The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Episode 1

  • Tenement Building
  • Woodland Luxury Apartments
  • Bigby’s Apartment
  • Business Office
  • Lawrence’s Apartment
  • Toad’s Apartment
  • The Trip Trap Bar
  • Episode 2

  • Upper West Side Precinct
  • Woodlands Basement
  • Fabletown Business Office
  • Trip Trap Bar
  • Pudding and Pie
  • Open Arms Hotel

  • Woodlands Basement

    Beneath the luxury building, Bluebeard is busy torturing the suspect Bigby chose at the end of Episode 1. I picked Dee, his involvement has to reveal something about whatever is going on here.

    Dee isn’t about to talk, and he’s cocky enough to make jokes. He isn’t a true suspect, trying to call him out will only embarrass Bigby – Dee was with the big bad wolf while the second murder was taking place.

    Instead of using violence, I chose to avoid it, and asked him why he was at Toad’s apartment. Next, I showed him the picture of Snow’s severed head. It disgusted him enough to get him talking. It looks like violence doesn’t work on him. Bluebeard tried it and he only got stonewalled.

    Next, Bigby will ask where Dum is. Dee doesn’t want to give up his brother, but you can get him talking again when Ichabod brings out Dee’s belongings.

    Examine the wad of bills, then pocket it yourself. Hitting Dee right in the wallet gets him talking again. He reveals he was looking for Faith.

    To get more, I tried the cigar. Probably a bad move, but I offered Dee a puff – he just blows smoke back in Bigby’s face. No good, there.

    But, when he talks bad about Faith, I chose the second option – asking if Faith stole from Dee. In frustration, he reveals that Faith stole from his boss. Now we’re getting somewhere.

    The last object – the whiskey, is an easy choice. Offer to give some to Dee and he’ll keep talking. Finally, he’ll say he’s employed by Beauty.

    I let him talk, but Bluebeard doesn’t approve, and starts beating on Dee. It’s almost like Bluebeard has something to hide and wants to shut Dee up before he gives too much away. Before he can continue, I chose to grab Bluebeard.

    Grabbing him leads to a short scuffle. Dodge downward [S] then mash [Q] to complete the sequence.

    Before the fight escalates, Snow White steps into the room. Yep, she’s still alive. Time to find some answers.

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