The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Episode 1

  • Tenement Building
  • Woodland Luxury Apartments
  • Bigby’s Apartment
  • Business Office
  • Lawrence’s Apartment
  • Toad’s Apartment
  • The Trip Trap Bar
  • Episode 2

  • Upper West Side Precinct
  • Woodlands Basement
  • Fabletown Business Office
  • Trip Trap Bar
  • Pudding and Pie
  • Open Arms Hotel

  • Fabletown Business Office

    Bigby catches up with Snow outside the elevators. She isn’t happy about the apparent torture going on in the basement.

    Asking where she’s been, Snow tells Bigby that she went out to recover a body found by Toad’s son. They don’t know who she is yet.

    Instead of admonishing her, I chose to thank her for helping to further the investigation. She’ll remember that.

    Returning to the business office, Bigby can choose to talk to TJ (Toad Junior) and his father or see the body. I chose to speak with the pair of frogs first.

    Unsurprisingly, Toad is doing something suspicious. He’s talking to the Magic Mirror.

    No time to grill Toad. While speaking with TJ, it’s important to use a soft touch. TJ talks about the body falling into the water, and how he came out from below. If you scold Toad Sr. on his parenting, he’ll remember it.

    TJ tells what he heard, “Stop laughing” – if Bigby asks exactly what was said, TJ will say he heard “Stop laughing at me.”

    Any other questions get a big “no.” I let TJ go before pushing him too far.

    Before leaving to see the body, I had to stop by to talk to the Magic Mirror. Like before, the Mirror doesn’t have anything helpful to reveal.

    Moving on to the body. Walk right and speak with Snow, she’s already talking to Bufkin about potential suspects.

    Before leaving, you can look around the room to discover more entries in the book of fables. Once you choose to see the body, Bigby leaves for the Witching Well.

    Bufkin flies in to set the head near the body. Once the investigation begins, I examined the brooch first. It’s likely from the Fables’ homelands, but Bufkin doesn’t recognize it.

    Examine the neck and head. The cut is the same, but the mouth is missing a ribbon. Move right, and Bigby will examine her hands and legs.

    The ankles show rope-marks, indicative of the concrete tied to make her body sink. The track-marks are strange – apparently, the glamor that makes the victim look like Snow should also conceal the needle punctures.

    Prying open the fingers reveal strange lilac flowers. They go into Bigby’s inventory.

    Last, after examining the track-marks, Snow will reveal that the victim has an extra button on her coat. Examining it will allow Bigby to open the coat. I asked Snow if it was alright first, and she did the job for me.

    Before the investigation continues, Ichabod Crane interrupts. He’ll ask what we’ve learned. I tell him that she’s a drug-user, and Crane frets over diseases. Strange response, why does he seem shocked?

    The pair will examine her torso next. I checked the pockets first. One contains perfume with a crude label, indicating that she was instructed to wear Snow’s particular brand of perfume.

    The second pocket contains a strange magic object. Crane seems worried, but I tell him not to worry. Bigby will have to solve a puzzle to open it.

    There are four rungs that need to be properly aligned. The first rung is in the correct position. To solve the puzzle, follow these instructions; 2nd Rung: Move down 3 times. 3rd Rung: Move down 2 times. 4rth Rung: Move down 1 time. It should match the image above.

    There are two items inside; a lock of Snow’s hair, and a torn picture from Snow’s apartment. Someone has been stalking her.

    Before that line of thinking goes anywhere, the body loses its glamor and returns to her normal form – a troll. Snow recognizes her. The victim is Lily, Holly’s (the Trip Trap bartender) sister.

    Bigby decides they need to tell Holly about this, and maybe they can learn who Lily was seeing. Crane doesn’t want Snow leaving, but I chose to let Snow decide herself.

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