The Secret to Flyff’s Longevity (Interview)

Fly for Fun — better known as Flyff – has enjoyed a remarkable lifespan for a free-to-play MMORPG and is still going strong. Launched in 2005 and now hosted in 13 countries and 10 languages, Flyff has continued to evolve over the years and is presently beta testing version 17.

Apart from being the exclusive host for the Flyff V17 Open Beta Client, we got to interview the Flyff Community Manager about the changes being made to Flyff and the game’s recipe for success.

GameFront: What new features are being introduced in this beta?

Flyff Community Manager:

The most exciting feature being introduced in V17’s beta is easily the new Colosseum. It offers a good challenge to not only high level players, but to low level ones as well, and it’s certainly a ton of fun. It’s definitely a great new feature that just about anyone can enjoy. Other features players can look forward to are the level cap increase to level 150, the new Bahara Desert and it’s instanced dungeon the Kalgas Cave, new armor sets, new quests, a new rune system, and quite a bit more. The Kalgas Cave will definitely prove to be the toughest challenge Flyffers have yet seen. Needless to say there’s a lot to look forward to in V17.

GF: How does Flyff stand apart from the other MMOs out there?


Unlike so many other titles out there, Flyff is actually a very niche game. At its core Flyff is exceptionally social, community driven, and includes an unparallel interaction between the players and the GMs who run it. The GMs host events, they get to talk to the community on a regular basis, and through Flyff’s growth the community itself has grown to be extremely diverse, encompassing many fascinating and interesting individuals. People who play Flyff come from all walks of life, from all over the world, and from all kinds of age groups.

Despite this diversity, it’s also managed to stay very close and very tight knit. That’s not something a lot of games can hope to achieve. We know that this is kind of a weird aspect of a game to point out, but we do personally feel that the player base behind Flyff really is one of the reasons it’s still celebrated and enjoyed. For anyone who hasn’t tried Flyff, the best advice is to go out, meet some people in game, and learn about it from them – you’ll be surprised at who you meet.

GF: How has Flyff evolved over the years?


We’re now on V17, so Flyff has grown and evolved A LOT. In a nutshell however, there are many more places to explore as the world has gotten considerably bigger. A lot of end game content for high level players has been introduced, and overall there are countless different activities to participate in than there were when Flyff was originally introduced – Guild Siege, Rainbow Race, the Arena, and now the new Colosseum.

Tying this question in with the previous one though, the community has also evolved and grown over the past several years. Flyff has seen some of the most diehard fans out there who have stuck with this game through thick and thin. Those veteran fans really do have a place and impact on the game and it really shows with their daily interactions on the forums, being leaders and major figures within the community, and really just having a lasting presence with the people who play and enjoy Flyff. Not to be cheesy or anything but Flyff really is one of those things that you become a part of as a player and grow with as the game itself grows.

GF: Guilds seem to form a big part of Flyff. Do players have to join guilds if they want to appreciate the higher levels of play?


Like most MMOs, joining a guild isn’t necessary at all to have a good experience in Flyff. In fact we know quite a few players that solo through most of the game. There’s a ton of PvE content that doesn’t require you to play with other people, and you can literally get to most all of the content without being in a guild.

That being said though, we would strongly recommend joining up with one or at least making a good number of friends – again one of the best aspects of Flyff are the people you meet.

GF: How large can guild sieges get?


Guild Siege is one of the main avenues for PvP in Flyff and it’s certainly been an exciting focal point for some of the older and more established guilds. It’s capable of hosting up to 10 guilds and each guild can enroll a maximum of 10 participants. That makes for a maximum of 100 players on the battlefield at the same time, so things can and will get hectic!

GF: Can you provide an example of one of the weekly GM events?


There’s actually a variety of different events that we run – from Invasions where we go in game and spawn a ton of monsters (as in tens of thousands of mobs), to Bake Sales where we set up shop in game and sell rare consumables to players, to simple games of Hide N Seek. We also have a few GMs that don’t mind going in game during their spare time just to spend some mindless fun duking it out with players in the Arena. It’s all in great fun, and it’s enjoyable not only for our players, but us as well.

GF: How is Flyff’s story told?


The groundwork and base plot are actually very neat and surprisingly unique. Much of the story now is told through NPCs and quests, and there is a prologue that can be viewed through the log-in screen that tells the origins and story of how Madrigal came to be. This is actually a subject of interest for us as we’re discussing new ways to portray the story of Fly For Fun in the future. It’d certainly be a waste not to and it should prove to be an exciting endeavor to rewrite and explore the lore of Roika and Madrigal.

You can download the Flyff V17 Open Beta Client exclusively from GameFront, or learn more about Flyff here.

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