The Secret World Beginner’s Guide

Table of Contents


  • Joining the Templars
  • Joining the Dragons
  • Joining the Illuminati
  • Agartha
  • Story Mission

  • Dawning of an Endless Night
  • Kingsmouth Town Missions

  • Jack Boone – A Fistful of Zombies
  • Zen and the Art of Weapon Maintenance
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Helen Bannerman – Supply Run
  • Helen Bannerman – Horror Show
  • Henry Hawthorne – The Kingsmouth Code
  • Madame Roget – The Vision
  • Ellis Hill – Dead Air
  • Henry Hawthorne – The Kingsmouth Code

  • Find this priest inside the church. The third mission, marked with a computer, is an Investigation mission. These are purely puzzle based, often with difficult solutions. We’ll walk you through this mission, and any other particularly tricky investigations in Kingsmouth.
  • Tier 1: Follow the Illuminati symbols. Just down the steps to the church you can find a sewer cover, pointing it’s triangle out to the street ahead. Follow the pointer and you’ll find another Illuminati symbol on the manhole. Follow it.
  • Follow the symbols down Main Street to Belmont Avenue. The symbols will lead you to the large pier guarded by Feigr. Cross the pier, and look behind the building where lots of pizza boxes are stored, you’ll find a plaque with a new clue. Read it.
  • Tier 2: Now that you have your clue, you need to find “the seat of power” which is obviously City Hall on Main Street. Get inside, and start looking for your clue.
  • Inside City Hall, look on the back wall, behind the banister, for a portrait. You’ll get your next clue.
    Tier 3: Time to find another location. The clue referenced time – all the clocks in town are stopped at 10:10. The clue also references Kings. The clue is a Bible Verse, Kings 10:10.
  • The clue will lead you to the founder’s name: Priest. His home is just right of the Church. Take a look around.
  • Behind the home is a cellar door with a keypad. If you looked up the verse, it mentions “120 talents”, so your code is 120. Enter the cellar to get to the next part.
  • Tier 4: You’re inside the cellar, run ahead and turn left to find a computer. Use it.
  • The computer will ask for a password, you can type “hint” for a hint, that states, “Like conquers all.” Go back to the image of the Illuminati sewer cover. It says, “Lux Omnia Vincit” which is your password.
  • With the password input, press “1” and enter to open the secure safe.
  • Tier 5: Collect the artifacts, and you’ll be on your way.
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