The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Walkthrough

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Table of Contents

The House

  1. As you make your way down the main street of Savannah, it will be up to you to keep the peace between Christa and Kenny. After the church bell tolls, you’ll have to out -run a swarm of zombies.
  2. When Kenny gets caught by the ankle, quickly move your cursor on the head of the zombie and blow him away. After Ben pusses out, the camera will go into first-person shooter mode and you’ll have to kill the group of zombies coming toward you.
  3. After Chuck stays to fight off the group of zombies, you’ll earn an ACHIEVEMENT after a loading screen. After you break up another potential fight between Kenny and Christa, go talk to Clem and then with Christa and Omid.
  4. After you inspect the area, go talk with Kenny about getting the door open. Following your conversation, place the cursor over the doggie door and click on it to inspect it. When you learn that you need to find the dog with the collar to operate the door, grab the shovel on the wall behind you and go use it to dig through the burial site in the back left corner in front of the crucifix.
  5. Once you get to the carcass of the dead pooch, place the cursor over him to grab teh collar. Gross! Didn’t see that coming. Walk the collar over to the doggie door and use it to activate the door.
  6. After Clem rushes through and opens to door for you, I would give her some props seeing as how she felt hurt by you earlier for not letting her see the dead dog. Once inside, it will be your job to inspect the entire downstairs area.
  7. There’s absolutely nothing in the kitchen and nothing in the room with the grandfather clock other than a bottle of whiskey. Walk toward the camera (opposite of the backyard door) and turn left into the room with Christa and Omid.
  8. After you do some looking around, open the two doors (a bathroom and a closet) on either side of the family portrait to make sure they’re empty inside. Go check the double doors by the stairs (spoiler alert: nothing) to make sure the downstairs is totally empty.
  9. Next, you can either try to get some answers out of Clem about the man on the radio, or tell Christa to back off. Once Ben comes frantically racing down the stairs, you’ll then have to go save Kenny.
  10. Oh the emotions of this game! You’ll then have to decide to put the zombie kid out of his misery or have Kenny do it (which would be really cruel since the kid looks like Duck!). Walk over to the zombie and do what you have to do.
  11. Following the load screen, walk the zombie corps over to the doggie grave and lay him next to his dog. Pick up the shovel and use it to bury the boy and his dog. Who the—?
  12. After you spot the creeper who was staring at you, you can either tell the others what you saw or lie. After Kenny comes out and decides that he’s leaving and that you’ll go with him to the river, you have to decide if Clem can come with you or not (I chose for Clem to stay, which might not be the smartest idea since Ben has to watch her).

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On March 25, 2013 at 10:30 am

i let that bastard Ben die…. because of that lots of people died…..


On July 8, 2013 at 8:26 am

ok i have no tool open the paper box btw im playing on my phone how far back do i have to go to get a tool