The Swapper Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Return to Space Station Theseus
  • Part 2: The Garden
  • Part 3: Recreation
  • Part 4: Zero-G
  • Part 5: Xeno Research
  • Part 6: Space & Exploration
  • Part 7: Solar Panels
  • Part 8: Answers
  • Part 9: The Last Orbs
  • Part 10: The End
  • Part 1: Return to Space Station Theseus

    1. After beginning your journey by pressing the “Begin” button, you’ll see a sequence where you crash land on a dusty rock. Emerging from the rubble, the only way to go from here is right.
    2. Press “A” to move left and “D” to move right. You can change the direction you’re looking, as well as facing, using the mouse. When you reach the ledge, press “Space” to jump. Holding “Space” longer will result in a longer jump. You can also press “W” to jump.
    3. Keep moving right across the rocky terrain. When you pass the beam of light, head toward the elevator. Press “E” to use it. You’ll soon enter “Site 24″. Enter the tube. Drop down the ledge. You can’t enter the door yet, so head left into a tube.
    4. Move down the path on the left to grab the device, which will allow you to clone yourself. To clone yourself, hold then release the “Right Mouse Button” in an open space. You’ll notice that your clone moves exactly as you move, so take note that later on, positioning is key. Now that you have the device, go back to the door.
    5. Make a clone above the door on the ledge, then move it to the right to step on the button. The door will open. Head through the tube.
    6. The next area features two buttons. Also take note that if you want to reclaim a clone, simply walk up to them. Stand behind the bridge. Place a clone on top of the button on the same level as you. It will open the rock gate above.
    7. Create a clone on the ledge above, then move forward to the second button. It will open the door on the bottom. Move through the next tube.
    8. This next area is simple enough. You can create up to four clones. There’s a button on each rocky step. Each will open a door. Stand back a bit, then create four clones on top of each button, then run forward through the doors to access the memory terminal.
    9. Past the terminal is a map you can use to get your bearings. You can also hold “Q” to see the entire map. At least what you’ve explored. Head down the elevator. The way to the left is too far to reach. Move into the tube on the right.
    10. Keep moving to the right, until you grab an upgrade for the device you’ve been using. From here you can swap clones using the “Left Mouse Button”. After dropping to grab the upgrade, create a clone back up on the ledge, then swap to it.
    11. When you head back to the gap, use the same technique to get across. In the next room, you’ll notice a blue light. Clones cannot be created here. Make a clone for the bottom button, then when the blue light turns off, create one for the top button, opening the door. Continue left.
    12. The next room features a red light. This light prevents you from swapping. Create a clone on the top platform, then have it step on the button. It will turn off the red light. Make another clone on the left to get up the ledge, then swap to it. Access the memory terminal, then march left.
    13. Head past the red light, then access the console to open the door. Continue through the tunnel, then use the elevator to get down. Head right to the teleporter. Unfortunately, you need an encryption orb to activate it.
    14. Move right, past the Stargate, I mean, teleporter, to the next room. Access the terminal, then continue to the next puzzle. You’ll see the orb you need to grab, amidst the red lights.
    15. Create a clone to push the button. Once the light over the orb is off, create a clone on the right, next to the rock wall, then swap to it. Create another one on the ledge the orb is sitting on. Swap to grab the orb.
    16. Head back to the teleporter, then press “E” to activate it. You’ll teleport back to Space Station Theseus.
    17. After teleporting through the gate, move right into the tube. As you move forward, you’ll see text that appears. The first one you see is “Hello?” This will happen as you explore, passing by rocks. Keep pushing right to the next tube.
    18. As you move forward through the corridor, the camera will make you take notice of the floor above, which includes a teleporter. When you reach the end, call for the elevator, then descend. Head into the tube.
    19. You’ll be in a room with the sign “Hangar” above. There’s a box below. To grab objects, face it, the hold “S”. Grab the box, move it right, then jump on it to continue on. Before you reach the elevator, two doors will rise up. Take the elevator, the only way, up.
    20. When you reach the top, head left into the tube into a puzzle room containing an orb. Place a clone on the ledge, underneath the red light, then swap to it. Place another clone on the long platform. Move it left across the platform to the blue light. When the clone drops, move it right past the orb, then swap to it to grab the orb.
    21. Don’t forget to check out the memory terminal near the orb. Now, head back out. You’ll hear the loud speaker say quarantine disengaged. The door on the right that was previously locked, unlocks. The room above the puzzle room contains more cryptic messages.
    22. The room past the elevator contains another puzzle room. This one contains three buttons and a box. First move the box to the right most button. It will open one of the two doors on the top left ledge.
    23. Place the clone on the ledge. Grab the box, then move left to the other button. The second door will open, allowing the clone to step on the button on the top left ledge.
    24. Pressing the button on the top left ledge, will allow you to create a clone to swap to, to grab the orb. Head out, then down the elevator. Push right into the tube. You’ll be in waste management.
    25. Take the leap of faith down. As you drop, hold the “RMB” to make a clone. When you do this, time will slow down significantly. Create a clone close to the ground, then quickly swap to it. This slow down time, clone and swap trick, will be needed a lot. Take the elevator down on the left, to the gardens.

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    6 Comments on The Swapper Walkthrough


    On May 30, 2013 at 11:11 am

    OMG absolutely beautiful and new.

    I cant wait to play this.


    On May 30, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Haven’t heard of this game before, but looks awesome.


    On May 31, 2013 at 4:28 am

    what happened to video 8? I’ve been stuck with just one single puzzle left for over an hour, and I just want to get to the ending.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On May 31, 2013 at 2:22 pm


    The full video walkthrough is now up!