The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Walkthrough

Table of Contents

JUDGE BECKETT – Search the Manor

  1. Try the door and bell in front of you without results, then move left down the street to speak with the woman selling flowers and turn back towards Beckett’s residence.
  2. Continue moving down the street to the right of the manor’s front door and examine the cart at the end of the road loaded with various possessions, then turn around to make a right beside Beckett’s residence and open the gate leading into the backyard.
  3. Approach the window around the next corner ahead to examine the lock on it and take control of Dr. Watson, then return to the street and make a right to collect a hair grip from Lucy.
  4. Return to Holmes’ location and approach the window with the hair grip from your inventory, then pick the lock by bending the metal stem into the same shape that’s been scratched between the tumblers above.
  5. After the cut scene in which you enter the kitchen and regain control of Sherlock Holmes, examine the area on the floor to the left of the stove and move the blanket aside to pick up the oarlock.
  6. Inspect the cooking oil to the left of the oven and exit the kitchen to reach the adjoining classroom, then approach the teacher’s desk to pick up the letter from Judge Beckett in the drawer right side drawer and the photos on top of it.
  7. Take the letter from Lord Benagard that’s sitting on the podium and return to the teacher’s desktop to examine the map box on top of it, then inspect the two photos to take a closer look at the couple’s hands in both pictures, Big Ben in the background of one and the inscription written in the top left corner of the other.
  8. Move the crosshairs over the uppermost green dot in the left corner of the map to select “London” and change the number above to “10″, then use the switch on the right end of the box to scroll the picture sideways and move the crosshairs over the lowermost green dot in the right corner of the map to select “Bombay”.
  9. Change the number above to 18 and take the key from the box that you just opened, then approach the blackboard in the corner to examine the Greek lesson and inspect the screws on both sides of the stand to attempt to turn it over.
  10. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Finders Key-pers (30 points):
You handled that with less than your usual – that is to say, you handled it well. You found the key!
  11. Return to the kitchen and grab the olive oil located beside the stove, then make your way back to the corner where the blackboard is located and use the oil on both screws.
  12. Push the center of the blackboard to flip it over and examine the lesson on the other side to copy down the alphabet, then approach the small table between the two windows on your right and inspect the box on top of it.
  13. This is how the box should look when you are finished solving the puzzle – Top left corner: I I I + I I I. Top right corner: I V + I I I. Bottom left corner: X + I I. Bottom right corner: V I + I I I.
  14. Take the oarlock from the box that you just opened, then approach the cabinet beside you to examine the missing doorhandles and the items on the shelves behind the glass.
  15. Approach the coat rack beside the door at the back of the classroom and inspect the the indicated jacket, then inspect the name tag that reads “James” and the wrappers on the floor beneath it.
  16. Make your way over to the chart on the wall beside the coat rack and examine the seating arrangement up close, then read the note pinned in the upper left corner and scroll through the names at the bottom to learn each child’s task or role in the class.
  17. When you’re finished, the chart should look like this from left to right – Front Row: Jasper, Mark, Anastasia, Ophelia, Eddy and Charles. Second Row: Orson, Bart, Pierce, Elmer, Alissa and Talhia. Third Row: Louis, Rose, Damian, Fergus, Simon and James. Back Row: Taylor, Blank Space, Justin, Aaron, Loyd and Lewis.
  18. Use the chart you’ve completed to locate James’ desk at the right end of the third row and open it to collect the door handles, then use them to open the cupboard in the corner and take the book from the bottom shelf.
  19. Approach the small table beneath the painting on the opposite side of the area and take the book laying on top of it, then exit through the doors at the back of the classroom and turn immediately to your left.
  20. Inspect the note to have Watson copy it down and approach the opposite corner of this hallway to examine another piece of paper on the display board, then check the remaining two doors in this area to find them either unnecessary or double-locked.
  21. Use the key you found in the map box to open the door leading into the judge’s chambers and enter the room to activate a cut scene, then examine the cake box and cigar on top of the desk.
  22. Approach the corner to the left of the desk and examine the four indicated photographs hanging on the wall, then check the small table beneath them to pick up the third oarlock and turn around to make your way over to the opposite side of the room.
  23. Examine the coat of arms hanging on the wall between the solid door and trophy table, then insert one of the oarlocks into a peg beneath the crest to activate a cut scene and click on the piece of paper in the top right corner.
  24. Inspect the four pieces of paper that appear to learn their significance and examine the flag in the photograph with your magnifying glass to discover the first Greek letter of the judge’s fraternity.
  25. Examine the note you found earlier with the circle symbol on it to deduce that one of the letters must be pi, then check the list of New York Fraternities to use process of elimination and decide that the only possible answer is: Nu Zeta Pi.
  26. Return to the coat of arms and insert all three oarlocks, then use them to rotate the oars below so that they resemble the shape of each symbol in the judge’s fraternity and open the secret door beside you.
  27. Enter the judge’s secret room to activate the next cut scene, then examine the chest in front of you and rotate the balls until the four blue ones are joined together in one line.
  28. Rotate the ball around so that all the red ones end up at one side of the chamber and the green ones end up in the other side, then push the blue section into the middle compartment so that all three colors have been completely separated and activate the next cut scene.
  29. After gaining control of Watson, examine the floor plan on the wall beside you before exiting the secret room and return to the coat of arms to leave this location.

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11 Comments on The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Walkthrough

Taryn Wilson

On November 10, 2012 at 5:37 am

Hey I have played the first three chapters of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes and I am stuck on chapter 4 The Bishops Murder. I have followed the walk through but I cannot get the reverend to leave the room. I havethe first few deductions but when it comes to having the last two deductions I only have one and that’s flask. I am very confused and stuck as I have followed all the instructions. Please help or send me suggestions.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On November 12, 2012 at 11:33 am


Sometimes the order of events is important, and completing every step can be unclean. If you’ve missed something, try asking for hints and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Press [LT] or [Space] to ask for help in-game, and you’ll earn an achievement for doing so!


On January 10, 2013 at 6:13 pm

It won’t let me get the letter from the filing, in Farley’s office. Help?

Kevin Thielenhaus

On January 11, 2013 at 10:08 am


Hmm. To get the letter from the filing, make sure you have read the note from Farley’s Desk. To open the filing cabinet, you’ll need keys from a small table in the same room. To find the correct note in the filing cabinet, look for a card with blue ink and some grease on it.

It sounds like a very tricky puzzle, is this what you’re having trouble with? If not, I’ll keep looking for a solution to your problem.


On July 21, 2013 at 11:43 am

I see that you can open the safe by inputting J-16-P, but how is one supposed to have figured that out?


On July 23, 2013 at 1:12 pm

I dont understand the finishing! whose command was moriarty obeying? nd who was that girl? please explain the last story!


On December 5, 2013 at 2:24 pm

Yes who was Moriarty taking orders from at the end ??

theresa williamson

On February 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Hi can anyone help me please im stuck on the opium den I have got everything but the spoon to put on the burner can anyone tell me where the spoon is please as I cant go any further thank you

Kevin Thielenhaus

On February 10, 2014 at 1:54 pm

@theresa williamson,

The spoon is located on the floor, in the center of the back room. There’s a green rug with bowls scattered around the floor. Try looking straight down and wandering near the bowls to spot the investigation icon.

Sherlock Holmes

On May 13, 2014 at 7:41 am

How come they can’t film 3 episodes in 2 years!!


On September 21, 2015 at 6:27 pm

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