The Secret World Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents


  • Joining the Templars
  • Joining the Dragons
  • Joining the Illuminati
  • Agartha
  • Story Mission

  • Dawning of an Endless Night
  • Kingsmouth Town Missions

  • Jack Boone – A Fistful of Zombies
  • Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Helen Bannerman – Supply Run
  • Helen Bannerman – Horror Show
  • Henry Hawthorne – The Kingsmouth Code
  • Madame Roget – The Vision
  • Ellis Hill – Dead Air
  • Helen Bannerman – Horror Show

  • This is a special sabotage mission. These missions don’t require as much fighting as your regular combat missions, but don’t have the same difficult puzzles as investigation missions.
  • Sheriff Bannerman wants you to find some surveillance equipment. Once again, check out the phonebook to find businesses you can loot.
  • Your first stop is the gas station down Elm Street. To find this tricky camera, use the dumpsters behind the station to get up on the roof and look down at the camera pointed out by your yellow waypoint. Collect it to move on.
  • Next location is on your waypoint. This one is simple, you’ll find the camera looking down at the stoop of a blue house. Grab the camera, and turn around. You’re going to the museum.
  • Stand in front of the museum and look up, you’ll find the camera above the door, but too high up to reach. Circle left around the back of the museum to find a ladder leading up along a building just behind the museum.
  • Climb the ladder, then jump to the museum roof to collect the camera. But, after you interact, you’ll learn it’s broken. More cameras are located in the basement. Jump down and enter the building, then interact with the basement door to get downstairs.
  • This is where the mission gets hard. A crazy survivalist has fitted explosive traps all over the basement. You’ll need to avoid the cameras and the lasers to survive.
  • At the first turn left, you’ll see red lasers along the floor. Jump over them until you hit a solid wall of lasers. You’ll need to use the room to your right to get across.
  • The room itself is full of more lasers and cameras. If you step into a laser, the explosives will detonate immediately. But, if you’re caught by a camera you still have time.
  • Find the exit door and run while the cameras beep, you’ll have a few seconds to get out of the room. As long as you’re not in the room when the explosives go off, you’ll be safe.
  • To shut off the wall of lasers, you’ll need to interact with the red button in the back corner. To get up there without the cameras spotting you – enter and turn right, following the wood pallets up and around, then run across to the opposite corner and use the crates to climb up to the switch.
  • Hitting the switch will shut down the cameras and the lasers outside, allowing you to continue forward. Next, you’ll reach three walls of lasers. Each one has a hole you can run through – the first is on the right side, then the center, then the left side.
  • Bam, another wall of impassable lasers. You’ll need to get through another room, this time with moving cameras. Enter the room, and turn right. Stay out of the camera light and wait until you can run through. As long as you are hiding behind the crates as the camera passes by, you won’t be spotted.
  • Run around the pallets and underneath the camera, then cross the wood bridge quickly when the coast is clear. Run forward and jump down to find the red button. Press it, and the cameras will shut down.
  • Now the wall of traps is clear. Leave and fight off the survivalist, who’s actually quite a lot more difficult than he appears. Beat him up and grab the brown crate to get your camera.
  • The fourth tier is easy, you only need to place all four cameras. Your waypoints will show you to each location.
  • The last tier will introduce you to computers. Run inside the Sheriff’s Office and use the computer on her desk. Type “1” and press enter to open up the Station Security System, then press “1” and enter again to initialize the cameras.
  • That completes the mission. You can look through the cameras if you want, or just exit out and accept your reward.
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