The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Walkthrough

Table of Contents

THE FAIR – Moriarty

  1. Move forward up the road to approach the burning barrel on the left and take the metal bar off the top of it, then continue down the trail to discover the cable car and pick up the pliers in front of it.
  2. Enter the cable car and use the pliers to open the locked chest on the right, then take the crank from within the trunk and turn around to cut the ropes off the crate with your knife.
  3. Open the crate to obtain the bottle of motor oil and return to the dirt path outside, then continue move forward along the trail ahead to reach the next barrel and take the vodka sitting on the ground beside it.
  4. Walk to the end of the dirt trail to spot the guards at the front entrance and return to the cable car, then approach the generator on the right to fill the larger tank with vodka and fill the smaller red tank below with motor oil.
  5. Insert the crank into the small hole between the two generator tanks and turn it to activate the next cut scene in which you take control of Watson, then enter the cable car and pull the lever on the right to travel across the chasm.
  6. Exit the cable car and walk forward to examine the rounded metal structure ahead on the right, then inspect the sack full of rubble on the floor beside you and take the rope that ties it off.
  7. Move to the right of the reservoir and take another rope off one of the sacks in the brick wall corner, then approach the circular opening in the wall beside you to spot the soup kitchen carts below and collect a third rope from the bags on your left.
  8. Turn around and climb the ladder that leads to the top of the scaffolding, then open the small windows on your left and take the dry cloth hanging over the rail in front of you.
  9. Head back down the ladder and use the staircase to the left of the cable car to reach the ground below, then move towards the light in front of you to spot another guard and pick up the bottle at your feet.
  10. Turn left to check the dirty window and move back up the previous staircase, then open your inventory to combine the three pieces of rope with the empty bottle and climb the ladder next to the reservoir again.
  11. Send the empty bottle down through the window on your left to fill it with water and combine it with the cloth in your inventory, then move back down the staircase to approach the dirty window again and wipe the glass clean to look inside the building.
  12. Following the next cut scene in which you regain control of Holmes, move forward up the dirt path to approach the cable car platform again and take the metal ladder hanging off the edge.
  13. Move back down the dirt path to approach the crate on the left and set the metal ladder on top of it, then climb up to the barbwire above and cut through it with your pliers to land on the other side of the fence.
  14. Make your way forward into the back right corner of the area to examine the telephone line and turn around to pick up the firing range target off the ground in front of the staircase landing, then enter the open tent behind you and inspect the account book on the table.
  15. Close the book and use the knife to cut open the bottom left corner of the cover, then take the piece of paper from within and approach the cabinet beside you to collect another firing range target.
  16. Enter the next room in back to open the cash register and pick up another firing range target, then turn right to find and read the note on the counter next to you.
  17. Turn around to insert the three targets onto the firing range pegs and use your knife to reveal the keyhole behind the poster below, then examine the line of animals again more closely and read the provided clues to place them in the correct order.
  18. When you are finished, the firing range puzzle should look like this from left to right: Monkey (dead and facing left) – Vulture (left) – Giraffe (left) – Rabbit (right and dead) – Hyena (left and dead) – Elephant (left) – Lion (right) – Gazelle (right and dead).
  19. Open the compartment below the firing range and take the money within, then exit out the back of the tent to spot the next guard and move left through the narrow alley to climb the steps at the end.
  20. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Law of Nature (Silver): One’s ideas must be as broad as Nature if they are to interpret Nature. Well done!
  21. Open the door at the top of the steps to enter the trailer and turn left to examine the medicine cabinet on the wall, then look through the window on your right and move back towards the opposite end of the room.
  22. Move through the last door on the left to enter the cage and pick up the key in front of the bone on the floor, then examine the other items in the room to discover the animal cruelty and return to the medicine cabinet.
  23. Use your key to open the cabinet and take the bottle of ether from within, then turn back around to re-enter the previous cage and place the money you found earlier on the hay in front of the table.
  24. Leave the cage and place another bundle of money in front of the open doorway, then exit the trailer to put more cash at the top of stairs and move down the steps to move back out of the alley.
  25. Place another bundle of money on the ground outside the narrow alleyway and continue forward down the trail to place the final wad of cash at the left side of the fork in the path ahead.
  26. Following the next cut scene, exit the cage you’re in to approach the open door at the end of the trailer on your left and close it to trap the guard.
  27. Toss the bottle of ether from your inventory through the window to knock out the guard and exit the trailer to follow the path out of the alleyway again, then continue moving along the trail to approach the red-striped tent on the left and collect the rope off the counter.
  28. Continue moving down the trail ahead to spot the next guard and enter the freak show building at the top of the stairs in front of you, then head left down the steps to look around the area and examine the nearby box of bottles.
  29. Pick up the crank beside the box of bottles and continue moving left around the room to discover the man inside the crate marked “Wolfman”, then examine the bar on top of this cage and turn around to approach the pulley system.
  30. Examine the pulley to discover the rail system above and insert the crank into the wheel of the machinery, then turn it to position the hook above the man trapped in the crate and attach the rope to the iron bar holding it closed until the trap is complete.
  31. Climb up onto the stage at the back of the room and examine the table with chemistry equipment on top of it to find Hans’ diary, then open the left drawer to pick up the note and return to the ground below.
  32. Approach the bearded lady poster to examine it closely and use your knife to cut open the area around her left shoulder, then take the key underneath and turn around to knock over the box of bottles that will alert the guard.
  33. Move back around to the entrance of the freak show and lock the door using the key from your inventory, then return to the window and pull out the bar on top of the cage to trap the guard inside the tent.
  34. Make your way down the path on your left to activate the next cut scene, then enter the carousel below and move right around it to examine the control panel.
  35. Exit the carousel to follow the dirt path around to the left and examine the doors of the building ahead on the right to hear a noise from within, then move down the trail that runs along the right side of this structure and inspect the telephone line above.
  36. Head down the trail on the left side of the haunted house and discover the window above that’s too high for you to reach, then climb back up the stairs across from the carousel to return to the dirt path above and make a right to find the inhabited caravans.
  37. Enter the last red trailer in the corner ahead and take the metal plate off the table on your left, then read the note beside you and check the wanted poster to the right.
  38. Exit the trailer to approach the right side of the ornate green one across from you, then walk up the ramp to look through the window at the top and discover the Russian brothers inside.
  39. Turn around to inspect the broken chimney pipe and enter the striped tent across from the green trailer’s front door, then examine the card game on the table and the vodka beside it.
  40. Exit the tent and make a left around the corner to climb the next set of steps, then inspect the Supergiant attraction and enter the theatre in the opposite corner of this area.
  41. Make a right down the steps to approach Prince of Woodville on stage and activate the next cut scene, then choose “Anarchists” and “Moriarty betrayed you” from the dialogue options to continue the conversation.
  42. Move back to the theatre’s entrance and remove the red rope hanging beside it, then head down the steps to make your way around behind the bleachers and approach the edge of the stage to examine the tangled ropes.
  43. Untangle the ropes by shifting the discs around until all of the cords are no longer colored red to activate the next cut scene, then turn right to pull the trap door lever and dispose of the prince for good.
  44. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Stage Manager (Silver): A simple trick, but exceedingly effective!
  45. Approach the front of stage again to collect the prince’s ring and turn right to collect the leather belt off the dummy in the corner, then open your inventory to cut open the bag and obtain the magician’s powder.
  46. Exit the theatre to activate the next cut scene and return to the trailer where you previously discovered the Russian brothers, then approach the broken chimney to pour the magician’s powder into it and place the metal plate over the hole in the pipe.
  47. Close the door to the building that the three Russian brothers just entered and unblock the chimney so that you can move through the front entrance of the green trailer, then examine the piece of art on the right and pick up the letter beside it as well.
  48. Turn left to inspect the dynamite shells in the box and pick up the small saw on the floor, then take the wire hanging next to the side window and examine the dictionary in the corner by the trailer’s exit.
  49. Open the dictionary, then translate the note above by clicking on the tabs to match the words that appear on both the slip of paper and the book.
  50. When you are finished with this puzzle, the words that should be crossed off are: Buckingham Palace, Scotland Yard, House of Commons and Bank of England.
  51. Following the next cut scene, use your saw blade to cut down the pair of ladders attached to the trailers and combine them with the wire in your inventory to make one big ladder.
  52. Return to the window on the left side of the haunted house and use the large ladder to climb up to it, then saw through the bars and cut open the glass with the prince’s ring.
  53. Click the latch behind the removed window pane to activate the next cut scene and take control of Watson, then return to the ornate green trailer and enter it to pick up the water can on the right.
  54. Approach the stove on the other side of the trailer to examine the lard in the pan and the over-heating oven, then take the cloth hanging up beside you and grab the key that was hidden underneath.
  55. Use the cloth to open the oven’s door and put out the burning log with your water can, then exit the caravan and approach the entrance to the next red trailer ahead.
  56. Open the locked door with the key from your inventory and enter the red trailer, then examine the doll on the left to pull it apart until you find another key and approach the chest underneath the bed at the back of the room.
  57. Unlock the chest with your newest key to take out the letter, the clock’s hand and the bag of marbles from within, then turn right to examine the wooden horse and exit the trailer.
  58. Move past the last trailer in front of you and turn left to approach the door in the corner by the red-striped tent, then examine the Russian padlock up close and insert the clock hand into its center.
  59. In order to solve this puzzle, click on the padlock symbols in this order: down, left, up, right.
  60. Enter the building in front of you to examine the cabinet on the left and take the crowbar out of it, then use this tool to pry open the crate on your right and discover the dynamite.
  61. Examine the table at the center of the room to pick up the piece of paper in the bottom left corner and fold it in this order to reveal the bomb-building instructions: along the outermost triangular creases length-wise three times, along the middle crease width-wise, fold the triangular tip on the top backwards and along the center crease length-wise.
  62. Take the sticks of dynamite out of the box you previously pried open and approach the crate in the corner on your right, then remove the wires and radio parts from within.
  63. Approach the table again and select the bomb parts in this order: dynamite sticks – wooden board – green fuse – radio – pocket watch – copper wire – bottle – crank.
  64. Try to turn the crank and use the radio unsuccessfully, then leave this room to return to the control panel on the carousel and examine the radar beside it.
  65. Flip the switch in the bottom right corner to activate the radar and pinpoint the locations of the four bombs, then click on each of these indicators after their blue lights have faded away to activate the nearby control panel.
  66. Examine the control panel beside you and telephone above it, then return to the second story window on the left side of the handed house and throw marbles at it from your inventory.
  67. Make your way around to the opposite side of the building and throw marbles at the window you see above here as well to regain control of Sherlock Holmes, then examine Moriarty’s book on the left and turn around to open the wardrobe.
  68. Take one of the sheets out of the wardrobe and examine the glass cabinet on the left to find the hunting rifle, then open the chest in the corner with your pliers and pick up the transfer.
  69. Inspect the doll to take a pin out of its hair and examine the painting to the left of the bed, then approach the rifle case again to see the lock up close and bend the doll pin into the same shape as the symbol etched between the tumblers above.
  70. Use the bent pin to unlock the rifle case and open the small maintenance box inside to collect the oilcan, then approach the table beside the door to obtain the key and exit the room.
  71. Make a right towards the top of the stairs to activate a cut scene, then approach the bookcase beside you to remove the shelves and make your way back across towards the other end of the second floor landing.
  72. Approach the right side of the last sheet hanging in front of the balcony ahead and prop up one of the boards in your inventory by using the top of the maze wall below, then combine the two bedsheets you have to create a rope and tie it to thew railing beside the plank.
  73. Climb down the rope you created and walk forward down the center maze path, then turn immediately to your left and use the oil on the wall mechanism to prevent it from squeaking.
  74. Push the wooden panel inward and turn right to move forward through the maze, then make a right and two lefts to open the next wall partition in the corner ahead.
  75. Turn left into the next corridor and open the wooden panel beside you, then continue forward through the maze to push on the last wall partition at the end and return to the bed sheet rope to climb back onto the balcony above.
  76. Walk out onto the plank put down earlier and put another one down in front of it to create a bridge, then continue this process until you have crossed the room to reach the opposite balcony.
  77. Move right to open the door with the key in your inventory and enter the next room, then use the telephone to call Scotland Yard and activate a cut scene.
  78. Afterwards, check the window to activate another cut scene and return to the control panel on the carousel to plug in the telephone from your inventory.
  79. Examine the control panel to bring up the final puzzle and select a color pattern from the center ring, by clicking on the grey bulbs, that lights up the surrounding quadrants one-by-one to shut off the bombs.
  80. Following the next cut scene, make your way back up the steps across from the carousel to exit the area through the barred set of wooden doors in front of you at the top and return to the cable car.
  81. Ride the cable car across the chasm to the halfway point, then pick up the bucket behind Watson to combine it with the bomb and belt from your inventory.
  82. Attach the bomb bucket to the cable above Watson’s head to activate the next cut scene and use your knife to open the wooden panel beside you, then pull the emergency lever to escape danger.
  83. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Bomb Defuser (Silver):
You never can resist a touch of the dramatic!
  84. Make your way back onto the fairgrounds and approach the haunted house’s front entrance , then turn left to reach the final door and open it after the next cut scene to complete the game.
  85. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Legacy (Gold):
I must compliment you exceedingly upon the zeal and the intelligence which you have shown.

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11 Comments on The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Walkthrough

Taryn Wilson

On November 10, 2012 at 5:37 am

Hey I have played the first three chapters of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes and I am stuck on chapter 4 The Bishops Murder. I have followed the walk through but I cannot get the reverend to leave the room. I havethe first few deductions but when it comes to having the last two deductions I only have one and that’s flask. I am very confused and stuck as I have followed all the instructions. Please help or send me suggestions.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On November 12, 2012 at 11:33 am


Sometimes the order of events is important, and completing every step can be unclean. If you’ve missed something, try asking for hints and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Press [LT] or [Space] to ask for help in-game, and you’ll earn an achievement for doing so!


On January 10, 2013 at 6:13 pm

It won’t let me get the letter from the filing, in Farley’s office. Help?

Kevin Thielenhaus

On January 11, 2013 at 10:08 am


Hmm. To get the letter from the filing, make sure you have read the note from Farley’s Desk. To open the filing cabinet, you’ll need keys from a small table in the same room. To find the correct note in the filing cabinet, look for a card with blue ink and some grease on it.

It sounds like a very tricky puzzle, is this what you’re having trouble with? If not, I’ll keep looking for a solution to your problem.


On July 21, 2013 at 11:43 am

I see that you can open the safe by inputting J-16-P, but how is one supposed to have figured that out?


On July 23, 2013 at 1:12 pm

I dont understand the finishing! whose command was moriarty obeying? nd who was that girl? please explain the last story!


On December 5, 2013 at 2:24 pm

Yes who was Moriarty taking orders from at the end ??

theresa williamson

On February 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Hi can anyone help me please im stuck on the opium den I have got everything but the spoon to put on the burner can anyone tell me where the spoon is please as I cant go any further thank you

Kevin Thielenhaus

On February 10, 2014 at 1:54 pm

@theresa williamson,

The spoon is located on the floor, in the center of the back room. There’s a green rug with bowls scattered around the floor. Try looking straight down and wandering near the bowls to spot the investigation icon.

Sherlock Holmes

On May 13, 2014 at 7:41 am

How come they can’t film 3 episodes in 2 years!!


On September 21, 2015 at 6:27 pm

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