The Secret World Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents


  • Joining the Templars
  • Joining the Dragons
  • Joining the Illuminati
  • Agartha
  • Story Mission

  • Dawning of an Endless Night
  • Kingsmouth Town Missions

  • Jack Boone – A Fistful of Zombies
  • Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Helen Bannerman – Supply Run
  • Helen Bannerman – Horror Show
  • Henry Hawthorne – The Kingsmouth Code
  • Madame Roget – The Vision
  • Ellis Hill – Dead Air
  • Dawning of an Endless Night

    1. Tier 1: This is your major story mission for Kingsmouth Town. Don’t just push all the way through it, instead you’ll want to take more missions as you go. The quest itself will take you far and have you meet lots of new characters.
    2. Your first stop is Jack Boone, just as you leave the Agartha portal. He’ll point you towards the Sheriff’s office. Go ahead there, or stop to talk to Jack Boone and accept his mission – it can be completed on the way to the Sheriff.
    3. Tier 2: After meeting the Sheriff, your only goal will be to go around town and talk to the local survivors. Eventually you’ll hit a lead as you learn more about the fog that came into town.
    4. If you want to continue your mission straight away, go down to Norma Creed. She’s on Poe Cove, southeast of the Sheriff’s Office.
    5. When you find her, she’ll point you in a new direction.
    6. Tier 3: Travel to the Lady Margaret, a ship at the end of the long pier off of Belmont. Go there to find a new clue into this situation.
    7. At the boat, a unique monster called The Captain will attack. Defeat, and inspect the book it drops.
    8. Tier 4: The book mentions Dr. Bannerman. Return to the Sheriff’s office to discuss his involvement with the ship’s captain.
    9. Click on Dr. Bannerman and choose to discuss the Lady Margaret. He’ll send you to his clinic to find his notes on the subject.
    10. The clinic is just outside the survivor camp on Arkham Avenue. Go to the back room to find his computer, and open it. Then try to check out the case notes.
    11. You can’t get into those case notes without a password. The hint says “music of the seasons” and a broken picture of the floor mentions the Doctor’s favorite composer.
    12. The password is the name of the compose, Vivaldi. Select the Lady Margaret Case Files to complete this tier.
    13. Tier 5: Time to find the Creeds. Your waypoint will point them out, when you’re there, kill the zombie and investigate the body.
    14. Next, you’ll look for Joe Slater. Follow your waypoint, it’ll take you right to his doorstep. Look for the home with green gunk splattered about. Follow the trail into the sewers.
    15. In the sewers, stick to the left wall, and take the left path when you enter the large open room. There are dangerous Feigr inside, so try to fight them one at a time.
    16. Following the left path, you’ll have to deal with two Newformed Seacallers and the ugly Brood Mother. The newformed creatures are much easier than the normal ones, making them a breeze. The Brood Mother you’ll have to take out slowly, but it’s slow speed should give you plenty of time to escape any deadly attacks.
    17. Continue forward, and you’ll find Joe Slater.
    18. Tier 6: Now that you’ve found Joe Slater, he’ll give you a new item – the Siren’s Song. Use it, and follow the notes. They’ll take you back outside, and towards the Blue Ridge Tunnel north of town.
    19. Keep right-clicking the Siren Song every 60 seconds to continue its effect, and follow it.
    20. Use the Siren Song inside the tunnel to find the door into the Maintenance Tunnels. Keep moving forward until you find a line of lasers in your path. Walking through them will set off an explosion.
    21. But, look at the ground. Several of the lasers are sparking. Those sparking lasers will periodically turn off and on. Time it right and run through while the lasers are off.
    22. At the turn right, there is one more laser trap. Jump over and continue until you find a smaller door with more sparking lasers. Wait for them to shut down, then run inside.
    23. Now you’re in a secret safe house. Run into the corner of the room to trigger a cutscene.
    24. Tier 7: After the scene plays out, check out Beaumont’s notes. They’ll give you clues to the Illuminati Archives’ location. The laser traps are now off, allowing you to leave and ponder over these new clues.
    25. Beaumont needs an airplane. You can find the next clue inside westernmost hangar of the airfield. Inside, turn right to find a desk covered in notes. You’ll find a map of the Savage Coast.
    26. Tier 8: Time to check out the house on that map. Follow your waypoint to the southwestern corner of the map where you’ll be able to enter the Savage Coast.
    27. The house isn’t far from the entrance to the Coast. The new area is difficult, so spend plenty of time earning AP and complete as many missions as you can in Kingsmouth.
    28. When you reach the home, fight through the zombies and circle around to find a cellar. Click the glowing cellar doors to enter the Illuminati Underground.
    29. Tier 9: Inside, the door to the tunnels will be locked. You’ll need to find eight items and place them in each of the corresponding insets. Run around the room and collect the eight glowing items, then collect the book on the desk left of the door.
    30. Open your inventory and read the book, it will give you a clue to solving the door lock.
    31. First, click the circle to place Yin & Yang. Next, click the skull inset on the left. Third, place the Phoenix on the right. Fourth, place the pyramid. Last, place the Illuminati eye.
    32. If you place them correctly, the door will open. You’ll have to face a creature called The Guardian. This monster is a good measure of how ready you are for the Savage Coast. If you can beat it, you know you’re probably ready to stay and quest in the second zone of The Secret World.
    33. Fight the monster, once it’s down to half health, you’ll trigger a cutscene.
    34. Tier 10: Next, you’ll need to ask around Innsmouth Academy for further clues. This is another point where you should stop and do plenty of missions to boost your SP and AP numbers.
    35. At the Academy, as you enter the school turn left to find the Administration Offices. Inside, you’ll learn that the Vault can be found in the Old Quarter, but you’ll have to fight your way in. On the way out, two of the faculty will provide you with missions.
    36. The Old Block is at the far end of the school, guarded by familiars and ghosts – so stay on your toes. Click the front entrance, and you’ll enter an instance.
    37. Now you just need to find the Illuminati Vault, how hard could that be? The girl in the adminstration office talked about seeing it under the floorboards.
    38. Turn left as you enter, and run to the far office at the end of the hall. Inside, click the loose floorboards to discover the Vault secret entrance.
    39. Inside, you’ll find yet another puzzle door. Through the Old Block, you can find pieces to insert into each inlay. Search every school room on the second and first floor to find them all, then bring them back.
    40. Place the Star of David first, then the Masonic Symbol, then the Eye, then the Skull, and last the Templar Cross.
    41. The vault is now open, ahead toward the waypoint.
    42. Tier 11: After meeting Beaumont, and watching his escape, you’ll need to investigate what it was he was doing in the archive.
    43. The archives are a big place, and filled with familiars. Run around and continue to the next room straight ahead, you’ll have to take either the left or right path, just keep going down the hall until you run into the Archivist.
    44. This giant lump of flesh is a problem. Kill it, and stay out of range. It’ll summon more Familiars to attack, so bring Area-of-Effect abilities if you want to damage the giant and his minions at the same time.
    45. After defeating the monster, turn right and follow the path into the stone hall. Keep following it, eventually it’ll take you to the lower levels of the archive.
    46. In the lower levels, directly ahead of the steps is a book on a pedestal with dead familiars nearby. That’s your best clue. Examine the book, and you’ll then find some answers.
    47. Now it’s time to escape the vault. From the entrance to the lower floor, turn around and run toward the waypoint.
    48. At the end of the hall, you’ll find four white symbols on the ground. Simply run over all four to open the secret exit to the archive.
    49. Tier 12: Now you’ll need to investigate the mines of Blue Mountain. We suggest finishing up as many quests on the Savage Coast first! When you’re ready, leave for Blue Mountain.
    50. Blue Mountain is a dangerous place. Ahead, you’ll find a bus crash and a side-mission. Avoid the bridge at all costs, it’s covered in dormant zombies that will swarm you as you cross. Run across the river below, instead.
    51. The first contact you’ll meet is at a small National Guard base. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to tell you much about the mines. They are, however, a good source of primary missions to get you started in Blue Mountain.
    52. To find out more, find Eleanor Franklin, inside the Franklin Mansion. Find the mansion by following the main roads east, or check on your map.
    53. She’ll reveal that clues are located somewhere inside the mansion. Run upstairs, and look at each of the paintings. Eventually, you’ll reach a yellow painting. Click on it.
    54. He’ll give you a clue, “the eyes of death” is what you’re looking for next. Find the skull painting, and click on the empty sockets of the skull to hear your next clue.
    55. The ghost will say something about “angels” next. Run downstairs, next to the stairs is a painting with an angel. Click the wings for your next clue, about “redemption.”
    56. Run down the hallway behind you, there’s a strange painting of a demon in the far corner. In the top right corner of the painting is the word “redemptio” which is where you’ll want to click to open a secret door.
    57. Inside the secret room, click on the strongbox to find his note. To leave the secret room, click the misplaced book on the shelf.
    58. Tier 13: It’s time to check out what is going on at the Blue Ridge Mine. When you’re ready, get yourself to the mines.
    59. The Mines are a deadly solo instance, right away you’ll spot a Hate Machine. These are nasty foes, and if you’re not prepared, they’ll tear you apart. Luckily, it can be avoided.
    60. Turn left as you enter the mine and run down the path, avoiding the red sigils. In the left chamber, you’ll see yellow TNT all over the ground. Don’t get close to it or it’ll explode. It won’t kill automatically, so if you have to walk into one, do it at full health.
    61. In the back corner is a glowing TNT bustle. Grab it for later.
    62. To reach the Deep Shaft, take a right from the main entrance and use the elevator at the far end. Now you just need to explore.
    63. In the dark shadows of the Deep Shaft are hidden enemies called Sleeping Shades. Don’t let them surprise you, look carefully or auto-target to spot them.
    64. Follow the lone path until you need to jump into a hole. From there, pick up and equip the glowing miner’s helmet to give you some light, then turn around to find a dark path through the tunnels.
    65. It’s extremely dark, you’ll need the miner’s helmet to light your way. In the dark tunnel, you’ll have to fight more Shades, so stay on your toes, and try to take them on one at a time.
    66. When you reach a large chamber with strange filth vines at the center, turn left to find a large openning leading deeper into the mine.
    67. From there, turn right and continue toward the green glow. Stick to the left wall as you enter a small area with multiple paths, and eventually you’ll find another dead miner laying in the green glow of the bio-luminescent mushrooms.
    68. The battery of your headlamp should go out, you’ll need to rely on the flares now. Right-click the flare gun and select a location to light it up. The path forward is behind the dead miner, to the left. It’s a narrow pathway, so you may need to look closely to spot it.
    69. Follow this path forward, until you enter a very large chamber. At the end, you’ll find another to examine, and a dangerous Fiend of Corruption. Don’t let the monster catch you unaware, lay a flare right at its feet, then attack.
    70. When the guardian is dead, you’ll be free to examine the vine. When you do, it’ll disappear and reveal a path. Run forward, and you’ll trigger a cutscene.
    71. Tier 14: When all that is done, you’ll appear back outside, above the mine. Time to find and speak with Old Joe to find out what needs to be done about all this business.
    72. Old Joseph isn’t hard to find, your waypoint will take you right to him. He’s in the Trailer park, south of the giant pyramid-shaped Casino.
    73. Tier 15: Time for a return trip to Kingsmouth. There are wards that need repairing – take the northern tunnel in Blue Mountain to return to the first zone.
    74. But, the tunnel out is blocked. Near the tunnel is a charred corpse with a side-mission. Accept the mission and complete it to open the tunnel up for permanent use for your character.
    75. When you’re through the tunnel, the wards are located in a field northeast of the skate park. At the site, click the center rock. You’ll have to defend the area, but you’ll have some undead buddies to help you out!
    76. Face off against five waves of bad guys. You might need a friend or two to help you out, as their numbers can easily overwhelm you. Let your undead allies attack first, so you won’t have the mobs breathing down your neck all at once.
    77. At the end, you’ll have to fight a Draug Lord. Kill it, and you’ll have to move on to activate the wards in the Savage Coast.
    78. Same verse, same as the first. You’ll have to defend, it shouldn’t be too difficult as long as you don’t try to attack the enemies yourself first. Wait for them to swarm the sight, then pick out one to attack.
    79. Follow the same pattern for Blue Mountain, and you’ll complete this tier.
    80. Tier 16: Now, it’s time to travel to the native Holy Site. The way up is tricky to find, you’ll need to find a cave, near the entrance to a trench just right of the Blue Ridge Mine symbol on your map.
    81. Your waypoint will lead you into a new solo instance. If you think you’re ready, go ahead inside. Run in, and you’ll trigger a cutscene.
    82. Tier 17: With a new power, you’ll be able to confront Beaumont. Leave the holy ground and return to the mine. You can quickly return to the entrance, just use the cave, turn left and jump down to find the entrance into the mines.
    83. Use the elevator to your left inside the mine to reach the deep shaft. Getting back to the Engine Room is much easier this time around, just prepare yourself for a tough fight.
    84. Beaumont has one trick up his sleeve you’ll need to know about. He’ll summon copies of himself that attack the ground in slowly expanding circles as long as they’re alive. If you let these copies live, their attacks will cover the entire room. Get rid of them right away.
    85. Do enough damage, and Beaumont will summon Hounds of Corruption while randomly dropping AOE-lightning strikes around the arena. This gives you time to defeat the two Hounds, just stay out of the circles as they appear while you fight.
    86. Keep it up and Beaumont will fall.
    87. Tier 18: Appearing in a strange place, get your bearings. Your goal is to escape the caves.
    88. Simply move forward. There are notes all over, and once you enter the temple, look at each of the scenes to find a nearby note.
    89. At the end, you’ll be able to take the gift. Doing so will end the dream, and finally complete the first story mission of The Secret World.

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