The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Episode 1

  • Tenement Building
  • Woodland Luxury Apartments
  • Bigby’s Apartment
  • Business Office
  • Lawrence’s Apartment
  • Toad’s Apartment
  • The Trip Trap Bar
  • Episode 2

  • Upper West Side Precinct
  • Woodlands Basement
  • Fabletown Business Office
  • Trip Trap Bar
  • Pudding and Pie
  • Open Arms Hotel

  • Pudding and Pie

    At the club, a fable will immediately approach Bigby before he can even get inside. Whatever you say, she’ll let you in and lead Wolf to Georgie.

    Georgie’s a scumbag, heckling one of his dancers before offering a girl up for Bigby to beat up. Confronting him, Bigby lays it all out; Georgie had Lily glamored to look like Snow. When he asks for proof, I show him the first option – the strange black market container.

    He doesn’t like seeing the item, and starts up the music again. I choose to turn it off, and when he stands again, I give him another warning. Escalating this into violence won’t get him to talk – probably.

    Georgie accidentally breaks his own cassette player, and Hans steps over to clean up. Asking Hans leads to him inadvertently revealing that every client is written into a special book.

    The owner doesn’t want to give it up, so it’s up to Bigby to persuade him. Time to start smashing. The more things you smash, the more Georgie will remember. But, I chose to destroy the keg.

    Which just so happens to reveal a hidden safe in the floor. He still doesn’t want to give Wolf the key. I chose to smash the sign, but I don’t hurt Georgie himself. When the DJ booth is up, I give one final warning, and he relents.

    Opening the safe, Bigby gets a look at the notebook. Lily’s last client was a Mr. Smith. Not exactly revealing for a name.

    Georgie doesn’t know who the fake name might refer to, but someone is watching from the back room.

    Walk to the right and check out the ajar door. Check out the note on the floor to learn that Faith and Lily were both seeing the same client.

    Examining Faith’s cubby, there are two strange boxes to check out. Both are empty, but look at them both, then check out the cosmetics on the floor.

    Bigby will pick up the pink case and place it in Faith’s cubby. Nothing else to do here but continue deeper into the back room to find whoever was watching.

    The Little Mermaid, or Nerissa, looks ready to talk. But, something strange is happening. She repeats the phrase, “Discretion is our guarantee,” like the previous woman. What does it all mean?

    Eventually, she offers to make an appointment. It seems like she can’t physically speak, so I accept her offer – maybe it’s a way around whatever spell is keeping her from talking?

    She asks for money – Wolf still has that thick wad of dough from Dee. Give her all the cash, and Nerissa will remember it. When she returns, she gives Bigby a key to the “Open Arms” hotel. That’s our next destination.

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