The Week in Demos and Patches: April 20-26

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As Big Tuesday looms over us, three days from now GTA IV will hit the world upside the head with a baseball bat. While this game is indeed the most anticipated and hyped game to headline gaming news since Halo 3 – I for one will not get to play it with the rest of the world on Tuesday because I am in the process of moving this week. I have sat at my computer for a couple of weeks now, listening to my boyfriend play GTA 1-3, Vice City, and San Andreas in anticipation of his pre-order and while I love the GTA games, I am sick to death of hearing about GTA IV, and because of this franchise hogging my television screen for the past few weeks – I could care less about the launch.

Ok, I am lying. I am just bitter because I will be too busy moving to play the game – and I am sure the folks I work with will rub it in my face like a banana cream pie all next week. They better not though, because I have a general idea of where they all live.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings – which are nothing more than a distraction from the fact that the demos that hit FileFront were nominal again this week. Studies may show that trailers work better when promoting a product than demos, but I personally think that it is only because once a gamer plays a demo, they know how crappy the game is and refuse to buy it. With trailer, you have no idea until it is too late – just like a bad boyfriend or girlfriend.

Here is a list of the demos with the most downloads this week:

  • Conflict Desert Storm: A demo version of conflict desert storm, just extract it, some video The PC version does not support co-op. The game begins shortly after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990. During an attempt to destroy one of the bridges crossing the Iraq-Kuwait border, sniper Paul Foley is captured, while his other team member is killed. The next morning, John Bradley, a rifleman, and later on, squad leader, is sent in alone to rescue Foley and complete the original mission of destroying the bridge. Shortly after landing, Bradley comes into a firefight with a small force of Iraqi mechanized infantry. Shortly after rescuing Foley, Bradley completes the mission of destroying the bridge, thus slowing the Iraqi advance. From there, the squad carries out various missions, such as rescuing the Emir of Kuwait, engaging Iraqi forces in the Battle of Khafji, destroying Iraqi early-warning radar, rescuing POWs from Baghdad, and leading an advance element of U.S. cavalry in a fight with the Tawalkana Division of the Iraqi Republican Guard. Also the player protects a scientist whose purpose is to disarm a nuclear warhead for an ICBM, collect plutonium to prevent the creation of more nuclear warheads and later go after General Aziz who at least in the game is the Iraqi Supreme Commander and who’s death will shorten the war as he doesn’t want to give up.
  • I Wanna Be The Guy Demo: I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game is a sardonic loveletter to the halcyon days of early American videogaming, packaged as a nail-rippingly difficult platform adventure. Players fill the role of The Kid, a youthful, vaguely Megaman-esque protagonist on a quest to become The Guy. This inscrutable plot, however, is just a vehicle for a wide variety of inventive, well-designed and frustrating jump-and-shoot challenges that pay homage to many of the games you loved as a child. The ever-fragile Kid explodes in a shower of red pixels at the slightest brush from the game’s many obstacles, from traditional spikes and bottomless pits to more unconventional killers, such as plantlife and puzzle pieces. You’ll die a thousand deaths and know you deserved every one of them. All the NES references, like the hundred foot tall fire breathing Mike Tyson, are just icing on the killing-the-hell-out-of-us cake. This demo lets you face 3 bosses.
  • Baseball Mogul 2009 Demo: Baseball Mogul 2009 gives you complete control on the field, combined with an easy-to-learn interface and thousands of stats at your fingertips. With customized ratings and head-to-head stats for every player, you have everything you need to win the battle of wits between batter and pitcher.
  • WorldShift Multiplayer: Black Sea Studios has released a multiplayer demo for WorldShift. The demo contains two cooperative multiplayer maps (The Lost Coast and Tay-Rammin tundra), also playable 1vs1.
  • Voxelstein 3D : FPS game inspired by Wolfenstein 3D. The game uses Ken Silverman’s VOXLAP engine to render voxels in software. The levels in the game are fully destructible – and by fully we mean fully.The game world is built from tiny cubes called voxels. There are over 37 million in the first level. Rendering a world like this is slow (especially without hardware acceleration), but there is an advantage: voxels can be added, removed or otherwise altered very very quickly. This enables all kinds of cool stuff, including fully destructible worlds. Features: Weapons: knife, pistol, chaingun, grenades, C4. Enemies: guard, officer. Many treasures to collect, fully destructible world: blow holes in walls, ceilings, enemies, anywhere. Loads original sounds and music from Wolfenstein 3D. P.S. Check the game directory for a demo of the original Wolfenstein 3D.

Patches are listed below, but I must warn you, there are not too many of those either. The largest ones to hit this week were LotRO: Shadows of Angmar Book 13 and Hellgate: London (single player patch). As always, for more demos and patches, hit the respective links.

The Golden Horde, Seven Kingdoms: Conquest v1.04 , Fate of Hellas, UFO: Afterlight v1.6 , Cabal Online US (04-21-08), and Frontlines: Fuel of War v1.0.2 Ded Server Hotfix

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3 Comments on The Week in Demos and Patches: April 20-26


On April 26, 2008 at 2:19 pm

Voxelstein 3D? Nice.


On April 26, 2008 at 3:34 pm

I guess in future voxels wil get smaller as machines get more powerful. They may even get atom sized and then game physics things could get very realistic. I love the idea of Voxels, but I love the idea of Wolfenstein even more! Put them together and now I am going to download this baby!


On April 26, 2008 at 7:39 pm

In an alternate universe, voxels might have ruled the day. If it wasn’t for a little company called 3Dfx to come along and give the masses polygon pushing power…

I think we’ll start seeing hybridization of voxel concepts in future hardware acceleration. Particle and physics APIs are already being implemented into Nvidia & ATI’s latest offerings. Those are pretty much the rudiments one needs.