7 Wackiest PC Mods in the Grand Theft Auto Series

I’m a big proponent of remembering where we came from, and as we stare down the barrel of Grand Theft Auto 5 on consoles, it’s meaningful to note that precedent says we will get that game on PC someday.

The PC version of GTA 5 may be wonky as hell, and most of us will probably not wait until it releases to head back to Los Santos, but there will be one very prominent reason for buying an extra copy: mods. The PC version allows us to enjoy a game we like as it was originally constructed, unfettered by console restrictions. And, if we’re lucky enough to get mod support, a game can also serve as a platform for creativity.

We need only look back to see what sort of creativity GTA inspires, and that such inspiration can also spawn pure madness. Here are some of the strangest mods ever to grace the Grand Theft Auto series.

Carmageddon — GTA 4

Some really, really smart person thought it would be funny to make it so that all the cars in the game feature reverse friction, and he or she was right. Where a car naturally slows down when you take your foot off the gas (hills aside), reverse friction means a lack of such power accelerates the car, more or less. This is a world in which the laws of physics force every car to move at all times. This is super trippy, sublime, and a little frightening.

Warp Eleven — GTA 4

There were some folks out there who looked at the Carmageddon mod and thought the experience wasn’t unsettling enough, and it inspired them to build a mod that truly upset me. The premise is the same as Carmageddon — cars gonna move — but now they go stomach-churningly fast. If Carmageddon burns at the pace of Maximum Overdrive, then Warp Eleven is Maximum Overdrive filtered through the minds of Neveldine and Taylor. In other words: WTF.

Blade Runner — GTA 4

This isn’t a total conversion — it makes Liberty City perpetually dark and rainy, with some sort of visual filter and a reskin of Nico wearing Deckard’s jacket. Also, it has flying cars. Yes, yes, Blade Runner is set in Los Angeles and not New York, but Liberty City’s Algonquin is a much better approximation of Blade Runner’s world than a scaled down recreation of the flat-as-hell present day Los Angeles would be. Hopefully someone will come around at some point and make it so there is garbage everywhere.

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