The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Review

What you’re getting in Episode 4 is largely more of the same from what came before, which is a very good thing for The Walking Dead. The tension is mounting, but all the things that work exceedingly well about the earlier episodes are back, and perhaps even expounded upon. Telltale continues to find great ways of shaking the expectation of the world of The Walking Dead, as Savannah is home to a number of dark forces, both dead and alive.

The best part of the episode by far, however, is Clementine. Episode 3 ended with Clem stepping forward as protagonist Lee began to realize that he needed to teach her to protect herself if he had any intention of protecting her. In Episode 4, Clementine is an even more active part of the story, and she continues to be one of the best-written child characters in any entertainment media going. When she asks to come along on a dangerous mission, it’s hard to turn her down — especially because she’s not only fascinating to have around, but repeatedly proving how useful and resourceful she is.

For everything that’s happened so far, The Walking Dead is continuing to be excellent. The characters and their burdens feel like ours, and our attachment to them is why the episode continues to work so well. The ending of the episode is pitch-perfect, and it suggests a phenomenal conclusion is in the offing.

Episode 4 might be more deliberately paced, slower and with fewer shocking moments, but it plays the best of any episode so far. It builds steadily toward its final moments, and what’s more, builds to a perfect cliffhanger for Episode 5, reinforcing the culmination of events we’ve seen up to now. Earlier episodes might have better moments, but Episode 4 is a substantial part of the greater whole, doing a fantastic job of building on what Telltale has already delivered to keep us moving toward the game’s conclusion.


  • A number of great gameplay moments, effectively putting players into the action
  • More surprisingly great writing moments and atmosphere
  • Telltale continuing to nail the source material
  • A number of decent puzzles and some effectively built tension
  • Leaves off with a cliffhanger that’ll get you very excited for Episode 5
  • Many of the characters are at their best


  • A little heavy-handed with some moments that are supposed to be poignant and emotional
  • Much less shocking than the earlier episodes

Final Score: 90/100

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3 Comments on The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Review


On October 14, 2012 at 11:49 am

i like this game


On October 15, 2012 at 5:39 pm

Telltale really needs to work out glitches before releasing episode 5. My save has glitched twice and It starts me back on episode 1. So now I get to restart episode 4 all over again. PS3 supposedly has patches fixing the problem while Xbox does not.


On October 19, 2012 at 7:34 am

Massive kudos to Telltale for this game. I imagine that they could have gone down a far easier, generic and more profitable route with this license but thankfully they’ve instead focused on providing some of the best video game story telling of the year. Can’t wait for the final episode now.