The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Walkthrough

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WHITECHAPEL STREET – Find the Murderers

  1. Make your way up the street in front of you to reach the dispensary ahead on the right and open the front gates to enter the grounds, then approach the building’s entrance to enter the structure.
  2. Speak with the doctor at the desk beside you to activate a cut scene and ask about the scalpel, then exit the dispensary and move through the front gate to return to the streets.
  3. Make a right down the road and examine the soup cart on the sidewalk to activate a cut scene, then move through the archway beside the nearby vagrant sitting on the ground and turn the next corner around the chapel.
  4. Open the next gate in front of you to enter the cemetery and activate a cut scene, then approach the shed in the corner ahead and examine the shovel leaning against the wall.
  5. Search the wheelbarrow beside to read the leaflet you find and examine the rope next to the shed’s door for wear, then move through the broken gate to reach another part of the cemetery and turn left to examine the open grave in the corner.
  6. Use your magnifying glass to examine the dirt and approach the next shed in the corner to the right, then look at the broken pieces of tombstone on the ground and inspect both samples to confirm they are made of granite.
  7. Inspect the bottom left corner of the large tombstone sample to discover the same black paint found on the smaller stone and activate the next cut scene, then exit the cemetery to return to the streets and turn right.
  8. Approach the crate beside the soup cart to discover the dice game and speak with the volunteer in regards to Grape Ape, then ask about the Money Game and start playing.
  9. Roll the dice, without showing the skull, to get a score of 12 or more, then store your points and watch the soup volunteer take his turn.
  10. Roll again to reach a score of 24 or more and store your points to let the volunteer have his turn again, then continue playing until you show 36 points to win the game.
  11. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: The Gambler (Bronze): You have never failed to play the game!
  12. Choose “Win” and “Morgue” from the dialogue options to interrogate the soup vendor, then re-enter the dispensary to speak with Dr. Grant about “Grape Ape” and the “Morgue”.
  13. Turn around to cross the length of the room and open the doors at the opposite end to discover the list of recently dead, then approach the board to take this information and enter the morgue on your right.
  14. Inspect the tray of tools beside the table to acquire the scissors and examine the blue jacket on the chair in the corner, then use your scissors to remove Kurtz’s name tag and pick up the map hidden behind it.
  15. Use the scissors to cut open the right sleeve and the left coat pocket, then collect the keys and metal stem found within.
  16. Exit the morgue to leave the dispensary and return to the cemetery, then approach the door of the shed in the corner ahead and insert the keys you found in Kurtz’s coat into the bottom of the lock.
  17. Insert the metal stem into the right side of the lock to open the door and enter the shed, then take the axe laying on top of the barrel to your left and read the note posted above it.
  18. Examine the crate in the center of the room and use the axe to break open the lid, then remove the bags from within and equip your knife to pry out the cracked board.
  19. Search the valuables in the secret compartment to read the note from the cemetery bandits and exit the shed, then move through the broken gates again to approach the tree inscribed with initials and examine “Sally and John” to find the freshest markings.
  20. Make your way over to the back row of graves and examine the tombstone marked with the same “S” symbol found next to Sally and John’s inscription on the tree, then return to the previous shed and grab the shovel leaning against the outside wall.
  21. Use the shovel to dig up the grave and discover the box within, then pick it up and shift the order of numbers in the line around to read: 78235464.
  22. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Number Lover (Silver): With all respect for your natural acumen, you handled that very well. You opened the safe box!
  23. Take the key from the box you just opened and examine the other two items within, then approach the gravedigger’s cabin in the corner to your left and try the front door to activate a cut scene.
  24. Choose “Care”, “Mediation” and “Afraid from the dialogue options to finish interrogating the children, then exit the cemetery to return to the streets and activate another cut scene.
  25. Afterwards, put the church to your back and move left down the street to make the first right turn ahead.
  26. Approach #8 Batty street ahead on your right at the end of the road and use the key from the grave box to enter the building, then examine the upper body of the man’s corpse on the floor in front of you to inspect his mouth, left hand and left forearm.
  27. Use your knife to take the bandage from the man’s right hand to expose the severed finger stump, then examine his lower body to inspect the corpse’s right leg and both shoes.
  28. Inspect the dog’s corpse next to examine the animal’s various wounds on its body and front leg, then repeat the same observation on the other canine and walk over to the couch against the wall.
  29. Check the dog bowl beside the couch and the newspaper in front of it, then examine the print in the bottom left corner of the page and the grape stem to the right of the blood stains.
  30. Examine the photograph above the couch and approach the fireplace to your right, then inspect the military badge on the mantle and the newspaper clipping that hangs from the wall.
  31. Move around to the underside of the table that’s been turned over in front of the fireplace and pick up the letter laying on the ground, then approach the tray on the floor behind Watson to examine the burner, the balls and the pipe.
  32. Open your deduction board for Kurtz and select all four clues, then open the “?” square and choose “The man fought savagely against his dogs”.
  33. Select “The dogs were poisoned” and click on the down arrow to see the page below, then hit both clues to choose “The man was given a pipe that already had opium in it” and “This man is one of the Bishop’s murderers” from the two “?” squares that appear next.
  34. Following the next cut scene in which you return to the dispensary as Watson, enter the morgue again to have an extended conversation with Grant and regain control of Sherlock Holmes.
  35. Remove the cloth on top of the corpse and examine the mid-section, then use the cotton to clean the cuts on the body and cut open the dotted lines that have appeared with the scalpel.
  36. Use the rib separator to open up the cuts you just made and pick up the scalpel again to slice apart the organ underneath, then pick up the ball of paper with the tweezers and remove the separator.
  37. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Hidden Message (Bronze): See the value of imagination!
  38. Open the other incision you made and cut into the lung underneath, then use the pipette to take a sample from this organ and approach the chemistry set in the corner of the room.
  39. Select the pipette from your inventory to access the chemistry set and dump its contents into the “?” test tube, then use the orange liquid to start the experiment.
  40. Keep track of your findings on the provided chart to mark the number of individual colored spots that appear each time you drain one of the test tubes.
  41. When you are finished, the chart should look like this: Orange: 0-0-1-4. Blue: 2-5-2-0. Green: 0-4-1-2. Yellow: 2-0-2-0. Red: 0-0-1-0.
  42. Return to the deduction board and click on the lungs clue to open the next “?” square, then choose “The man was poisoned by a mixture of opium and poison”.
  43. Open the final red “?” square and select “The man was poisoned by the same poison as the Bishop”, then click on the down arrow and choose the white “?” square” to pick “His accomplices brought him this pipe”.
  44. Select the final white “?” square and choose “The man was poisoned by his accomplices” to activate the next cut scene, then return to the streets and make a left.
  45. Turn down the first alley ahead and make a right at the end to enter the opium den at 13 Berner Street, then speak with the owner and check the keys behind him before moving forward into the next room.
  46. Examine the dirty water on your left and continue forward across the room to find the jasmine tea on the table beneath the window, then turn right to speak with the patron who’s still awake and find the ashes at the foot of his bed.
  47. Enter the next room ahead to speak with the guard around the corner and have him deny you access, then approach the other door in this area to read the Chinese characters above and activate a cut scene.
  48. Return to the bowl of dirty water to get a glass of it and grab a cup of jasmine tea from beneath the window you checked earlier, then pick up the ashes from the foot of the bed and combine these three elements in your inventory.
  49. Give your concoction to the man who’s still awake and wait for the manager to come help him, then return to the opium den’s entrance area and grab the key from the wall beneath the same Chinese lettering as the locked door.
  50. Use the key to open the locked door and enter the supply room, then turn right to look through the window behind the curtain and activate the next cut scene.
  51. Take the acid and syringe from the shelf beside Watson, then turn around to pick up the opium beads off the floor and make your way into the room at the back of this area.
  52. Approach the cart and use your matches to light the burner and shift the screen over the flame, then place the spoon on top of the device to activate the next cut scene.
  53. Use your inventory menu to fill the syringe with liquid opium and combine it with the acid you already have, then examine the window to the right of the door and attempt to open it unsuccessfully.
  54. Collect the billhook from beneath the window and grab the stick from the barrel below, then use these tools to open and prop up the window.
  55. Exit through the window to reach the next room and select the syringe in your inventory, then move towards the guard in the hallway to activate a cut scene.
  56. Wait for Watson to call the thug over and click on him as soon as he passes the corner you’re hiding behind, then approach the door that was previously guarded and climb the stairs beside it to activate a cut scene in which you leave this location.

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11 Comments on The Testament of Sherlock Holmes Walkthrough

Taryn Wilson

On November 10, 2012 at 5:37 am

Hey I have played the first three chapters of The Testament of Sherlock Holmes and I am stuck on chapter 4 The Bishops Murder. I have followed the walk through but I cannot get the reverend to leave the room. I havethe first few deductions but when it comes to having the last two deductions I only have one and that’s flask. I am very confused and stuck as I have followed all the instructions. Please help or send me suggestions.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On November 12, 2012 at 11:33 am


Sometimes the order of events is important, and completing every step can be unclean. If you’ve missed something, try asking for hints and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Press [LT] or [Space] to ask for help in-game, and you’ll earn an achievement for doing so!


On January 10, 2013 at 6:13 pm

It won’t let me get the letter from the filing, in Farley’s office. Help?

Kevin Thielenhaus

On January 11, 2013 at 10:08 am


Hmm. To get the letter from the filing, make sure you have read the note from Farley’s Desk. To open the filing cabinet, you’ll need keys from a small table in the same room. To find the correct note in the filing cabinet, look for a card with blue ink and some grease on it.

It sounds like a very tricky puzzle, is this what you’re having trouble with? If not, I’ll keep looking for a solution to your problem.


On July 21, 2013 at 11:43 am

I see that you can open the safe by inputting J-16-P, but how is one supposed to have figured that out?


On July 23, 2013 at 1:12 pm

I dont understand the finishing! whose command was moriarty obeying? nd who was that girl? please explain the last story!


On December 5, 2013 at 2:24 pm

Yes who was Moriarty taking orders from at the end ??

theresa williamson

On February 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Hi can anyone help me please im stuck on the opium den I have got everything but the spoon to put on the burner can anyone tell me where the spoon is please as I cant go any further thank you

Kevin Thielenhaus

On February 10, 2014 at 1:54 pm

@theresa williamson,

The spoon is located on the floor, in the center of the back room. There’s a green rug with bowls scattered around the floor. Try looking straight down and wandering near the bowls to spot the investigation icon.

Sherlock Holmes

On May 13, 2014 at 7:41 am

How come they can’t film 3 episodes in 2 years!!


On September 21, 2015 at 6:27 pm

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