The Walking Dead: 400 Days Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Vince’s Story
  • Wyatt’s Story
  • Shel’s Story
  • Russell’s Story
  • Bonnie’s Story
  • Shel’s Story

    Taking place further into the apocalypse that Season 1, Shel starts with her sister playing guitar for a small band of survivors. Choose what you say to Stephanie carefully, she’ll remember.

    After the performance, Shel’s sister will offer to help with the guns. This is another important response; whatever you say now, Shel’s sister will remember in the future.

    Roman will request Shel’s help feeding the watchdogs, and you’ll have free roam to explore the diner. There are knives and guns in the booths, and Shel can have a short discussion with Becca or Stephanie. Don’t forget to look at the flashlights or photo for more backstory.

    When you’re ready to move on, step behind the counter through the flipped-over section and select the kitchen doors to check out the back room. Use the pantry door to see the back lot.

    Roman is taking care of some chained zombies. It looks like the group is using zombies to ward off more, or keep dangerous survivors away. He’ll feed the cop zombie, then ask about Becca. Whatever your response, Roman will remember it.

    Check out the zombie in the back left corner to see what it’s eating, then return to the pantry. Becca doesn’t seem to take the situation very seriously, and acts cold toward Shel’s sadness – but there’s no time for that.

    Stephanie bursts in and leads the group outside where they’ve found a beaten man. He’s blindfolded and tied up. In the end, Shel will have to decide what happens to him; let him go, or kill him. Becca will remember this moment.

    Things aren’t over yet. The story resumes with Becca and Shel playing cards in an RV. The game is cut short as Roman interrupts, asking Shel to come outside.

    Outside the RV, you’ll have another chance to explore the diner settlement. Move left to talk to Boyd and Joyce, they’ll fill in Shel – Stephanie tried to “escape” and Roman has her locked up.

    Continue left toward the truck, and give it a look. Roman is outside, and he’ll make it clear – there’s no other choice but to shoot Stephanie. He wants Shel to do the deed. Before continuing, you’ll return to the camper to talk to Becca.

    After a short talk, interact with the drawer to get your gun. This is where you’ll have to make a big choice; the keys or the gun. Escape, or show your loyalty.

    Choosing the keys, Becca won’t be happy. She’ll offer to shoot Stephanie herself. If you let her, she’ll back down.

    Roman will knock again, and lead to the final choice. This is it; pick the keys to escape, or the gun to shoot Stephanie. Whatever you choose will lead to the end of the chapter.

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    1 Comment on The Walking Dead: 400 Days Walkthrough

    Derren Brown Anus

    On July 14, 2013 at 2:48 am

    You need to get a bit lucky to earn the trophy/achievement for winning rock, paper, scissors. I was fortunate in that my opponent chose paper every time, so after I’d also chosen paper the first time I took a gamble on him choosing paper again and chose scissors. I then did the same in the next round thinking he wouldn’t expect me to risk staying with scissors. Kind of impressive actually that it seems to mimic real psychology.