The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Walkthrough

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The Sewer

  1. At the bottom of the ladder, head down the steps in front of you. Turn to the right, then go left down the sloped tunnel. Go left through the opening. When the camera switches angles, turn right to go to the back area to examine the pipe.
  2. Unfortunately, it will be missing the handle. Turn around and head down the opposite way of the tunnel. Don’t go too far—there are zombies feasting on a corpse at the end of the tunnel. Instead, move the cursor over to the little passage way on the left and crawl through it.
  3. Turn the green pipe on the right clockwise to turn the water on. After the zombie walks by you, place the cursor on the pipe again and press X to pull the wheel off. Steathily and slowly turn around, turn left past the distracted Walker. The camera will change so that you should be walking toward the camera. When it pans out so you see the gate, use the climbing pick to pry it open.
  4. Turn left and place the wheel on the pipe. After you turn it, the water should come on in front of you. This will distract the Walkers. Head back through the tiny passage way. When the camera changes angles, watch and wait for all the zombies to walk by, then turn right to exit the passage way.
  5. Go left down the tunnel where the zombies were. Inspect the corpse on the left to find…(sigh). After you pick up the gun, stealthily sneak up behind the zombie with its back to you.
  6. Ahh! After you get caught, quickly place the cursor over the hand holding your ankle and use your climbing pick (not the gun!) to pry off the hand. Next, place the cursor over the zombie now coming toward you and beat it with the climbing pick.
  7. Go forward and climb up the stairs on the left. The door on right will break on you, so look up at the ladder above the sign and use the climbing pick to try to grab onto it. After you fall, you’ll cause the sign to move. Push it completely out of the way to reveal a hidden crawl space.
  8. After the load screen you’ll find an interesting food shelter. Head through the door on the right where an interesting interrogation will take place. Try to keep the crazy old geezer with the gun calm. Make sure that after he threatens to shoot you, quickly place the cursor over his hand and press X to take away the gun.
  9. Be honest with these guys to win them over. If you ask for help to get you back to your group, tell them about Clem (again, be honest) to earn sympathy from the old man. He’ll offer to lead you there and you’ll earn an ACHIEVEMENT once you return.

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On March 25, 2013 at 10:30 am

i let that bastard Ben die…. because of that lots of people died…..


On July 8, 2013 at 8:26 am

ok i have no tool open the paper box btw im playing on my phone how far back do i have to go to get a tool