The Secret World Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents


  • Joining the Templars
  • Joining the Dragons
  • Joining the Illuminati
  • Agartha
  • Story Mission

  • Dawning of an Endless Night
  • Kingsmouth Town Missions

  • Jack Boone – A Fistful of Zombies
  • Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Helen Bannerman – Supply Run
  • Helen Bannerman – Horror Show
  • Henry Hawthorne – The Kingsmouth Code
  • Madame Roget – The Vision
  • Ellis Hill – Dead Air
  • Jack Boone – A Fistful of Zombies

  • Find Jack Boone right outside the Agartha portal. He’s the Texan at the camp, he’ll stop you just as you arrive in Kingsmouth.
  • On your first real quest. You’ll see a large red circle ahead, this is where you’ll want to hunt enemies. Enter the area, and start looking for zombies to kill – you’ll need to kill 6.
  • The first part is simple, the second part is trickier. Follow the waypoint, you’ll find cars – if you jump on the hoods, you’ll set off an alarm that attracts zombies. Go ahead and do it, just remember that the same thing applies when you’re not on this mission. Cars you jump on will make noise, attracting groups of zombies.
  • One car should be enough to attract 6 zombies. Jump up on a car and fight them off, the zombies here are very easy and won’t be a problem.
  • Next tier, you’ll need to draw zombies into gas fires. Down the road, you’ll find glowing red gas canisters near the cars. Click one to start a timer – get out of range before the gas explodes! Then, the gas will leave a large burning fire.
  • While the fire is on the ground, you just need to draw some zombies in. Zombies hang out in groups of 3, so shoot at or attack two groups then lead them into the fire. Run through the fire yourself if you have to, you’re tough enough to easily survive.
  • Next stage, your waypoint will show you to a dead body. Run over there and as you get close, you’ll see a grey icon near the body. These are minor side-missions, you can take several of these. They tend to be shorter and easier to complete, go ahead and take this one now, or continue.
  • Fourth tier, you need to examine an eaten corpse inside the red circle on your map. This one is easy, just find zombies eating a corpse. Kill the zombies and examine the body.
  • When you examine the body, a giant Corpse Gorger will attack! This is a large enemy, but his only dangerous attacks are slow. When he’s about to use a strong attack, a white outline will appear on the ground. Save your dodge for this attack, and you’ll be fine.
  • Last, you only need to find some survivors in Kingsmouth Town. If you follow the road, you’ll find survivors at the Sheriff’s office, with several new characters to give you missions.
  • When you complete a mission, you’ll be able to turn it in for several rewards. Just click the cellphone over the mission bar to collect your prize.
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