The Secret World Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents


  • Joining the Templars
  • Joining the Dragons
  • Joining the Illuminati
  • Agartha
  • Story Mission

  • Dawning of an Endless Night
  • Kingsmouth Town Missions

  • Jack Boone – A Fistful of Zombies
  • Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Helen Bannerman – Supply Run
  • Helen Bannerman – Horror Show
  • Henry Hawthorne – The Kingsmouth Code
  • Madame Roget – The Vision
  • Ellis Hill – Dead Air
  • Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance

  • Most side misions aren’t required, but some are very important to giving you an understanding of the systems in The Secret World. This side mission, found on the table near “Moose” right of the stairs leading to the Sheriff Dept.’s roof, will teach you how to craft.
  • The first objective is to pick up the book from the table. Click the yellow glowing book, it’ll show you instructions for crafting. To craft an item, you’ll need to place materials in certain shapes. Take note of the shapes for your chosen weapons, you’ll be asked to craft soon.
  • To craft, you’ll need materials and Weapon Toolkit. Disassembling items is easier, just place the item you want to break down in the Item Slot, then click the Disassemble button to find raw parts for crafting.
  • Next, collect the broken shotgun from the table, and a weapon toolkit from the crate on the ground to your right. Grab both, then disassemble the shotgun.
  • Open the crafting window [Y] and your inventory [I]. Place the broken shotgun in the Item slot, then click the button in the bottom. This will produce the material you’ll need. Collect the raw parts, then you’ll be asked to assemble a new weapon.
  • You can always look at the book again, just place the materials in the pattern of the weapon you want to build. Split stacks of materials with [Shift+Left Click] and place them, don’t forget to also place the weapon kit in the slot. If everything is correctly placed, a weapon will appear at the bottom in the Item slot.
  • Mouse over the new weapon to see if this is what you want to craft, then click Assemble in the bottom of the window.
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