ton of screenshots to look at to get a visual of what to expect. I wish I could tell you more, but then again it’s probably better that I don’t so there is some surprise elements left to check out on your own. Let the massive download count begin! big grin

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.

Edit: be sure to grab the bug fixes from here.;83014

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil

82879_2.jpgD3 to RoE Mod

There are a lot of mod’s out there that are designed to bring elements of Doom3 Base to Resurrection of Evil, as gamers like to have features from one put into the other; However, sometimes, this is not enough…If you’re one of these people that are always looking for something new and interesting to give your Doom 3 universe a little more excitement, then this mod is for you!

The D3 to RoE mod is aptly named, as it allows you to play Doom 3 Base mods with the Ressurection of Evil expansion; Dafama2K7 has stated that this mod may not work with every mod out there, but there should be little to no issues with the majority of them! The RoE universe just got a lot more fun with the availability of hundreds of mods and maps, both single-player and multiplayer, that until now, were exclusive to D3Base.

Command & Conquer Renegade

82877_5.jpgCommand & Conquer: A Path Beyond

The release that you’ve been waiting for for almost 2 years is here! The One and Only mod that lets you play Red Alert 1 in a first person perspective! Including Mammoth Tanks, Submarines, Apache Longbows, Tanyas and the all important Demo Trucks.

This doesn’t even deserve to be called a mod. It changes everything down to remixed music and an all new sidebar purchasing interface. The only thing missing are the Ant Missions.
New features since 0.9935 include:

  • Sergeant – Shotgun trooper
  • New models for many vehicles
  • New Infantry Models
  • Updated from DX8 to DirectX 9 with Shaders
  • New Awesome Maps

This mod is standalone and does not require Renegade to play.


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