The Walking Dead: Episode 4 Walkthrough

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Table of Contents

Infiltrating Crawford

  1. After Vernon begins working on Omid, head down the stairs to begin looking for Clem (she won’t be upstairs). Turn left to go talk with Kenny and Ben. Kenny will be drunk (thanks, loser), so talk to Ben, who will tell you that she should be out back.
  2. Inspect the shed, then the grave, the doghouse, the fence, the gate next to the house and the bushes in front of the house. After you inspect all of the areas, walk back past the shed and you’ll hear a noise. Open the doors to find Clem inside.
  3. Jackpot! After Clem shows you the boat, you’ll have a lengthy conversation with teh group about needing to get into Crawford to get the supplies you need to fix the boat. After the plan is set, you’ll then have to decide wether or not you want Clem to come. (If you take her, which I did, you’ll then have to tell Vernon why.)
  4. After the load screen after you head out, place the cursor over the manhole and press X to move it. Stealthily move up behind the guard. As soon as it turns around and you realize it’s a Walker, use the axe to take it out. After you kill it and get inside the building, you’ll earn an ACHIEVEMENT.
  5. After the group comes up with the plan and everybody splits up, you’ll have a talk with Clem. Next, exit through the door on the right. Walk up and read the posters on the lockers for a little bit of background, then turn right and exit through the door into the alley.
  6. Turn around and walk away from the camera (what was that!?). Turn left into the shed, then place the cursor up in the back far corner and inspect the hole. Place the cursor on the shelf and press X to climb up.
  7. After you hop over, place the cursor on the garage to try to lift it. You won’t be able to raise it, so follow the path to the right. After you see the pack of Walkers, turn back around toward the garage door.
  8. Whoa! Molly is crazy. After she gives you the jack, press X repeatedly to raise the garage for the two of you to sneak in. Once inside the garage, walk over to the left and inspect the car on the lift. You’ll need to lower it, so next inspect the lift panel and then the hydraulic hose.
  9. In order to cut the hose, go ask Molly to borrow “Hilda.” Use it on the hoes to lower the car down to ground level. You’ll have to now remove the battery. This part can be tricky if you don’t put the cursor in the right spots. First, place it right on the left corner of the batter to loosen the screw on the positive terminal. Do the same on the other side. (Note: If you don’t place the cursor right on the corners, Lee will complain about it “still being attached to the terminals.)
  10. Next, move the cursor up a bit on the right terminal to remove it from the battery. Repeat on the other side. Place the cursor on the middle of the battery and press X to pick it up.
  11. After Molly gets on top of the big rig, go around to the right side and climb up to join her. Place the cursor over the skylight to inspect it. When Molly recommends that you shoot it out, follow her advice. Grab her hand to have her pull you up.
  12. Parkour time, Lee. Tell Molls you aren’t afraid! As you run toward the ledge, place the cursor over Molly’s hand and press X right as you jump to catch it. After Molly drops you back off at the school, head toward the camera.
  13. Help Kenny keep out the zombies by mashing X to keep the door closed. Following the load screen, inspect the classroom and talk to your group to see how everyone is doing, or just go straight to Kenny and Ben.
  14. Oh, Ben…after he complains to you again about whether he should tell Kenny the truth about what he knows, tell him he’s an idiot for wanting to tell Kenny the truth (at least that’s what I did), then exit the classroom through the door.
  15. Turn left and head down the hallway. After you walk past the playground exit, go left again where you’ll spot a pack of Walkers in front of the nurse’s office. Shoot one in the back of the head, then take out the rest.
  16. After you talk with Christa and Vernon, walk over to the desk by Vernon and look at the medical file. You’ll then notice a tape. Walk back over to the camcorder and place the tape inside.
  17. After you watch the vid, exit through the door. Walk toward the camera, then tun right. Go past the photo and banner on the lockers and exit through the door into the alley. Turn right and down the alley and enter the shed. When you go to put your foot up on the shelf, you’ll be attacked by a zombie, so follow the button sequence to fight him off.
  18. Climb up the shelves to get on the roof and hop the fence. Head down the alley and stomp and kill the doc zombie. Search him to find another tape and a code.
  19. Following the load screen, you’ll magically end up back inside the school. Walk past the sign again (toward the nurse’s office), but now you can open the bloody locker on the right. After you grab the tape inside, continue on to the nurse’s office.
  20. After you watch the tape, console Christa. Then, after she and Vernon head back to the classroom, walk back over to the camcorder and watch the third vid you found. Molly, you hussy!
  21. Head back to the classroom. After Molly scares you, you can either question her about being from Crawford, or just drop the subject. As you head back to the classroom, you’ll run into Ben, who will once again prove why he’s a total moron!
  22. As Molly begins to fight off zombies, quickly shoot the one that grabs ahold of her (even if you aren’t quick enough, someone will come to the rescue!).
  23. Following the load screen, there will be a lot of intense decision making going on involving Ben. After all of the intense arguing, you’ll then finally escape into the armory. Unfortunately, you’ll be screwed. Use the left analog stick to back up the stairs and shoot shoot the zombies while you make your way up.
  24. Crap! After your leg gets caught, place the cursor down on your leg and press X to try to pull it out. Take time in between each attempt to shoot more zombies coming up the stairs.
  25. After you get it loose, you’ll then use the axe to kill the rest of the Walkers heading up the stairs. When Ben gets grabbed by the Walker swinging from the bell, shot and kill it. Decision time. As annoying as Ben is, it would be pretty messed up to drop him, right? If you save his life, you’ll earn an ACHIEVEMENT.

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On March 25, 2013 at 10:30 am

i let that bastard Ben die…. because of that lots of people died…..


On July 8, 2013 at 8:26 am

ok i have no tool open the paper box btw im playing on my phone how far back do i have to go to get a tool