The Swapper Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Return to Space Station Theseus
  • Part 2: The Garden
  • Part 3: Recreation
  • Part 4: Zero-G
  • Part 5: Xeno Research
  • Part 6: Space & Exploration
  • Part 7: Solar Panels
  • Part 8: Answers
  • Part 9: The Last Orbs
  • Part 10: The End
  • Part 3: Recreation

    1. Let’s head to the “Quarters” first before heading to “Recreation”. This area contains three rooms on the right side: top, middle and bottom. And each are accessed by the particle bridges. Let’s tackle the middle room first.
    2. This room contains three buttons. One on the bottom, one on the top left and another on the top right. There’s also purple light, blue light, a particle bridge that transports the player in a horseshoe-like pattern, and a red light that shines on the orb.
    3. Stepping on the bottom button, kills the blue light above. Stand on the button in the purple light, then place a clone inbetween the purple and the red light. Jump up into the particle bridge. From here you can still move the clone. Move the clone on the button to kill the blue light.
    4. As you travel the bridge, create clones on the rest of the two buttons. You’ll now be able to access the orb. Leave the room and we’ll head for the top most room.
    5. In this room, you’ll face red lights and a teleporter. Jump down into the particle bridge, then place a clone on the ledge with the button. This will raise the door slowly. Keep doing the clone swap inside the particle bridge until the door is fully open to grab the orb.
    6. Access the terminal before you enter the bottom most room. Inside you’ll face more particle bridges, two buttons on a platform above and one button below the platform. The button below kills the top left blue light.
    7. Stand on the bottom button, then make a clone next to the beam of light on the left. Swap to it, then create a clone on the top platform. Move the clone on top of the platform on the button next to the wall.
    8. You’ll ride along the bridge. With the clone on top of the right button, stand on top of the bottom button, then create a clone on the left side next to the beam of light. Swap to it, then create a clone on the left button on top of the platform to open the door.
    9. Chain swap to the clone on the bottom button, then create a clone to swap to, to grab the orb. Time to leave crew quarters. Take the particle bridge down. It will lead you directly to the golden room that is recreation.
    10. Recreation contains three rooms. Two on the left, top and bottom, and one on the right. Lets tackle the bottom left. This room contains four buttons and red lights.
    11. First, step on the button on the bottom below the ledge, then create a clone on the ledge where the button is. From the bottom button, create two more clones on top of the buttons on the left. This will kill the red lights.
    12. Create a clone on the ledge right below the orb. But wait, you can’t reach the orb because you’ve used up all your clones. Well, simply move right a bit to kill the clone on the ledge, then move left to have the remaining clones step on the buttons again. You’ll free up a clone. Swap to it to grab the orb.
    13. The top left room contains a purple light, a blue light where the orb is, and four buttons. Three of which are on the bottom. The one on top is past the three purple doors.
    14. Drop down to the bottom and place two clones on the buttons on the steps. Move left to step on the button next to the wall. Create a clone on the ledge above the two buttons on the steps. Swap to it, then create a clone past the purple light to step on the button.
    15. Move left, then drop down. Keep moving left to absorb the clone on the left most button on the bottom. Create a clone on the ledge where the orb is, then swap to it.
    16. The room on the right contains an upside down button, a box, a red light (where the orb is), and a blue light
    17. Create a clone on the ledge with the red light, then drag the box to the bottom. Move the box right and use it as a step to reach the button under the blue lights. Create a clone to move the box underneath the upside down button.
    18. Kill the clone by sending it to the beam of light. With the box under the button, step on the button under the blue light. The box will hit the button and turn off the red light.
    19. Create a clone then swap to it to grab the orb. Check your map and head to the pulsing purple icon. You’ll be back in the cargo area. Head left as the rocks above pass by. A hatch will open above you, giving you access to the particle bridge the rocks also ride.
    20. Make a clone in between the rocks in the bridge, then swap to it. As you move right, underneath the crusher, swap past the bridge on the right. Take the scenic elevator up to “Waste Management”. When you get to the top, head left. The Waste Management area is drenched in red light.
    21. Continue left. Access the terminal, then keep moving the same way. You’ll talk to the woman on the floor beneath you. Head for the tube. Access the particle bridge. You’ll talk to the woman again as you both ride the bridges.
    22. When you emerge, you’ll see a teleporter. It doesn’t work. Head right, past the red lights and onto the particle bridge that leads to “Sector 2 Research”. Welcome to Zero-G.

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    6 Comments on The Swapper Walkthrough


    On May 30, 2013 at 11:11 am

    OMG absolutely beautiful and new.

    I cant wait to play this.


    On May 30, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Haven’t heard of this game before, but looks awesome.


    On May 31, 2013 at 4:28 am

    what happened to video 8? I’ve been stuck with just one single puzzle left for over an hour, and I just want to get to the ending.

    Kevin Thielenhaus

    On May 31, 2013 at 2:22 pm


    The full video walkthrough is now up!