The Walking Dead: Episode 5 Walkthrough

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The Marsh House Hotel

  1. At the edge of the last roof, you’ll then have to cross a shifty-looking sign to get to the hotel. Use the left analog stick to slowly make your way across sign. Naturally, just as you’re about to make it, the thing will collapse. Quickly press X to pull yourself up.
  2. You’ll then have a couple important choices to make that will probably force you to split up with Omid and Christa one way or another. After the loading screen…oh man, it’s time to carve up a grip of zombies! Use the cleaver to fight of the large group of zombies to get to the hotel.
  3. Once you make it inside, you’ll earn an ACHIEVEMENT. Head down the hallway and press X to on the door that Lee stops in front of. Press X again to open it. Walk over to the two doors tied together. You’ll then have a series of choices to make and a long conversation with Clem’s kidnapper.
  4. After you notice Clem escape from the door behind Mr. Crazy, place the cursor over the cleaver to have Clem pick it up. After she cuts him, place the cursor over him and press X to tackle him. Follow the button sequence to wrestle the gun away from him, and after he gets up to go pick up the gun, follow him with the cursor and press X to tackle him again.
  5. Press X again to force him to drop the gun, then mash X to choke him out. After you pick up the gun, press X to finish him off. After talking with Clem, go and ask here for the way out (only look in the bowling bowl bag if you’re brave!).
  6. Go and open the door. When the Walker starts coming toward you, place the cursor over it and press X to take him out. Gross! It appears you’ll have to cover Clem in zombie guts to make it out of Savannah. Place the cursor over the Walker and cut it open and remove its intestines. Next, place the cursor over Clem and press X to smear its blood on her (front and back) before you exit the hotel and earn an ACHIEVEMENT.
  7. Once out it the zombie-filled streets, slowly make your way past all of the Walkers. When Clem spots her parents (or what used to be her parents), you’ll have a decision to make.
  8. After you wake up, help Clem open the bay door by mashing X. After attempting to open the door, you’ll have a decision to tell Clem about what really happened to you and your arm.
  9. Next, allow Clem to help guide you over to the guard door. Mash X by trying to get Lee back to his feet. Look at the door and instruct Clem to try and open it. It will be locked, so place the cursor over the baseball bat under the counter to the left to have her use it to break the window.
  10. Look at the chair to the right and instruct Clem to use it to help her unlock the door. Place the cursor on the door to have her open it, then have her pick up the handcuffs on the ground. Place the cursor over Lee and have Clem lock him up to the furnace.
  11. Have Clem get the gun first. After the Walker tackles her, look at the Walker and press the triangle button. When Clem exits the door, look at the display stand to warn her.
  12. After Lee comes to, press X to kick the bat over to Clem. After she takes out the Walker, you’ll have one final and emotional conversation with Clem.
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